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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

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Inventory of the Papers of The League of Women Voters of Stamford

Content, Box 16

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1. Accountability

  • Reprint – “Accountability for the Humanists” by Robert Primack, Phil Delta Kappan, June 1971.
  • Clipping – Public Accountability Sought by Schools, Kiwanians Told, The Advocate, 1972.
  • Clipping – Was it the Class – Or Was it the Teacher that Failed? The New York Times, undated. 2 copies.

2. Year-Round Schools

  • Luncheon Meeting: Year Round Schools. Speaker: Mrs. Eunice Sims, Coordinator for English Instruction in the City of Atlanta School District. May 1972.
  • Clipping – Community School Concepts Needs Aid, undated.
  • SACIA – Action report for Business Leaders, July/August/September, 1972.
  • Loose material not in folders:
    • Booklet – Study and Action, 1972-1974 National Program, LWV of the US
    • Letter to Dr. Kenneth Fish, Continuing Education, from Sandy Fisher, requesting use of Belltown School cafeteria to conduct a workshop to train citizens interested in running for public office. June, 1979
    • Flyer – Stamford League of Women Voters Presents “Everything You Need to Know to Run for Public Office”, July 1979.
    • Stamford Public Schools Memo from Ginny Birkby to Dr. Fish Re Space for LWV Program on 7/19. July, 1979
    • Stamford LWV Bulletin, Volume 36, Number 3, March 1980.
    • Evaluation of current trade patterns and their impact on the U.S. and the world economy. Consensus Discussions. Undated. 2 pages.
    • 2 page list of what appears to be finance trade definitions. Undated.
  • Clipping – Women Voters Meeting on International Trade, March 1973.
  • Clipping – UN Meeting Thursday in City Church. Undated.
  • Mrs. Herbert Spirer praises editorial of July 30 opposing trade quotas. July 1970.
  • City of Stamford, United Nations Day Committee, From The Chairman, to Mrs. Jerome Connolly, Re Your organization is invited to send a representative to the UN week planning meeting on September 17, 1970. September 1970.
  • Letter to The Honorable Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. from Joyce Loshaek re LWV of Stamford urges you to vote against H.R. 18970. October 1970.
  • LWV of Stamford – Form letter. SACIA has given us your name, in the hope that you will be willing to help us with a survey of how international trade legislation might affect Stamford business. December 1973. 2 copies.
  • LWV of the US, International Relations Consensus Questions form. 4 pages filled out. May 1973.
  • Clipping – Women Voters Announce Results of International Trade Survey, March 1974.
  • Trade Survey – “The Stamford League of Women Voters has conducted a survey of International Trade as it involves Stamford area business. Undated.
  • Department of Justice, Statement of Drew S. Days III, Assistant Attorney General, Civil Rights Division, Before the House Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on Civil and Constitutional Rights, House of Representatives, Concerning GAO Report on Voting Rights Act on June 15, 1978.
  • Statement before the House Elections Committee, The Consolidation of Elections Implementation Act of 1978 – HB 2554. May 1978.
  • LWV of New York State, State Board Report, Election Law. April 1978.
  • Booklet – The NationalVoter – Proposed National Program 1978-1980, Spring 1978.
  • Brochure – “A bright idea to throw new light on our world”. A Primer on Career Education.
  • Book – Basic Policies for the Master Plan of Stamford, Connecticut. Schwartz, Fichtner, Bick and Associates, September 1970.

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