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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

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Inventory of the Papers of The League of Women Voters of Stamford

Content, Box 36, 11. through 16.

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1. through 8.
9. and 10.

11. Welfare, Food Stamps, Job Assistance. 1969-1977

  • LWV Education Fund. Out of Work Survey. Instructions for Part III – Public Officials Interview Questionnaire. June 1975.
  • 60 Second Radio Spots for Welfare Education Program.
  • Article – Medicaid: Successfully Organized for Failure. The New York Times. December 12, 1976.
  • Article – US Population By Age. A Needed Agency: Just for the Aged. The New York Times. October 24, 1976.
  • Article - $2 billion saving seen. Reorganization of HEW starts today.
  • Article – Albany Sees to End Fraud in Child Meals. The New York Times.
  • Article – Off the Dole – Efforts to Switch Poor From Welfare to Jobs Make Some Headway. The Wall Street Journal.
  • Welfare – Urgent 1978 Connecticut Legislation. Connecticut Association for Human Services.
  • Form letter from Helen D. Ward from Project F.E.A.D. – Food Emergency Action Development re food stamp legislative controversy and affect on CT recipients. May 1977.
  • Report from the Hill. No. 95-1-2. Human Resources. March 1977. Food Stamps HR 1 & 2; Income Assistance HR 2.
  • Letter from Stewart B. McKinney, US Congress, to Frank J. Kugler, Jr., President, Family and Children’s Services re the rapid expansion of food stamp eligibility as a result of the recent recession, as well as disclosures of abuses within the system, have precipitated a polarized effort to reform the entire food stamp program. April 23, 1976.
  • LWV of CT. To: LL Presidents & HR Chairmen, From: H.R. Director Sue Rowles. Information on General Assistance. August 1976.
  • Areas of LWV of Testimony re Jobs Assistance (Response to President Carter’s Reform Proposals).
  • 11 hand-written index cards. Notes on food stamps.

12. Voter Registration Campaign; Contribution Legislation. 1970-1975

  • 1 page – Questions for National Representatives.
  • To do: Send speakers confirmation letters and directories with list of individual and addresses attached.
  • 3 handwritten pages. State Legislative Action.
  • Article – Results of Post Card and Election Day Registration Law. ELECTIONews. December 1975.
  • LWV of CT. Legislative Interview – Ernest Abate. November 1975.
  • Letter from Sandra Finder, State Legislative Action Chairman, Stamford League of Women Voters to Senator William Strada, Jr. re It has been brought to my attention that you have been appointed as a panel member by the Legislative Management Committee to examine the operation and performance of the Legislative Commissioners Office. July 20, 1975.
  • Article – NACO, NACRC Still Oppose McGee Bill, Offer Alternatives. ELECTIONews. August 1975.
  • Program Projections 1975 – 76. Land Use. Preliminary Draft. Board meeting. June 17, 1975.
  • Article – Registration by Postcard May Help in Ghettos. May 25, 1975.
  • Pages 49 – 51 of New Jersey Register, Thursday, April 10, 1975 with Voter Registration Forms attached.
  • Letter from Trudy B. Levy, Staff Attorney, Litigation Department, LWV Education Fund to Sandra Finder, Legislative Action Chairperson, LWV of Stamford re In your annual report, you mention that your League considered becoming involved in a lawsuit to force compliance with Connecticut’s right-to-now laws, and that one reason for not filing suit was the inability to find legal assistance. April 10, 1975.
  • Testimony of New Jersey Assistant Secretary of State F. Joseph Carragher in Behalf of Governor Brendan Byrne Before the House Subcommittee on Elections on Legislation for Postcard Registration. April 8, 1975.
  • LWV of CT. To: Local League Presidents and HR Chairmen, From: Sue Rowles, HR Co-Chairman. Subject: Welfare Legislation to be Supported in this Session. February 25, 1975.
  • Letter from Elmer W. Lowden, State of CT, House of Representatives, to Sandra Finder re You will be happy to know that the Judiciary Committee, of which Ernest Abate and I am members, has voted to raise a bill providing for penalties for violation of the “right to know” statute. February 4, 1975.
  • LWV of CT. To: State Board, From: Transportation Committee. Transportation Consensus. January 1975.
  • LWV of CT. Memo to Local League Presidents, From Marion Glickson, Director, Elec Laws/Rep. Gov. January 10, 1975.
  • LWV of CT. Memo to Local League Presidents, From Marion Glickson, Director, Election Laws/Representative Government, Re: New Partial Public Funding of Campaigns Consensus. January 10, 1975.
  • LWV of CT. Memo to Local League Presidents, From State Board, Re: Transportation Consensus. January 1975.
  • LWV of CT. Position Statement on Campaign Reform. January 1975.
  • 7 hand written pages. January 1975 Legislative Interviews.
  • Stamford League of Women Voters – State Legislative Action ’74 – ’75. Annual Report. Sandra Finder.
  • LWV of CT. Legislative Program – 1975. December 1974.
  • LWV of CT. Presession Interviews – Questions. November 1974.
  • For Your Information – Update on Mass Transit – from Judy and the Crew. New State Policy for Financing Bus Mass Transit.
  • LWV of CT. Position Statement on Campaign Reform. October 1974.
  • LWV of CT. Tax Reform Discussion Outline. October 1974.
  • LWV of CT. Non-Partisanship Policy. October 1974.
  • LWV of NYS. Election Law/Voting Rights. State Board Report. September 1974.
  • LWV of Stamford. Transportation Consensus. June 1974.
  • Stamford LWV – Register and Vote this November. 1973.
  • Responsibilities of Publications Chairman. February 1970.
  • Letter to LWV of the US re Smithsonian Exhibit on Women & the Vote. January 9, 1970.

