Picturesque Stamford,1892

Mercantile Affairs, p. 283

Louis S. Begent and Albert Lynch.

Louis Begent Albert Lynch

BEGENT & LYNCH have been in business in Park Row since May, 1888. The business was established many years ago by Bradford Haight, afterwards of Haight & Holmes. The three-story brick building, 23X112 feet, erected by Mr. Haight in 1872, is owned and used entirely by them as a salesroom, shops and storeroom. They carry on an extensive trade in house-furnishing goods, and do a large amount of work in the line of plumbing, Gas and steam-fitting heaters. etc. Mr. Begent was for many years connected with the Post-office. and was made Postmaster upon the death of T. J. Daskam, being succeeded in this office by J. H. Swartwout. Mr. Begent entered upon the duties of Town Tax Collector in 1892, and Borough Treasurer the same year. Albert Lynch had not previously been engaged in business.

Business of Begent & Lynch

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Picturesque Stamford, 1892
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