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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

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Inventory of the Papers of The League of Women Voters of Stamford

Content, Box 18

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1. Judicial System

  • Handwritten notes: State Comparison’s Fall ’77 – 27 States adopted the nonpartisan merit system of selecting judges for part of their judiciary system.
  • Handwritten notes: First Report of the Joint Committee on Judicial Modernization – CT Citizens for Judicial Modernization, CT Bar Assoc. – March 1972.
  • Handwritten notes: Modern Age – Art: The Supervision of Judges – by Martin Philipsborn. Vol. 21, Summer ’77, No. 3.
  • 2 copied pages from the General Assembly regarding Withdrawal of nomination and Notice of appointments by president pro tempore or speaker. Undated.
  • Copied pages from Municipalities regarding Municipal Charters and Special Acts. Undated.
  • Notes on Morning Unit on How Judges should be Elected. September 1978.
  • Consensus Questions – Judicial Study. Undated.
  • The New York Times, Connecticut Weekly, Section 11. New Order in Courts. June 1978.
  • Brochure – Modernizing Connecticut Courts. Undated.
  • Consensus on Merit Selection of Judges. October 1978.
  • LWV of Connecticut. To: Local League Judicial System Chairmen and Committee members, From: Dianne Simpson, Judicial System Director, Re: Judicial System Study Material. November 1978.

2. Government Explanatory Legislation 1975-1977

  • Public Act No. 75-349. An Act Concerning Explanatory Texts Relating to Local Questions Submitted at Elections. June 1975.
  • Raised Committee Bill No. 1716. An Act Limiting Political Contributions. April 1975.
  • An Act Clarifying the Status of the Elections Commission as a Law Enforcement Agency. Undated.
  • An Act Defining “Deputy Campaign Treasurer”. Undated.
  • Letter from Jim Leach, Congressman, to Marjorie Anderson, President of LWV of Connecticut re limited federal financing of Congressional elections.
  • Report from the Hill No. 95-II-1. Direct Election, Campaign Finance, Congressional Reform. January 1978.
  • 4 typed pages on the reason to abolition the Electoral College system of choosing presidents. Undated.
  • Update on Government – Perspectives on Sunset. League of Women Voters Education Fund. 1977
  • 2 handwritten pages: Questions for Statewide Candidates from Stamford LWV, Sandy Finder – Legislative State Action. Undated.
  • LWV of CT – Position Paper in Favor of Signature Identification of the Voter at the Polls. February 1977. 2 copies
  • LWV of CT, To: Government Committee, From: M. Glickson & L. Krukowsi, Re: Notes from Jan 17 meeting. February 1977.
  • State of Connecticut – Raised Committee Bill No. 5929, Referred to Committee on Elections. February 1976.
  • LWV of CT – Testimony Before Elections Committee. January 1976.
  • LWV of CT – Testimony for the Government Administration and Policy Committee of the GA. March 1976.
  • LWV of CT – Testimony for the Elections Committee of the General Assembly Concerning Signature Identification of the Voter at the Polls on March 25, 1976.
  • Random Notes on Signature Identification. Pat Washburne’s distillation of material – basis for testimony. March 1975.
  • The General Assembly State of Connecticut. To: Honorable Geil Orcutt, From: Office of Legislative Research, Robert Petersen, Research Specialist, Re: Signature Identification for Voting.

