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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

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Inventory of the Papers of The League of Women Voters of Stamford

Content, Box 21

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1. Stamford Station – November 1976/77 – Site Feasibility Study

  • Stamford Station – Revised Site Feasibility Study. Northeast Corridor Improvement Project. November 1977. Federal Railroad Administration Department of Transportation. DeLeuw, Cather/Parsons. 1201 Connecticut Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. 20036
  • Stamford Station – Revised Site Feasibility Study. Appendix.
  • Northeast Corridor Improvement Program. Task 12.14 – Corridor Stations Schematic Development: Stamford Station. December, 1976 Final Report. Prepared for: U.S. Dept. of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration.

2. Election Laws and Consensus 1972-1975

  • Qualifications, Procedure, Changing Parties, Election Procedures, How to be a Candidate. April 1972.
  • Voter Questionnaire – in April Bulletin. 1972.
  • Selection of Delegates to National Convention. 1972.
  • Republican Party – State & Local Rules and Regulations (abridged). Undated.
  • Democratic Party Rules (Condensed) City of Stamford. April 5, 1972.
  • LWV of the U.S. State Program – Election Laws Study. March 1972.
  • LWV of Connecticut. Consensus Question on Election Laws. August 1972.
  • Election Laws – Results of Consensus Unites. Undated.
  • State Election Laws Consensus – Handwritten Notes. November 28, 1972 meeting.
  • Fact Sheet – State Election Laws Study. Consensus Unites November 28, 29, 30.
  • Election Laws – Consensus Units. November 28, 28 & 30 th.
  • Handwritten notes from November 29, 1972 session.
  • Election Laws Affecting Political Parties.
  • Voting (Undated).
  • Letter from Lyn Lawson, Election Laws Chairwoman to LWV of Connecticut re enclosed is one copy of the consensus reached by the Stamford League on Elections Laws. December 1972.
  • LWV of CT. Consensus on Administration of the Property Tax. March 1973.
  • LWV of CT. Progress Report – State Government – General Assembly. September 1973.
  • This is Your General Assembly. 1974 and 1975 The League of Women Voters of Connecticut. The Joint Committee on Legislative Management Connecticut General Assembly. January 1974 and 1975.
  • LWV of CT. Position Statements. January 1974.
  • Alert – Women’s Legislative Review. Theme: Women and Welfare. February 1974.
  • State of Connecticut – Legislative Bulletin. February 1974.
  • Office of the Secretary of the State of Connecticut – To Municipal Clerks of Municipalities Holding November 4, 1975 Elections: Re Manual Counting of Absentee Ballots at 1975 Municipal Primaries and the November 4, 1975 Municipal Election. August 1975.
  • Clipping – Assembly Session at Midpoint, Most Key Bills Still in Committee. March 1974. The Advocate.
  • Clipping – GA Bills Affect Stamford. The Advocate. Undated.

3. Judicial Study 1975-1992

  • Citizens Jury – A project of the Jefferson Center. How it Works.
  • LWV of CT. Progress Report. State Government – Election Laws. September 1971.
  • Comparative Analysis of Current Legislation by State, Type of Facility and Date of Amendment Relating to Confinement of Status Offenders.
  • From the Office of Gloria Schaffer, Secretary of the State, State Capitol, Hartford, Connecticut. Justices of the Peace – General Statutes of Connecticut. November 1976.
  • Managing our Election Laws Portfolio. February 1979.
  • LWV of CT. State Board Report. Consensus Questions – Judicial Study. February 1980.
  • LWV of the U.S. Memorandum. Mandatory Registration, the Draft, and Women. February 1980.
  • LWV of CT. State Board Report. Judicial Study Custody Support. March 1981.
  • Equality of Rights Under the Law Shall not be Denied or Abridged by the United States or by any State on Account of Sex. Victoria Wood. March 1982.
  • Citizens Jury (sm) Update. A Publication of the Jefferson Center. May 1992.
  • The Verdict is In: a look at public interest litigation. LWV Education Fund. 1975.
  • How a Bill becomes a Law. LWV of the U.S. February 1969.

