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362.13G: Dr. Givens' Sanitarium (c. 1913)

bird's eye view of sanitarium

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letter decorationS ARRANGED on the cottage plan and designed for the treatment of General Invalidism, Neurasthenia, Spinal and other Nervous Affections, and mild Mental Diseases and provides a separate and distinct department for the treatment of patients addicted to the use of Drugs and Stimulants.

Stamford is a city of 30,000 inhabitants, situated on Long Island Sound, only fifty minutes from New York, on the main line of the New York, New Haven & Hartford Railroad, with an excellent train service.

The climate is free from extreme heat in summer, and is exceptionally mild in winter. The snowfall is much less than at many points further south.

everything pleasant and homelike

The location near the seashore makes it a desirable, beautiful and interesting place of residence. The invigorating and beneficial properties of the sea air are generally recognized for nervous invalids and for others especially in need of its tonic effects.

The sanitarium is located two miles from the station, on a hill overlooking the city of Stamford and commanding an extensive view of the adjoining hills, as well as a picturesque and diversified sweep of landscape. In the distance is a beautiful view of Long Island Sound and beyond are clearly observed the blue hills of Long Island. The grounds consist of 100 acres of land laid out in walks and lawns. There are also two groves, one of oak and one of locust trees. Summer-houses have been built in these groves, and at other sections of the grounds so that ample opportunities for exercise and other wholesome methods of recreation and diversion are afforded.

a type of residential section of the sanitariumThe wide, even lawns offer excellent opportunities for open-air exercise and are especially arranged for lawn tennis, croquet, baseball and other out-door games. A well kept walk a mile around the grounds and in part along the banks of a little river the Rippowam, gives great variety of picturesque scenery and the physical exercise that alone is possible over a rolling stretch of country.

The walks and drives about Stamford lead in all directions, affording varied scenes of unparalleled beauty. There are churches, an athletic and a golf club, and a free library in the town. In the summer season there are opportunities for sea bathing, boating fishing, and other amusements. In the winter, entertainments are held in the large recreation hall of the sanitarium.

Patients who are well enough occasionally make a trip to New York by way of steamboat on the Sound. Stabling is provided for persons wishing to keep a horse.

The place is designed to provide all the comforts of a quiet, pleasant home, combined with the special care and treatment required in each individual case.

The cottage plan of arrangement, consisting of a main building and several cottages, affords an excellent classification of patients; and insures to each perfect freedom from unpleasant associations, together with the quiet and rest incident to a retired rural life.

A competent corps of trained nurses is in attendance in each of the various departments.

The table is generously provided with a variety of the best food that the market affords.

There is always a plentiful supply of fresh milk and eggs from the place, and fresh vegetables, in their season, from the garden. An artesian well affords an inexhaustible supply of pure cold water for drinking and culinary purposes.

The sanitarium has now been in operation twenty-four years and numbers its friends in every State in the Union, and is endorsed and recommended by many eminent physicians.

Baths, Massage, Electricity (Static, Galvanic and Faradic), and all other curative measures known to skillful and scientific physicians are utilized in the special work of the sanitarium. Every facility is afforded for the restoration of patients to health. The greatest care is exercised in individualizing each case and in providing the cheerful surroundings and the many comforts essential to effect a complete cure.

The terms vary according to the location of the room and the special attention required from a nurse or companion. Some of the rooms are moderate in price; and suites of rooms are also provided for those desiring more luxurious accommodations.

Visiting days: Monday, Thursday and Saturday, from 2 to 5 P. M.

For additional information and rates, address


Phone: 70   Stamford, Conn.

'The Homestead', a type of isolated cottage for an individual home

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