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Monthly General Membership/Speaker Program.

All regular Programs take place Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

9:30 a.m.: Coffee and …
The Community is invited
Note March 21 time!

Programs are open to members and non-members at no charge.
Please note different locations as shown with the individual program notifications.

For more information, call Patty Samuels 1-203-454-1166 or Eva Weller 203-329-0452
For Membership, call 203-321-1373 ext 150.

Inclement weather on Program Day? Call 203-321-1373 ext. 150 Listen to message

We are the only Jewish organization in Fairfield County offering speakers to the Jewish community-at-large – many renowned in their fields – on Jewish themes 10 months out of the year. Regularly, 100 to 150 will attend these programs. Topics are extremely varied and all are with a Jewish theme.

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A list of prior presentations:

  • So, What's a Nice Jewish Boy Like You Doing in the Military?  ...Reflections by Lieutenant Colonel David Michael Kaplan, USA, Retired
  • Iseael: Beware the Threat of Delegitimization-- a thoughtful discussion about new threats affecting Israel, with ADL Regional Director, Gary Jones
  • The Hammersteins: A Musical Theater Family
  • Digging and Delving: Who's on my Family Tree? (Andrée Aelion Brooks)
  • New Insights on Wandering Jewish Genes (Miryam Wahrman)
  • Writing an Ethical Will: Give Blessings, Say Thanks, Leave Wisdom (Anna Olswanger)
  • Eyewitness to Stalin's Soviet Regime (Anatole Konstantin)
  • In Cheap We Trust (Lauren Weber)
  • Crossing the Boundaries (Micheal Philip Davis and Virginia Resnick)
  • Westward, Oy: Pioneer Jews in America (Kenneth Libo)
  • "A Shpiehl about Shtick, Stand-up & Slap-Stick" The History of Jews in Comedy (Alan Katz)
  • The Little Known History of the Jews of Albania, Past & Present (Ferit Hoxha)
  • Sala's Gift (Ann Kirschner)
  • Give My Nachas to Broadway or From Bimah to Broadway (Cantors Shirah and Dan Sklar)
  • 16th Century Renaissance Woman who Defied Kings! (Andrée Aelion Brooks)
  • Courage on the Line: My Grandfather's Story (John & Jeanne Franklin)
  • Caribbean Jews’ Progress – An Alternative Version of Pilgrim’s Progress (Harry A. Ezratty)
  • Freedom Begins with an Act of Defiance: The Inside Story (Zvi Bielski)
  • Eldridge Street Synagogue Coach Bus Trip
  • A Taste of Yiddish (Harry Romanowitz)
  • A Jew Grows in Greenwich (Mickey Sherman)
  • 70 Years Later, The Holocaust Never Happened? (Aryeh Tuchman)
  • The Jews of China: Lessons in Survival (Vera Schwarcz)
  • Kabbalah 101: Is everything you thought about God Wrong?
  • Jews and Aviation: How Jews Helped Launch Aviation (Emanuel Strunin)
  • Working Locally, Connecting Globally: Learning about Three Jewish Communitites (Robert Zwang)
  • Religious and Racial Prejudice in Sports in Fairfield County From the 1950s to the Mid-1980's (Herman Alswanger)
  • The Joy of Storytelling (Laconia Therrio)
  • Israel's Biotech Revolution: How Israel became a World Leader in Genetics and Reproductive Biology (Myriam Z. Wahrman, PhD)
  • Overcoming Shattered Childhoods: Survivors' Personal Accounts (Panel Discussion)
  • Ritual, Customs & Songs from the Baghdadi‑Indian Tradition (Rahel Musleah)
  • A Filmic View of Bigotry in America (Lou Sabini)
  • Rabbi Jennifer Jaech
  • Jewish History: From the Loss of Homeland to the Quest for Israel: 586 BCE - 1896 (Eugene Schwartz)
  • How Christian–Jewish Relations Have Changed (Rabbi Ehrenkranz)
  • Finding Home: In the footsteps of the Jewish Fusgeyers (Jill Culiner)
  • Entangled Histories and Lost Memories: Jewish Survivors in Occupied Germany 1945-1949 (Atina Grossmann)
  • Fighting Your Way to the Top – Jewish Prize Fighting in the last Century (Jack Cavanaugh)
  • The History of Modern Israel - A Musical Journey (Cantor Arik Wollheim)