3. Election Laws Secretary of State’s Proposals – 1978-1979 Session

  • Letter from Stamford League of Women Voters to Our Civic Minded Corporate Friends. October 1983
  • Memo from Sandra Goldstein, Representative 16 th District and Michael Wiederlight, Candidate for Board of Representatives, 16 th District to Residents of the 16 th District re voter’s registration. Undated.
  • Memo to Norma David, Editor, The Stamford Weekly Mail and Shopper from Mrs. James Wood, J r., Publicity Chairman. January 1983.
  • State Board Report, LWV of CT, To: Local League Voters Service Chairmen, From: Jara Burnett, Voters Service Director, Re: Forum suggestions (Recommended Criteria for Local Leagues to Determine Candidate Eligibility in League Debates and Forums.)
  • Poster from the L WV: Democracy is not a Spectator Sport. Undated.
  • The Advocate pullout section Voters Guide. November 1983.
  • Letter from Anne Layton, President, LWV of Stamford to Thom Serrani, Mayor, City of Stamford. September 1987.
  • State of Connecticut, Proposed Draft No. 7160, Introduced by Rep. Dyson, 94 th District, Ref. To Committee on Elections. An Act Concerning Making of Preliminary Registry List. January 1977.
  • Booklet – 1976 Supplement to 1975 Election Laws. Gloria Schaffer, Secretary of the State, State of Connecticut.
  • Clipping – Secretary of State Rivals visit with Gloria Schaffer. The Herald. September 1978.
  • Clipping – More Power to the People: Legislators’ Views Differ. Journal Inquirer. February 1979.
  • Copy of clipping – The Merits of Today’s Primary. Source and date unknown.
  • LWV of New Jersey. Post Board Report. Election Law Reform Fact Sheet #2, Major Principles and Positions Governing League Study and Action in the Field of Election Law. August 1978.
  • LWV of New York State. Reevaluation of Position in Support of a June Date for Primary Elections in New York State. July 1978.
  • Election Administration Reports. A Newsletter for Election Officials. July 1978.
  • State of Connecticut General Assembly, Government Administration and Policy Committee. Agenda re G.A.E. Committee, Monday, February 5, 1979.
  • LWV of CT. Testimony Before the Elections Committee in support of HB8247, An Act Implementing a Constitutional Amendment Concerning Pre-Registration of Seventeen Year Old Citizens as Electors; HB8251, An Act Concerning the Training of Moderators; and Bill #7361, An Act Concerning Partial Public Financing of Gubernatorial Campaigns.
  • LWV of CT. Door to Door Registration Support. Undated.
  • LWV of CT. Listing of State Board Officers, Directors, Director and State Chairmen, Additional Roster, Information Lines and Staff League of Women Voters of Connecticut. June 1977.
  • From the Office of the Secretary of the State. Summary of Secretary of the State’s 1979 Legislative Proposals. 23 proposals and bills with copies attached. January 1979.

4. Conservation and Land Management 1972-1985

  • Office of Policy and Management. Summary Report. Conservation & Development Policies Plan. Proposed Revision of 1979.
  • Fact Sheet. LWV Energy Committee. Conservation. Undated.
  • LWV. Gasoline Conservation Fact Sheet. Undated.
  • State of Connecticut – House of Representatives. Rep. Thom Serrani, (D-144), announces that the Environment Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly will hold a public hearing in Stamford. Information and bills to be heard are listed. Undated.
  • EDF Letter. A Report to members of the Environmental Defense Fund. November/December 1976.
  • Connecticut Conservation Association. A CCA Reporter White Paper. August-September 1974.
  • LWV of CT Ed. Fund. LWV Coastal Area Project. September 1976.
  • Bottle Bill Battle – 1977. September 1976.
  • LWV of CT. Report of meeting held on November 19, 1976 at 10 AM at the State Office for those Directors, Chairmen and members concerned with League Program work in the 1977 State Legislature. November 1976.
  • Home Energy Savers’ Program. Information Bulleting No. 1. Department of Planning and Energy Policy. State of Connecticut. October 1976.
  • LWV of CT. St ate Land Use Consensus Questions. October 1974.
  • LWV of CT. State Board. Newsflashes. About Newsflashes and the State Board Report. August 1978.
  • LWV of CT. State Board. Newslfashes. Appointments. July 1979.
  • August 1978 State Board Report. Calendar.
  • Current Focus. Coastal Zone Management: Five Years Later. LWV Education Fund. 1980.
  • Public Law 92-583, 92 nd Congress, S. 3507, Management of the Coastal Zone. October 1972.
  • Copy of article from Fortune: The Changing Fortunes of American Farmers. July 1973.
  • Supplement to the June 1974 Voter. Facts and Issues. The League of Women Voters of Connecticut Education Fund. Land Use in Connecticut.
  • Connecticut’s Coast: Why it Needs Protection. Prepared by the Connecticut Coastal Area Management Program. Undated.
  • Office of Legislative Research. Connecticut’s Coastal Area Management Program. Prepared by Jan Latham, December 1975. Connecticut General Assembly, State Capitol. Background Paper #3.