4. Early Housing 1959-1969

  • Clipping – Housing Authority Asked to Hire More From Minorities. May 1968.
  • Housing Committee meeting. Handwritten notes. October 1959.
  • Problem – How to fill in housing gap for $4,000-$7,000 income people? Handwritten notes. April 1960.
  • Letter from Robert L. Levister, Attorney at Law, to Mrs. Jesse Orlansky, President, Stamford LWV re concern over Robert’s use, in public, of some data and statistics compiled by the League regarding housing conditions in Stamford. March 1960.
  • LWV Housing Committee. Draft of pamphlet summarizing housing ordinance 65. January 1961.
  • Invitation to The Mayor’s Conference on Housing, Stamford, Connecticut, September 16, 1969. J.M. Wright Technical School.
  • Clipping – Mayor’s Conference Asks 10-Point Housing Program. September 1961.
  • Clipping – Mayor’s Housing Parley Opens with Tribute by U.S. The Advocate. September 1961.
  • Stamford Community Council, Inc. Letter from Robert L. Levister and Mrs. William A. Rosenfield, Co-Chairmen, Human Relations Division to Mrs. Arthur W. Viner, President, League of Women Voters of Stamford re the matter of discrimination in housing. November 1961.
  • Letter from Mrs. Arthur W. Viner, President, LWV of Stamford to Mr. James Turrentine, Pitney-Bowers Inc. re a copy of Ordinance 65 and the NYC publication “What Every Landlord and Tenant Should Know.” December 1962.
  • Letter from James L. Turrentine, Director of Public Relations, Pitney-Bowes, Inc. to Mrs. Arthur W. Viner, President, LWV re our Contributions Committee has approved a gift of $150 to the LWV for printing booklet on Ordinance 65. February 1963.
  • Assorted letters from LWV to various organizations requesting and thanking them for contributions for help in printing the booklet on Ordinance 65.
  • Memo to Renee Tolcott from PLL re Housing and UR background. September 1965.
  • Letter from Mrs. Jean Pilot, State Chairman, LWV of Indiana to Mrs. Langstaff requesting a copy of Housing publication. December 1963.
  • Letter from Mrs. E. Kennedy Langstaff, President, LWV of Stamford to Mrs. Mabelle M. Long, Organization Secretary, LWV of the U.S. re enclosing copies of “Housing Regulations”. November 1963.
  • LWV of Stamford. Summary of pamphlet “Housing Conditions”. Release date September 1964.
  • Letter from Edward. S. Czescik, Chairman, Housing Authority of the City of Stamford to Mrs. E. Kennedy Langstaff, President, LWV re inviting them to meeting on housing on April 1, 1964. March 1964.
  • Letter from Mrs. David L. Deen, Jr., Local Affairs – Membership Chairman, to Mrs. Robert Rodwin re your request for authorization to support Fair Rent state legislative measures, under your local CA-Urban Renewal and Housing item, has been given conditional approval by the State Board. July 1974.
  • Letter from Mrs. Arthur W. Viner, Secretary, to Mrs. Joseph Lieberman, Stamford City Hall re Workable Program, Citizen Participation. August 1965.
  • LWV of Stamford CT. Names of people who worked on the preparation and completion of “Housing Conditions” and what appears to be a draft of same. April 1965.
  • Low and Middle Income Housing in Stamford. Spring 1966.
  • Letter from Mrs. W. A. Cauldwell to Mrs. Paul Muneta, Moscow, Idaho LWV re effectiveness of Ordinance 65. June 1966.
