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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

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Inventory of the Papers of The League of Women Voters of Stamford

Content, Boxes 14 & 15

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Box 14

1. Stamford Public Schools Operating Budgets 1973-1977

  • 1978/1979 Budget – Program 63 – Non-Public School Pupil Transportation
  • Operating Budget – Spring 1978
  • 1976-1977 Operating Budget by Account. Adopted March 10, 1976.
  • 1975-1976 Operating Budget by Account. Adopted February 27, 1975.
  • 1975-1976 Superintendent of Schools – Proposed Operating Budget by Account. January 28, 1975.
  • 1974-1975 Operating Budget by Account. Adopted March 2, 1974.
  • 1973-1974 Operating Budget by Account. Adopted June 6, 1973.

Box 15

1. Follow up High School Survey 1978

  • Assorted letters, correspondence and Graduate Survey responses from Rippowam, Stamford and Westhill High Schools.

2. Follow up High School Survey 1979

  • Graduate Survey responses from Rippowam, Stamford and Westhill High Schools.

3. Pamphlets – Letter to Dr. Carpenter re Desegregation Plan.

  • Stamford Public Schools 1976-1977 Annual Report
  • Goals and Aims of Our Public Schools. August 1973. Education committee. League of Women Voters of Stamford.
  • Objectives of the Stamford Public Schools. 1963.
  • Connecticut Master Plan for Vocational and Career Education. Highlights Goals & Recommendations. State Board of Education. February 1976.
  • A Study of the Guidance Program in the Stamford Public Schools. Stamford League of Women voters. March 1971.
  • Stamford high School Evaluation Report by The New England Association of Schools and Colleges.
  • National Board Report. A guide for local and state board planning. June 1978 No. 1.
  • Impact on Issues 1976-78. A Leader’s Guide to National Program. LWV of the US.

4. Forms – Stamford Public Schools

  • Rippowam High School – Terminal Report of Student Withdrawal
  • Student Subjects Selection Sheet – Rippowam High School.
  • Stamford Public Schools – Personal Summary Grade 6.

5. General Information for Board Members

  • LWV of Stamford – Non-Partisanship Policy. October 1974.
  • LWV of Stamford – League Lingo
  • LWV of Stamford 1976 – Board Responsibilities (Simplified Edition)

6. Education Committee; Staff Development

  • Notes from 1/7 Meeting at SDC.
  • LWV – Education Committee – Study of Staff Development Center, Stamford, CT.
  • Memo from J.J. Morris, Assistant Superintendent, Personnel to All Principals re Instructional Associates Staff Development Program. June 12, 1974.
  • Notes from Meeting with Instructional Associates.
  • My Position as a Curriculum Facilitator.
  • Bank Street Follow Through Program – Working Paper. June 1970.
  • Project Follow Through – Elizabeth Gilkeson, Director. Bank Street College Approach to Follow Through. February 1972.
  • Elementary School Instructional Associates Program Stamford Public Schools. September 1974.
  • Interview with Dr. Reardon. February 1975.
  • Unit Outline.
  • Letter from Mrs. Audrey Sandler, Volunteer Liaison, Stamford Public Schools to Mrs. Robert K. Huffman, President, LWV re your help is needed for Resource Services Volunteer Program.
  • Staff Development Budget – 1975-76
  • Educational Facilities – Blurb for “This is Stamford”
  • Office of School Community Information – Stamford Public Schools. Comparison of Staff Development (Teacher Training) Programs. May 1975.
  • Stamford Public Schools – Announcement of Vacancy – Coordinator of Staff Development. May 1974.
  • February 1975 – Staff Development – Meeting with Instructional Associates.
  • 1974-75 Instructional Associates’ Training Program.
  • Instructional Development Center – Hoyt School.
  • Build Your Future of Success with In-Service. Stamford Public Schools – Staff development Center. Spring 1975.
  • Stamford Public Schools – February 11, 1975. The Teacher Corps Project. The Stamford Public Schools and the University of Bridgeport.
  • Stamford Teaching Fellows – A Joint Program of the Stamford Public Schools and the University of Bridgeport.
  • Staff Development Center – Stamford Public Schools – Workshops on Creative Teaching Techniques and Materials.
  • Staff Development – In-School Programs. January 10, 1975.
  • An invitation to R.S.V.P. – Resource Services and Volunteer Program. Stamford Public Schools.
  • Staff Development, Financing Staff Development, Staff Development Programs and Staff Development in Other Communities. 6 typed pages.

