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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

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Inventory of the Papers of The League of Women Voters of Stamford

Content, Box 25

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1. LWV Education Committee

  • LWV Education Committee – Study of Staff Development Center, Stamford, CT.
  • Results of QUEST (Quality Education for Stamford) Kindergarten Survey. 1977-1978.
  • Back-Up Information for the 1978-1979 Board of Education Budget Request.
  • Dr. Peebles Remarks at Presentation of Budget to the Board of Finance.
  • Staffing Summary. March 1978.
  • Course: Basic Skills Reading. Teachers: Barbara Gentilesco, Holly Humason
  • A Study of the Guidance Program in the Stamford Public Schools. Stamford LWV. March 1971.
  • Vocational Education in Stamford, CT. LWV of Stamford. August 1970, Rev. February 1971.
  • Science Curriculum – September 1974. Park East High School, Rupert Education Center.
  • Goals and Aims of Our Public Schools. August 1973. Education committee – LWV of Stamford.
  • The Stamford Education Plan: A Master Plan for Educational Directions. First Draft. October 17, 1978.

2. School Surveys and Studies

  • Stamford Public Schools. Stamford, CT. Policy on School Information.
  • Follow-Up Studies in Junior Colleges: A Tool for Institutional Improvement by Thomas J. O’Connor.
  • There’s a Place for you in Connecticut Business and Industry.
  • The Denver Public Schools Looks at its 1971 High School Graduates. November 1972.
  • School Survey Guide. LWV of the US. March 1969.
  • Connecticut Laws Concerning Pupil Personnel and Special Educational Services. 1971.
  • 1971 General Guidelines for Special Education Programs. CT State Dept of Education. Hartford.
  • Major Functions of Public School Expenses in Connecticut. School Year 1974-1975. CT Public Expenditure Council, Inc. March 1976.

3. Stamford Public Schools. September 1963

  • Bound Book – A Survey of Facilities, Administrative Organization, and Professional Salaries. Public Schools Stamford, CT. Educational Research Services, Inc. September 1963. 152 pages.

4. Stamford Public Schools

  • Program of Studies. Stamford Public Senior High School General Information and Suggestions for Parents and Students. 1975.
  • Progress Report, November 3, 1975. Subcommittee on Evaluation of New programs Education Committee.
  • Budget Message and Supplementary Data Relating to the Proposed 1975-1976 Operating Budget. Stamford Public Schools, Stamford, CT. March 24, 1975.
  • Stamford Public Schools, Stamford, CT. “High School is the Community.” Submitted by: Thomas F. Reardon, Ed.D. Assistant Superintendent in Charge of Instruction, Alphonse R. Silvestri, Administrative Assistant Stamford High School, Sister Eileen Fitzgerald, Congregation of Notre Dame. November 1971.
  • Step – Community Involvement in the Stamford Education Plan. Prepared by the Community Task Force, A Committee formed by the Stamford Board of Education. 1976-1978.
  • Know Your High Schools. Stamford, CT. Committee Report – Education Committee, 1975-1976. Stamford LWV. 1977.
  • Stamford Public Schools, Stamford, CT. In-Service Courses. Staff Development Center. Robert W. Peebles, Superintendent of Schools. Polly Rauh, Coordinator of Staff Development.
  • Stamford Public Schools Interoffice Memo from Norman J. Walsh, Maxine S. Frohwein, Elaine A. Ploss to Dr. Robert W. Peebles re Recommendations for Evaluating Program Outcomes. October 1975.

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