  • Letter from Mrs. E. Kennedy Langstaff, President to Mr. J. Walter Kennedy, Citizen’s Action Council re requesting CAC be one of the sponsoring organizations for a community wide meeting on housing in Stamford. November 1966.
  • Article – Stamford’s Attempt To Integrate Suburbia by John R. Wolf. The Reporter. December 1966.
  • Letter from Werner Jensen, President Stamford Chamber of Commerce, to Mrs. E. Kennedy Langst aff, President LWV of Stamford re CAC has invited William R. Hirshson, executive director of the Greater Hartford Housing Development Fund, Inc., to address membership luncheon. January 1967.
  • Letter from Werner Jensen, President Stamford Chamber of Commerce, to Mrs. E. Kennedy Langstaff, re the announcement that Gimbels and J.C. Penny will be coming to Stamford point up the need for a look at our city’s number one problem…housing. March 1967.
  • Statement by the League of Women Voters of Stamford at a Public Hearing of the Board of Representatives’ Special Housing Committee on February 1, 1967.
  • Housing Report Distribution.
  • Letter from Paul D. Shapero, Corporation Council for the City of Stamford to Mrs. Jerome Connolly, President, LWV re investigate possibility of having pamphlet reprinted.
  • Meeting with Stamford Housing Authority, May 16, 1968.
  • Letter from Mrs. Jerome Connolly, President, to Stamford Mayor Bruno Giordano re Board of Representatives has approved for publication an ordinance establishing a Housing Site Development Agency. June 1968.
  • Clippings:
    • Housing Sites. March 1969
    • Area Backs, NAACP Hits Zoning Plea. January 1970
    • Rent Hearing: Committee Told Middle Income People Hit, Too. The Advocate. August 1969
    • Study by City Board Boosts Tenant Hopes. January 1969.
    • Women voters Set Record Right on Current Projects. March 1969.
    • Rent Control Hearing Set for Tomorrow. August 1969.
    • Letters to the Editor – Housing Plea. June 1968
    • High Costs Said Main Impediment to City Housing. The Advocate. May 1968.
    • District board Urged to Back Powers for HRC. August 1969.
    • Housing Plan. January 1964.
    • League’s Study Shows Limited Negro Housing. The Advocate. September 1964.
    • Meeting Set on Proposed Housing Laws. April 1965.
    • Hickey Foresees Passage of Accommodations Bill. April 1965.
    • League of Women Voters Survey Stresses The Urgency of Housing Needs in Stamford. The Advocate. April 1965.
    • LWV Stresses Housing Needs in Renewal Job. May 1965.
    • LWV Praises Proposal for Housing Work. December 1965.
    • LWV Backs Concept of Housing Plan. The Advocate. September 1966.
    • Representatives Asked by LWV to Support Bill. The Advocate. June 1966.
    • CRP Director Says Housing is Scare, In Poor Condition. The Advocate. February 1969.
    • Addison Says League Housing Report Wrong. April 1968.
    • Housing Authority Cites Factors Holding up Low Income Units. The Advocate. April 1968.
    • League of Women Voters Reports on Housing with Nine Proposals. April 1968.
    • Board hears Argument on Plan Appeal. January 1970.
    • Panel Discussion Scheduled by Club. The Advocate. October 1963.
    • Picture of League voters and Mayor William Hickey Jr. receiving a copy of a booklet on the City’s Housing Ordinance. The Advocate. October 1963.

