Picturesque Stamford

Mercantile Affairs, etc. p. 291

John W. Alphonse.

John W. Alphonse, circa 1892

John W. Alphonse has been engaged in the sale of newspapers, stationary, confectionary, toys, etc., since 1865. He started in the store at 30 Atlantic Street, and removed thence to the Town Hall Building immediate after it was erected. Mr. Alphonse for a time had a store in Main Street, but in 1885 removed to his present location, 48 Atlantic Street, in the Town Hall Building, a store which has become especially desirable for his business because of its proximity to the Post-office. Mr. Alphonse came to Stamford thirty-one years ago, and before going into business had served several times as night-watchman and constable.

Picturesque Stamford, 1892
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