7. Financing Education

  • Financing Connecticut's Schools – Final Report of the Commission to Study School Finance and Equal Educational Opportunity. January 1975.
  • Correspondence to Marianne Pollak from the LWV Education Fund. August 1973.
  • LWV of the US – Presidents of State Leagues (list). June 1973
  • Newspaper clipping – Telling the schools’ story to Congress. Undated.
  • State Finance Study – Property Tax – Undated.
  • Newspaper clippings:
    • Connecticut Gets School-Fund Plan, The New York Times, December, 1972
    • School Tax Change Is Most Radical Proposal, The Advocate, May 1973
    • No Income Tax Says Task Force, The Advocate, January 1973
    • Trial on Coast Resumes in a Test of Public School Tax-Financing, The New York Times, December 1972
    • Property Tax Reform Enthusiasm Lags, The New York Times, January 1973
    • Pupils Demand Equal Education In a Suit Over School Funding. Undated.
    • 'Best Guess' May Decide Property Tax Policy, The Advocate, October 1972
    • Mayor Backs Real Estate School Tax. Undated.
    • School Costs Unfair: CEA, The Advocate, December 1972.
    • Mayor Hits School Funding Change Bid, The Advocate, January 1972
  • LWV of New York State Brochure – Financing Education, 1964
  • LWV of Connecticut To: Committee on Education, Re: Alternative Methods of Financing Education, January 1972
  • City of Stamford, Tax Collections, Fiscal Years Ending June 30th, 1962 through 1973
  • Connecticut’s Finances – Property Tax, January 1970
  • Financing the Public Schools – 2 pages, undated.
  • Pamphlet by the LWV of Connecticut – Financing Public Elementary and Secondary Education in Connecticut. October 1959
  • Connecticut Funds For Public Schools – 1 page, undated.

8. Teacher Training

  • Clipping – A Teacher Program That Faces Reality, Rights, Opportunities Action Reporter. Undated.
  • Stamford Board of Education – Planning for Desegregation: A Survey and a Comparative Analysis of Some of the Major Differences that Usually Exist Between the Effective and Ineffective Teacher in the Area of Intergroup Relations, or An Outline of Those Attitudes, Knowledge and Skills of School Staff that can Affect the Success of the Stamford Desegregation Plan FY 1972. August 1972
  • Stamford Board of Education – Some Relevant Theory as a Pre-Requisite Background for Teaching About Human Relations (Inter-Group Education) in the Classroom. July 1972
  • The IOTA Workshop – 5 pages, undated.
  • Proposed Workshops – Voluntary and Required, June 1972 – September 1972.
  • CIRP (The Cooperative Individualized Reading Project). 1 page, undated.
  • Stamford Public Schools - Interoffice Memo – From Michael Stecyk, Coordinator of Math, To Dr. Thomas Reardon, Assistant Superintendent – Instruction, Re Elementary Workshops for Staff of New Elementary Schools. June 1972
  • Stamford Public Schools – Interoffice Memo – From Paul Peknik, Jr., Science Coordinator, To Dr. Thomas Reardon, Re Teacher Workshops During Summer of 1972. May 1972
  • Letter to Dr. Thomas Reardon from Mike Dagostino, Stamford Public Schools, regarding cost estimate of CIRP’s contribution to Stillmeadow for 1972 – 1973. June 1972
  • Helping N ew Teachers. 2 pages, undated.
  • Reprint “Successful Practices in Individualized Instruction” by Arthur A. Herd. NASSP Bulleting, December 1971.
  • How Excellent Are Teaching and Learning in Your School? (Are Today’s Educational Innovations Worthwhile? – Change Without Rationale is Impotent) by J. Lloyd Trump. 14 pages, undated.
  • Reprint “4-Year Teacher Internship Proposed” by Martin Bushkin, Newsday, October 1971.
  • Reprint “When is a Team a Team?” by Luvern L. Cunningham, The High School Journal, October 1961
  • Clippings:
    • Begin voucher study for schools in Gary, Gary Post Tribune, and March 1971.
    • Education Voucher Project Studied by the Gary School System, Chicago Tribune, February 1971.
    • Workshop series to look into ‘voucher plan’, Gary Post Tribune, March 1971.
    • Latins name aide for voucher unit, Gary Post Tribune, March 1971.
    • ‘Voucher’ education to be explained here, Gary Post Tribune, March 1971.
  • Mayor’s Conference on Human Rights and Opportunities, November 29 and 30, 1968, Final Resolution.
  • Reprint “Preparing Teachers to be Persons” by M. Marcia Buchanan, Phi Delta Kappan, June 1971.
  • Alternatives in Education, A brief summary of 4 methods of organizing an elementary school class. 1 page, undated.
  • Substitute for House Bill No. 5075, Public Act No. 761, An Act to Strengthen and Improve Teacher Education Through the Establishment of Pilot Projects. July 1967.
  • Innovation in Teacher Education: A Report to the Connecticut Commission for Higher Education Appraising Eight Pilot Projects Sponsored by Public Act 761. 22 pages, February 1969.

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