5. Human Resources 1974-1980

  • State Board Report – Human Resources. July 1974
  • State Board Report – Human Resources. Fall 1976
  • 1980 Your Guide to Community Services, United Way of Stamford
  • Where to Apply for Licenses, Permits and Certificates in Stamford, Connecticut. State of Connecticut, Department of Consumer Protection.

6. Education

  • Letter from Howard G. Allaway, President Board of Education, Stamford Public Schools to Mrs. Jesse Orlanski, President League of Women voters re Board of Education meeting. January 1958.
  • Thirty Critical Requirements for School Board Membership by Dr. Richard E. Barnhart. September 1955.
  • Education Committee Report – Discussion Group. January 1958.
  • A Proposed Philosophy for the Stamford Public Schools.
  • Draft of Consensus Questions.
  • Readings on School Finance and School Business Administration.
  • Goals and Aims of Our Public Schools – Education Committee – League of Women Voters of Stamford. August 1973.
  • Financing Connecticut’s Schools. Final Report of the Commission to Study School Finance and Equal Educational Opportunity. January 1975.
  • Sub 6310 – An Act Establishing a Guaranteed Tax Base Program to Finance Public Elementary and Secondary Education. 1975
  • Substitute Hou se Bill No. 5087 – Public Act No. 75-342 – An Act Concerning Freedom of Information. 1975
  • Letter from Hugh A. McGuire, Research Specialist, The General Assembly State of Connecticut to Honorable Gerald F. Stevens re Equalization of School Financing Under Present Structure. February 1975.
  • Letter from Daniel Schnobrich, Budget Analyst, The Connecticut General Assembly, to Representative Raymond Dzialo re Cost of Full-Time Legislation. December 1975.
  • Stamford Public Schools – Educational Program Budget 1989-1990.
  • Clippings:
    • Highlights of tax-revision bill.
    • Carter’s Budget – A Slice for the State. February 1977.
    • Local school population declines.
    • State Aid Aimed at Property-Tax Relief.
    • Amendment to cut Stamford Ed funds is defeated.
    • School funds endangered.
    • Way of getting school $$ unconstitutional in NY.

7. School Finance Seminar – March 1978

  • Designing a School Finance System for Connecticut. Prepared by Margaret E. Goertz, Education Policy Research Institute, Educational Testing Service, Princeton, New Jersey, for the School Finance Seminar Connecticut Bar Foundation, Inc. March 1978.
  • What is Quality Education? By Roy H. Forbes, Director National Assessment of Educational Progress, Education Commission of the States. Given at a Seminar Sponsored by The Connecticut Bar Foundation, Inc., The Connecticut Public Expenditure Council, Inc., The League of Women Voters of Connecticut Education Fund. March 1978.
  • Introduction: “Fiscal Neutrality” After Rodriguez by John E. Coons. Reprinted from the Symposium on future Directions for School Finance Reform. Published as the Winter-Spring 1974 issue of Law and Contemporary Problems.
  • Barnaby Horton et al v. Thomas J. Meskill et al. Peter D. Grace v. Thomas J. Meskill et al. Argued December 8, 1976 – decision released April 19, 1977. Connecticut Association of Boards of Education, Inc.
  • Connecticut Education Association. Statement of the 27,000 member Connecticut Education Association to the School Finance Advisory Panel public hearings.
  • Equity in Education. Public Meetings of the Connecticut School Finance Advisory Panel. February 1978.
  • Local Public School Expenses and State Aid in Connecticut. School Years 1972-73 through 1976-77.
  • Agenda and list of speakers on “What are Connecticut’s Choices under Horton v. Meskill?” March 1978.

8. Education – School Finance

  • Handwritten draft of letter to members of the education committee.
  • Handwritten draft of letter of Mr. Anthony Truglia. March 1976.
  • 4 page typed draft that begins “My job is to provide you with a glossary of School finance terms.” Undated.
  • Testimony – Stamford league of Women voters for the Education Committee Hearing. April 1976.
  • Know Your High Schools – Stamford, Connecticut. Committee Report – Education Committee, 1975-1976. Stamford league of Women Voters.
  • LWV of Connecticut to State Board Chairman re State Board Report Mailing. July 1977.
  • LWV of Connecticut – School Finance Study Committee – Notes of 7/12/77 Meeting.
  • State Board Report re Local League School Finance Chairman. October 1977.
  • School Finance – Program Notes. November 1977.
  • Education Commission of the States Publication List. November 1977.
  • Connecticut Public Expenditure Council, Inc., Taxpayers News. November-December 1977.
  • State Board Report re School Finance in Connection: An Introduction. December 1977.
  • Letter from House Republican Caucus, State of Connecticut to All Interested Citizens re Issue of Education Equalization Funding. January 1978.
  • Problems of Equalization. March 1978.
  • State Board Report re School Finance – Program Notes. January 1978.
  • State Board Report re State Aid to Education: Types of Programs. January 1978.
  • State Board Report re School Finance – Program Notes. February 1978.
  • State Board Report re School Finance in Connecticut, Consensus Questions. April 1978.

