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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month: September 2006

outside the Stamford Yacht Club, circa 1915

Yachting in Stamford (pre-WWII)

We wanted to do a feature about boating/yachting, but had a rather meager crop … luckily, Picturesque Stamford gives us a good picture about what yachting was like c.1892, with sketches and detailed descriptions of three yachts.

Sloop Yacht 'Eclipse', click for larger image Schooner Yacht 'Sylph', click for larger image Sloop Yacht 'Pocahontas', click for larger image
Sloop Yacht “Eclipse” Schooner Yacht “Sylph” Sloop Yacht “Pocahontas”

Two unindentified and undated images – in the orginal tin type– from the Bogardus Collection.

sailboat, from the Bogardus Collection

sailboat, from the Bogardus Collection

Postscript: Jane Flounders pointed out that this looks like iceboating, and Ron Marcus adds: “…it appears that they depict ice boating, which along with ice skating was a well loved winter recreation on New England ponds.  In addition to ice skating races on Holly Pond in the Cove, they may possibly have ice boated here as well. The large expanse of ice in the background could fit this area.  Unfortunately, without any discernible landmarks in the photos, this will have to remain a supposition.” (The irregular line in front of the boat in the lower image represents a crack in the very fragile photo.)

A well-known boat in the early 20th century was Walter Ferguson's yacht CHRISTABEL, which he owned from 1903 to 1916.

the yacht Christabel

the yacht Christabel, painted black
“Christabel” painted black

The Yacht of Charles E. Hobbie, c.1900.

the yacht of Charles Hobbie, c.1900
Almost looks like an unofficial town meeting. The man in the center in the white hat is Homer Cummings, twice mayor of Stamford, and Attorney General of United States. On Halloween night, 1906, Homer Cummings cast the deciding vote to buy 95 acres of land for a public beach, which was first known as Halloween Park and later renamed Cummings Park. (Shippan History)

Out for a Sail, May 31, 1915.

Out for a sail, circa 1915
The only person identified in the photograph is Flora May Downing, who is at top, left of the mast. Downing, secretary to the Headmaster of Stamford High School and the Board of Education, took professional quality parade pictures in 1913.

Outside the Stamford Yacht Club, circa 1915 (?)

outside the Stamford Yacht Club, circa 1915

Dr. Franklin Wardwell was a pillar of the Stamford Yacht Club.

Franklin Wardwell on his boat. He was a pillar of the Stamford Yach Club

Photos © Stamford Historical Society

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