13. More – Voter Registration and Legislative Matters – 1976

  • Preliminary Discussion Draft – Better Organization for Better Government – Report of the Committee on the Structure of State Government. October 1976.
  • Form letter from Sandy Finder, LWV of Stamford, re the Stamford LWV will be holding a briefing session to introduce and explain the proposed constitutional amendments that will appear for voter consideration in November. August 30, 1976.
  • Memo from Judith A. Graf to Sandy with a list of names and addresses of Corporate Communicators.
  • LWV of CT Education Fund. Agenda – Regional Hazardous Waste Seminar Planning Meeting – October 22 and November 15.
  • LWV of New York State. State Board Report. Election Law. May 1976.
  • SACIA – Legislative Affairs Newsletter. Vol. 4, No. 6. General Assembly Adjourns: Major SACIA Goals Achieved. May 14, 1976.
  • Time for Action. To: LLP’s and HRChairmen. From: Sue Rowles, HR – Co-Direc. Subj: Food Stamps – Federal Legislation. March 1976.
  • Pages 4 – 29. Questions and Answers About the Act Establishing a Guaranteed Tax Base Program to Finance Public Education.
  • What are the Obstacles to Exercising Voting Privileges? What Suggestions do you have to Eliminate These Obstacles? 5 typed pages.
  • Article – The Old Power Centers are Less Central, Less Powerful. Groping Toward a New World Order by Stanley Hoffman. The New York Times. January 1, 1976.
  • LWV of New Jersey. Election Law Reform.
  • Special Report – Voter Registration by Mail – How It’s Done in 4 States. October 11, 1976.
  • Article – League Lobbies Successfully…Registration by Mail Bills Pass House; Tucker Praises League. Pennsylvania Voter. June 1976.
  • Article – Little Voter Fraud Found in New Mail Registration, But the System Has Bugs. The New York Times. November 30, 1976.
  • Article – Voter Drive in Jersey Angers the G.O.P. The New York Times. September 2, 1976.
  • Article – 280,000 New Voters Registered in New York State. The New York Times. August 17, 1976.
  • LWV of New York State. Statement to the New York State Assembly Select Committee on the Election Law. New York City, November 29, 1976.

14. Agendas, Minutes, Budget. LWV and State Board Reports. LWV of NYS 1977

  • List of Board of Directors 1977-78. Stamford League of Women Voters.
  • LWV of Stamford – League Lingo.
  • LWV of NYS. Election Law – Elections Priorities. State Board Report. January 1977.
  • LWV of NYS. Election Law – Mail Registration. State Board Report. March 1977.
  • Letter from William E. Strada, Jr., Deputy Majority Leader, State of Connecticut, Senate to Mrs. Dura W. Sweeny re Thank you for your recent letter in support of the “Bottle Bill”. March 30, 1977.
  • Minutes of Stamford LWV Board Meeting held at Bea Friedman’s. March 14 th.
  • Notice of Meeting and Agenda for Stamford LWV Board. April 12 th. Friends Meeting House.
  • Minutes of the Stamford LWV Board. April 19 th. Friends’ Meeting House.
  • Minutes of the 20 th Annual Local Convention of the Stamford League of Women Voters. May 10, 1977.
  • Newsflashes – March, 1977. Page 3 and 4.
  • Stamford LWV of Board of Directors. Notice of Meeting and Agenda. May 24 th. Friends Meeting House.
  • Minutes of Stamford League of Women Voters Board of Directors. May 24, 1977.
  • Stamford LWV Board of Directors. Notice of Meeting and Agenda Thereof – June 21 st. Friends’ Meeting House.
  • Treasurer’s Annual Report and Proposed Budget. 76-77 Budget; Proposed 77-78.
  • LWV of New York State. State Board Report. Judicial. June 1977.
  • LWV of New York State. State Board Report. Elections. June 1977.
  • Article – Three Tests for an Electorate by Carl Cohen.
  • Article – Additional school funds major achievement of year. June 14, 1977.
  • SACIA office changes handle to Consumer Relations Bureau. June 30, 1977.
  • Minutes of meeting of Stamford LWV on January 18 th.
  • Agenda and Notice of Meeting of Stamford LWV – February 15 th.
  • LWV of CT. Project Plan for Residency. August 1, 1979 – July 31, 1980.
  • Article – LWV endorses traffic planning; it’s just too important to put off. The Advocate. July 30, 1977.
  • Article – All Out Career Education in Greenwich. The New York Times. October 23, 1977.
  • For Immediate Release. The LWV of Pennsylvania announced today their strong opposition to two Conference Committee bills now on the Senate and House calendars of the General Assembly in Harrisburg. For further info contact Anne Valsing or Sally Lottick. November 14, 1977.
  • LWV of Pennsylvania. Forecast of State Board Planning for Local Leagues in Pennsylvania. From Sally Lottick. November 1977.
  • LWV of New Jersey. Post Board Report. November 1977. Re: February Unites: Preparation and Presentation; Questions and Answers on Administrative Structure; Structure Charts: Title 19 and Title 19A; “The Man With the Golden Hand,” Reprint, New Jersey Magazine.
  • League of Women Voters, Stamford, CT. Membership List. November 1977.
  • LWV of Pennsylvania. Forecast of State Board Planning for Local Leagues in Pennsylvania. From Ann Jaenicke. November 1977.
  • State Board Orientation Memo – pages 3 – 5. Committee Members, Meetings, Reports.
  • LWV Legislative Issues for the 1978 General Assembly Session. Issues of Top Interest. December 1977.