9. Caucus to Select Candidates to Board of Education

  • Local Education 1960-1961 Notes.
  • LWV – Suggested Principles and By-Laws for a Stamford Board of Education Caucus. March 1961.
  • LWV of Stamford – Annual Convention. Report of Local Education Committee. May 1961.
  • Letter from Joyce M. Shiller, The Citizen’s School League to LWV of Stamford re formation of community caucus. June 1961.
  • Draft of letter re caucus to community leaders and organizations. July 1961.
  • Letter from Dominic DelGuidice, Executive Director of CAC to Mrs. Harold Ross, Stamford League of Women Voters re explaining caucus model at meeting. November 1961.
  • The Citizens School League of Stamford – The Community Caucus Plan. September 1961.
  • Spotlight on Caucus for the Selection of Candidates for the Stamford Board of Education. Stamford LWV. October 1961.
  • Stamford LWV Speakers Bureau – Caucus Proposal for Board of Education. November 1961.
  • Draft of letter to Mr. Franchina thanking him for invitation to serve on committee to study the salary schedule of Stamford’s teachers. 1961.
  • Letter from Mrs. Arthur W. Viner, President LWV of Stamford to Mr. Walter H. Wheeler, Jr. Chairman, Citizens’ Action Council re requesting CAC send two representatives to community meeting to discuss Caucus. November 1961.
  • Letter from Mrs. Arthur W. Viner, President LWV of Stamford to Mr. Bert Weiner, Community Council re requesting two members from the Community Council attend meeting to discuss Caucus. November 1961.
  • Letter from Mrs. Arthur W. Viner, President LWV of Stamford to Mr. Norman Miller, President, Stamford Good Government Association requesting SGCA is represented at Caucus discussion meeting. November 1961.
  • Letter from William Greenbaum, President Stamford Good Government Association to Mrs. A. W. Viner, President LWV of Stamford re sorry SGCA was unable to attend the caucus meeting. December 1961.
  • Young Professional Men’s Association of Stamford upcoming meeting on Caucus. December 8, 1961.
  • Sign in sheet of Caucus meeting at St. Andrews Church – December 1961.
  • Background of Community Caucus. LWV Stamford. 1961.
  • Letter from Mrs. Arthur W. Viner, President, LWV of Stamford to Mr. Harold Feuerstein re thanking him for the papers sent about the Great Neck Non-Partisan Citizens Nominating Committee for members of the Board of Education. January 1962.
  • Letter from Mrs. Arthur W. Viner, President, LWV of Stamford to Reverend Richard A. Johnson thanking him for his efforts in rousing interest in Caucus. April 1962.
  • Outline for State Conference Day “Relations with other groups in the Community” Caucus as example. LWV Stamford. September 1962.
  • LWV of Stamford. Memo re delegates to the Citizens Caucus for the Board of Education. February 1964.
  • Memo to Pussy Langstaff from Eileen Berets re Report on the meeting of March 17, 1964 of the Citizens’ Caucus for the Stamford Board of Education. March 1964.
  • Letter from Mrs. Arthur Viner to Mrs. Richard R. Baker re letter inquiring about the League’s study of the school board. July 1964.
  • A report to Stamford. The Citizens Caucus for the Stamford Board of Education. 1965.
  • A report to Stamford by the Candidates Committee of The Citizens Caucus for the Stamford Board of Education.

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