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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

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Inventory of the Papers of The League of Women Voters of Stamford

Content, Box 5

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1. Education Committee Reports - LWV Stamford

  • “A Study of the Guidance Program in The Stamford Public Schools,” March 1971
  • “Know Your High School - Stamford Connecticut,” 1975 –1976
  • “Goals and Aims of Our Public Schools,” August 1973
  • “Vocational Education in Stamford,” August 1970
  • “Vocational Education in Stamford,” August 1970, Revised February 1971

2. Legislative Developments and LWV CT Position on Education - Finance, 1960-1964

  • Letters, publications, addresses to state education boards. Fact sheets, consensus on education finance, taxes. League position on education finance.
  • Booklets:
    • “Financing Public Elementary and Secondary School Education in Connecticut: Some Approaches to the Problem of How to Distribute State Aid to Education,” by Dorothy C. Goodwin, January 1961
    • “Local Public School Expenses and State Aid in Connecticut,” School Years 1972- 73 through 1976-77 by Connecticut Public Expenditure Council, Inc.

3. Human Resources - Educational - Local Integration

  • “An Analysis of DeFacto Segregation in Stamford's Public Elementary Schools and Suggestions for Community Action” June 1966
  • Stamford Citizens Committee for Integration of Public Schools – Minutes November 1965
  • Calendar of Action - Capital Budget - Operating Budget
  • League of Women Voters of the United States “School Survey Guide” June 1961
  • Education Programs for the Disadvantaged in Stamford November 1966
  • Committee on Training and Employment (C.T.E.) programs Serving the Disadvantaged 1966
  • Budget Testimony draft “The Time for Integration is Now” April 1968
  • “Progress of Three-Phase Redistricting Plan” May 1970
  • “Community Attitudes Towards School Desegregation” (Judy's draft) September 1970 – 3 pages.
  • Letter to Dr. Joseph Porter from Ellen Camhi November 1970
  • Integration of Stamford, Connecticut Elementary schools January 1971
  • Letter to Board of Education from Mrs. Alfred Camhi March 1971
  • Qualitative Review - Public Schools Cafeteria May 1971 by Mrs. Ellen Camhi.
  • Letter to Mrs. Herbert Spirer from Helen A. Tobin December 1971
  • “Resolution Concerning Equal Educational Opportunity and a Total Desegregation Plan for the Elementary Schools” January 1972
  • “Instructional Program” written by The Instructional Committee of the Task Force May 1972
  • Stamford Board of Education. An Analysis of Issues Confronting Urban School Systems” May 1972
  • Parent Teachers Association (PTA) Council - Elementary School PTA President's meeting June 1972
  • Background Information, Stamford Elementary School Integration Plan. March 1971.
  • Stamford Public Schools “The Advisory Task Force to the Board of Education” 1972
  • Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA) Race Relations Committee – Community Workshop on Desegregation June 1972
  • “A Look at Stamford's Elementary Schools 1971 – 1972.” Researched by: National Council of Jewish Women – Education Committee. 11 pages.
  • “Members of LWV Back Integration”. The Advocate. June 9, 1972.
  • Not in Folders:
    • LWV US Statement on “Elementary and Secondary Education Amendments of 1967” August 1967
    • LWV US Background Information on “Employment and Educational Programs for FY 1969” March 1968
    • LWV US Background Material on the “Elementary and Secondary Education Amendments of 1967" June 1967
    • “Time for Action" LWV US Re: “Elementary and Secondary Education Amendments of 1967” - Letters to all US Senators; Response to J. Connolly from Abraham Ribicoff July 1967 and from Thomas J. Dodd August 1967
    • LWV of the US “Support of Elementary and Secondary Education Act.” Before the Education Subcommittee of the Senate Labor & Public Welfare Committee by Mrs. Richard G. Miller, Human Resources Chairman, the LWV of the U.S. June 1969.
    • Time for Action LWV of CT, “Grants for Education of Educationally Deprived Children” May 1969
    • LWV of the United States “Report From the Hill” – Education Bill Scheduled for House Debate Week of March 31. March 1969
    • LWV of Connecticut “Education" February 1969 Re: Special Education and Aid to Disadvantaged.
    • League of Women Voters of the United States Statement in Support of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act Before the House Education and Labor Committee by Mrs. Bruce B. Benson, President of the LWV of the U.S. February 1969
    • League of Women Voters of Connecticut “Teacher Training” February 1969
    • League of Women Voters of Connecticut “Education” January 1969

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