5. Coastal Area Management – Booklets, Pamphlets and Reports - 1976

  • Land’s End. Newsletter of the Connecticut Coastal Area Management Program.
    • Volume 1 Number 1. August 1976.
    • Volume 1 Number 2. November-December 1976
  • Who’s Minding The Shore? A Citizen’s Guide to Coastal Management. Prepared by Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. for the U.S. Department of Commerce. August 1976.
  • Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. Citizens’ Bulletin. Volume 3 Number 11. The Coast. July/August 1976.
  • Untaxing Open Space. An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Differential Assessment of Farms and Open Space. Executive Summary. Prepared for the Council on Environmental Quality. April 1976.
  • Reflections on a Cleaner Tomorrow…The Committee on Ecological Policy. Fourth Annual Report. July 1976. Southern New England Telephone.
  • Federal Riverbasin Planning in the Coastal Zone: The Long Island Sound Study by Lloyd C. Irland. Copyright 1976 by Crane, Russak & Company, Inc.
  • Connecticut’s Coastal Area Management Program brochure. Undated.
  • Newspaper pullout from UpCountry. November 1976. Atomic Power in New England.

6. Trade, Foreign Policy, Multinationals. 1970-1973.

  • Letter from Abe Ribicoff, U.S. Senate to Miss Phyllis Connolly re opposition to trade bill.
  • Facts and Issues. The Trouble with Trade. LWV Education Fund. 1973.
  • Foreign Policy Leaders Guide. 1970-1971. LWV of the United States. 1970.
  • Committee Section, Foreign Policy. National Board Report. June 1970. LWV of the United States.
  • Committee Guide, LWV of the United States:
  • Foreign Policy Wrap-Up. No. 1 October 1970.
  • Development Assistance: Where the League is going in 1971. December 1970.
  • Highlights of the 25 th General Assembly Session of the UN. February 1971.
  • CBW and the Geneva Protocol. March 1971.
  • What to do About the UN – A Guide for Foreign Policy Chairmen, 1971-1972. July 1971.
  • Foreign Policy Wrap-Up. July 1971.
  • A Brief Guide to Planning on Trade. June 1972.
  • Current Focus. LWV Education Fund. New Pieces in the China Puzzle. September 1971.
  • Clipping – The Multinationals, Giants Beyond Flag and Country. The New York Times Magazine. March 1973.

7. Waste. 1974-1989.

  • Poster – Don’t Let Your Bottom Line Go to Waste/Don’t Let Your Dollars Go to Waste developed by Rhode Island Solid Waste Management Corporation. 1989.
  • Recycling Guide Compiled by the League of Women Voters of the Fairfax Area. 1989.
  • The World of Waste. League of Women Voters of the Tri-State Metropolitan Region. Connecticut-New Jersey- New York. 1988.
  • Clipping – Burning Refuse is Hot Issue, Trash-to-Energy Plants Igniting Controversy. The Hartford Courant. June 1986.
  • Clipping – House Passes Garbage Disposal Bill, Loosens some restrictions on municipalities joining together. The Advocate. May 1985.
  • Final Report of Mayor’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee. March 1985.
  • Business Plan for Cities, Municipalities, and Private Companies for the Construction and Financing of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) to Ethanol Conversion Plants. Turn Garbage into Revenues. Catalytic Reactors, Inc. November 1984.
  • Letter from Thom Serrani to Commissioner John R. O’Brien, Department of Public Works. April 1984.
  • Letter from Oscar A. Hoffman to Thom Serrani, Mayor re final report of the Committee on Solid Waste Management. December 1983.
  • Waste Alert. February 1980.
  • Ordinance No. 145, Concerning the Separation, Recovery, Collection, Removal, Storage, and Disposition of Garbage, Rubbish and Other Refuse, Including Recyclables, in the Town of Groton, Connecticut, by Power of Initiative of the 11 th Representative Town Meeting. November 1979.
  • State Board Report. To: Local League Presidents and fellow League Members. From: Kathy Golas, NSF Hazardous Waste Project Director. July 1979.
  • Waste Workshop Data Collection. Tri-State League of Women Voters. Radioactive Waste form. Undated.
  • WSTC 11/27/74 News, 8:45 AM with John Ronan (transcript). Undated.

8. New Neighborhoods. 1980-1988.

  • Letter from Mrs. Dwight Marshall, President of New Neighborhoods, Inc. to Sandy with copy of New Neighborhoods, Inc. brochure of Stamford attached. May 1984.
  • Stamford’s South End. A Plan for Civic and Community Initiatives. Prepared for Stamford Economic Assistance Corporation. Andrew C. Sigler, Chairman. Mayor Louis A. Clapes, Vice Chairman. I.M.Pei & Partners, Architects and Planners. September 1980.

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