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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

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Inventory of the Papers of The League of Women Voters of Stamford

Content, Box 30

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1. Booklets – Pamphlets 1968-1985

  • The National Voter
    • Vol. 31 # 2. Summer 1981. Global Problems, Local Solutions.
    • Vol. 31 # 3. Fall 1981. Anticipating the Future Program Planning 1982-1984.
    • Vol. 31 # 4. Winter 1982. Regulation & the Public Trust.
    • Vol. 32 # 1. Spring 1982. The Politics of Development – Riding the Currents.
    • Vol. 32 # 2. Summer 1982. Convention 1982.
    • Vol. 32 # 3. Fall 1982. Public Policy on Reproductive Choices – A Balance of Rights.
    • Vol. 32 # 4. Winter 1983. NATO in the 1980s.
  • LWV Stamford League of Women Voters. 1982 Membership Directory.
  • 1980 Stamford LWV. 23 rd Annual Convention.
  • LWV – Stamford. 24 th Annual Convention. Chimney Corner Inn. May 5, 1981.
  • This is Stamford. A Guide to Stamford – It’s Government and Services. Published and Copyright 1958 by the LWV of Stamford, CT.
  • Stamford Housing Source Book. Community Housing Coalition.
  • Unfinished Business: State Legislators on Monitoring the Executive Branch. LWV Education Fund.
  • A Good House is Harder Than Ever to Find. LWV of CT Education Fund. October 1981.
  • The Stamford Forum for World Affairs. 1981-82.
  • Register and Vote – CT. Published and Distributed by Barbara B. Kennelly, Secretary of the State (1980).

2. City of Stamford – Plans and Reports

  • Report without a cover page. Table of Contents: Authority Under the Stamford Charter, Prologue, Summary of Data Analysis, Planning District Characteristics, Goals and Objectives, Issues and Policies, Planning District Recommendations.
  • Report to the Law Department of the City of Stamford: Civil Service and Personnel Structure. September 1982. Gallant, Mednick & Gallant.
  • Report to the Law Department of the City of Stamford: Civil Service and Personnel Structure. Appendices. September 1982. Gallant, Mednick & Gallant.
  • 1984 Master Plan Amendment for the City of Stamford, CT. Prepared by the Stamford Planning Board pursuant to Section 522 of the Stamford Charter. Adopted January 8, 1985. Melville J. Young, Secretary.
  • Development Alternatives. December 18, 1978. Northeast Corridor Improvement Project. Stamford Station. Federal Railroad Administration Department of Transportation.
  • Stamford Planning Board’s recommended Capital Budget Program. 1985-1992
  • Stamford, Connecticut. 1980-81 Annual Report.
  • Stamford Community Development Program. Annual Report. 1980-1981.
  • Minutes – Public Hearing – Charter Revision and Ordinance Committee – Board of Representatives. October 13, 1981.
  • Reapportionment Commission. City of Stamford. Minutes – October 21, 1981.

3. Conservation Flood Insurance – Wetland Management. 1969-1975

  • Why Save Our Wetlands? How a Wetland Works for You. Connecticut Audubon Society.
  • Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection. Douglas M. Costle, Commissioner. November 1973.
  • State Substitute House Bill No. 9078. Public Act No. 73-571. An Act Concerning Revision of the Inland Wetlands.
  • The Conservation Commissions Recommendations to the Planning Board for Updating of Stamford’s Master Plan.
  • Local Ordinance Concerning Inland Wetlands and Water Courses.
  • Letter from Donna M. Schlegel, Director, Community Services and Volunteers, The Maritime Center, to Dear Earth Day Supporter re thank you for participating in the Earth Day 1990.
  • Proposed Inland Wetland Regulations. As Prepared by The Environmental Protection board of The City of Stamford. January 20, 1975.
  • Facts and Issues. The League of Women Voters of Connecticut Education Fund. Land Use in Connecticut. June 1974.
  • Connecticut Conservation Association Reporter. Inland Wetlands. March 1972.
  • Stamford LWV – Here Today, Gone Tomorrow or Wait Until You See Food Prices in 1980! Prepared by the Stamford LWV, Land Use Committee. February 1975.
  • LWV Newsletter – Marion Huffman, President, Mary LaVelle, Editor.
  • Inland Wetlands. What is an Inland Wetland? Prepared by the Environmental Quality Committee, Stamford LWV. 1974.
  • Land Use Fact Sheet 1974.
  • Glossary of Land Use Terms (For Use in Both National and State Consensus)
  • Land Use Questions on Federal Role in Land Use. October 1974.
  • Letter from J. Robert Hunter, Acting Federal Insurance Administrator, Dept of Housing and Urban Development to Dear Friend re National Flood Insurance Program with brochure and FAQ attached. February 1975.
  • Clipping: Reps Establish New Board to Control Inland Wetlands, Abolish Two Others. The Advocate. April 12, 1974.