15. Lobby, Congressional Review, Voting Guides – 1978, 1979, 1981

  • A Short Guide for Citizen Lobbyists. Tips on How to Lobby Your Legislator.
  • Congressional Interview – Stewart B. McKinney – 4 th District. January 28, 1978.
  • Registration by Mail – Reaffirmed.
  • 3 hand written pages. The Role of the Volunteer Group in Lobbying.
  • LWV of Stamford. Voters Guide – Finance Procedure.
  • Capital Budget Procedure dates.
  • Local League Positions and Progress Report – 1979. Stamford LWV.
  • Local League Positions and Progress Report – 1979. Stamford LWV. History and League Action.
  • Charter Consensus. Stamford LWV.
  • List of politicians and their position on Campaign Financing.
  • List of politicians and their position on Party Lever.
  • Stamford LWV 1981 Board of Finance Questionnaires.
  • Stamford LWV 1981 Board of Education Questionnaires.

16. Mixed Group of Publications. 1973 – 1981

  • 1980 Election Retrospective.
  • Let your voice be heard – write you representative in Washington, Hartford, Your Town. LWV of CT. March 1973.
  • A Guide to the Connecticut State Capitol. 1973.
  • This is Your General Assembly. 1974.
  • All About Metro. Metropolitan Area Transit Authority. Washington, DC. October 1979.
  • GIST – A quick reference aid on U.S. foreign relations primarily for Government use. Not intended as a comprehensive U.S. policy statement. July 1974.
  • Unfinished Business: State Legislators on Monitoring the Executive Branch. LWV Education Fund. August 1974.
  • A Special Report produced by The Chicago Board of Trade. The Soybean Phenomenon. 1975.
  • Choosing the President.
  • Indian Country – LWV Education Fund. October 1976.
  • Transition – Divining a New Approach to an International Order.
  • A Declaration of Interdependence. World Affairs Council of Philadelphia. 1975.
  • Legal and Financial Aspects of Investing Overseas. November 12-14, 1975. The World Trade Institute at the World Trade Center.
  • Career Education. A Position Statement of the Council of Chief State School Officers. November 18, 1975.
  • Florida Voter – Apportionment of the State Legislature. November/December 1977.
  • The Link – The Presidential Candidates: How They View the Middle East. Published by Americans for Middle East Understanding. January/February 1980.
  • Arc of Crisis: Tempest in the Gulf. March 12, 1980.
  • The Mideast Observer in Washington.
  • Article – New districts’ impact discounted. 1981.
  • The Sun Shines on Freedom of Information Commission.
  • National Board Report – A guide for local and state board planning. June 1977. No. 4. LWV of the US.
  • Statement in Support of State Elections Commission Legislative Recommendation No. 3.
  • Democracy is not a spectator sport. Be active…join the LWV!
  • Where will you be on Election Day? Wherever you are you may need an Absentee Ballot.
  • The Program Chairmen of Stamford Community Groups Announcing the League of Women Voters of Stamford Speakers Bureau. 4 copies.
  • National Board Report. A Guide for Local and State Board Planning. September 1976. No. 2.
  • LWV of the US. League Action Service Subscription Information: Report from the Hill and Action Alert. November 1973.
  • Connecticut Voter. March 1980. Vol. 41. No. 5.
  • You Have a Right to Know. Questions and Answers on The State of Connecticut Freedom of Information Act.
  • On Election Day Where Will You Be? Wherever you are you may need an Absentee Ballot.
  • LWV of CT. Information for Publications Chairmen.

1. through 8.
9. and 10.
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