4. Stamford Schools 1975-1984

  • Dolan Middle School, Stamford, CT. Substitute Teach Instructions.
  • Cloonan Middle School. Check List – Substitute Teachers Folder.
  • Roxbury School – Letter to the Substitute.
  • K.T. Murphy School – Instructions for Substitutes.
  • Davenport Ridge School, Stamford, CT. Substitute Teacher Evaluation Form.
  • WestHill High School – Substitute Teacher Check List.
  • Stamford High School – Substitute Teacher Information.
  • Bank Street Program at Hart School. Philosophy Statement. November 1982.
  • Results of QUEST (Quality Education for Stamford) Kindergarten Survey. 1977-1978.
  • Education – K-6. Suggestions for Language Activities.
  • Survey of Stamford High Schools’ Seniors’ and Graduates’ Perceptions of Preparedness. 1977 – 1980. By The LWV of Stamford. May 1981.
  • Addendum to Section IV – Alternatives for Consolidating High School Programs.
  • Addendum to Section II – Alternative for Consolidating Elementary School Programs.
  • LWV of CT. State Board Report. February 1980. To: School Finance Chairs. From: Barbara Sacks, School Finance Specialist – 236-1791. Re: First Year’s Impact of School Finance Formula.
  • Letter from Noreen Haygood, President LWV of Stamford to Sandra Finder, President LWV of Stamford Education Fund re we regret the decision by you and Lillian to resign from the Education Fund Board. July 13, 1984.
  • Distribution Patters of State School Aid, 1975-1976.
  • High School Cluster Program – Stamford Public Schools.
  • Middle School Budget Projection 1982-1983. Enrollments COG Sizes and Staff Projections.
  • High School Budget Projections, 1982-1983. Enrollment and Staff Projections.
  • Westover School. Statement of Principles.
  • Letter from Rosalea Fisher and John Grasso from Stamford Public Schools to Ms. Finder re we feel it’s important that your membership have the opportunity to know about the options available for their children’s education.
  • Survey of Stamford High Schools’ Seniors’ and Graduates’ Perceptions of Preparedness. 1977-1980. By The LWV of Stamford. May 1981.
  • Educational Planning Committee Meeting Minutes – January 20, 1983.
  • Memo from Edward m. Friedlander, Director Pupil Personnel Services to Dr. Jerome Jones, Superintendent of Schools re Long Range Planning Committee Subcommittee on Specialized Learning Programs. February 8, 1983.
  • Stamford Facilities Utilization Plan: A Comprehensive Facilities Utilization Plan for the years 1990 and 2000. November 9, 1982. From Dr. Marcia Marker Feld.
  • 1982–1983 Space Use at the various Stamford Schools.
  • Stamford Public High Schools – General Information and Suggestions for Parents and Students. Program of Studies 1982-1983.
  • Stamford Educational Public Policy Impact Study. Client Group Analysis. Population Supplement. August 31, 1982.
  • Stamford Educational Public Policy Impact Study. National, State and Local Educational Policy Assessment. Consultation Process (Discrepancy Analysis). August 31, 1982.
  • Part Two. Final Report. Objective D.
  • Educational Planning Committee Minutes. July 16, 1982.
  • Part Two. Population Supplement.
  • Part Three. Preliminary Report. Objective E.
  • Objective E – Addendum – Interviews with High School Administrators, Department Heads and Students.
  • Preliminary Report. Space Utilization Sub-Committee. Educational Planning Committee. October 1982.
  • Preliminary Report of the Subcommittee on Student Needs of the Educational Planning Committee. Stamford, CT. October 28, 1982.
  • School Capacity: Elementary Level.
  • A Study of Present Board of Education Policy Regarding a Student Assignment Plan. Subcommittee on Student Assignment. October 28, 1982.
  • Stamford Educational Public Policy Impact Study – Analytic Model – Constraints Upon Enrollment and Educational Programs.
  • Stamford Educational Public Policy Impact Study – Table – Projection of Target Age Groups y Occupancy Model – 1990-2000.
  • Stamford Educational Public Policy Impact Study – Series II – One. Demographic/Economic/Fiscal Analyses. June 30, 1982.
  • Stamford Educational Public Policy Impact Study – Series II – Two. Physical Environment/Land Use/Transportation/Housing. June 30, 1982.
  • Knight Life '82. Stamford High School Student Handbook.

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