  • A Jewish Family's Experience in Communist Hungary 1948-1956 (Agnes Vertes)
  • The Marranos: The Crypto-Jews of Spain and Portugal
  • The Wartime Activities of Jaap Penraat (Dr. Marjilijn de Jager)
  • American Jewry & The Civil War (Bud Livingston)
  • Leonard Bernstein: Musical Genius With Jewish Roots (David Avram)
  • Freud as Thinker, Doctor, Psychoanalyst and Jew (Ellie Shafer & Carol Cederbaum)
  • An Incredible Story of Holocaust Survival (Betty Lauer)
  • Jewish Music through the Ages in Story and Song (Rayhan Pasternak)
  • Growing Up Under The Shadow of Iranian Revolution (Roya Hakakian)
  • From Then Until Now – A History of Italian Jews (Andrea Fiano)
  • Passion And Profundity In Jewish American Folk Art (Edythe Prens Siegel)
  • The Secrets Of The Tunnels Of Ancient Jerusalem: What Lies Beneath The Western all And Why Everyone Needs To Know (Dr. Dan Bahat, Chief Archaeologist Of Jerusalem [Em.])
  • From Christian Science to Jewish Science (Dr. Ellen Umansky, Director of the Carl and Dorothy Bennett Center for Judaic Studies at Fairfield University
  • Exodus: Nat Nadler, a Haganah shipmate on the Exodus, told us about his experiences.
  • “Beyond The Golden Door” / “From The Old Country To The New World” (Judith Goldsmith, Literary Performance Artist)
  • A Fresh Approach To Understanding The Experience Of Jewish Immigrants (Samuel Freedman)
  • Passover Foods from Around the World (Ronnie Fein)
  • The Evolving Role of Women in Judaism: A Cantor's Story (Cantor Deborah Katchko Gray, Ridgefield, CT)
  • A Potpourri of American Jewish History (Irwin Miller)
  • A Jewish Roots Trip with YALE STROM
  • Blood Libel: The Damascus Affair Of 1840 (Ronald Florence)
  • Law and Order: Jewish Lawmakers and Lawbreakers (Dr. Kenneth Libo)
  • Trip to Newport, RI to the Touro Synagogue and more (Irwin Miller)
  • American Jewry's 350th Anniversary: Relations With Israel And World Jewry In The Past, Present And Future (Dr. Matthew Silver)
  • Salonika, the Glory of Sephardic Greece (Theresa Sundt)
  • The Bible's Role in Modern Israeli Literature and Culture (Dr. Nehama Aschkenasy)
  • A Torah's Odyssey (Judy and Steve Underberg)
  • Immigrant Dreams, Immigrant Realities (Dr. Harriett Davis-Kram)
  • How Can The Israeli-Palestine Conflict Be Resolved? (Mitchell Kraus)
  • Journey To The Golden Door (Jay Sommer)
  • He Died Alone in Tijuana - The Wandering Jew (Raymond Dayan)
  • A Field Trip to the Anne Frank Exhibit at Greenwich High School
  • The Golden Age of Jews in America: Will it Remain Golden Into the 21st Century? (Rabbi Emily Korzenik)
  • The Jewish Experience in Baseball (Marty Appel)
  • Women, Men, and the Holocaust (Nechama Tec)
  • Safe Among the Germans, Liberated Jews After World War Two (Ruth Gay)
  • The Yiddish Rialto, origins of the Yiddish theater (David Liebeskind)
  • Kabbalah Music, The Influence of Jewish Mysticism on Jewish Song (Laura Wetzler)
  • The Greatest Robbery in History...How the Swiss Acquired Holocaust Victim Assets (Irwin Nack)
  • Judaism in Memory & Spirit: 500 Years After the Spanish Inquisition (Gloria Golden)
  • Displaced Persons: Growing Up American After the Holocaust (Joseph Berger)
  • Jews, Hollywood, and the Jazz Singer (Ellen Umansky)
  • Joining the Club: The New Things We've Learned about the History of Jews and Yale In the Past 20 Years
  • A Summer World. The Attempt to Build a Jewish Eden in the Catskills, from the Days of the Ghetto to the Rise and Decline of the Borscht Belt (Stefan Kanfer)
    Go here for a list of his books
  • The Jewish Brigade (Shlomo Jaacobi)
  • America's First Synagogues (Mark Aaron)
  • From Stalin to Gorbachev: Growing Up Jewish in the Soviet Union - What was it like? (Mikhail Tsinberg & Faina Tsinberg)
  • From Wiesbaden to Wall Street (Richard Grossman)
  • Jewish Partizan Warfare in Slovakia 1944-45 (Paul Strassmann)
  • The Emergence of American Jewish Philosophy 1950-2000 (Rabbi Eugene Borowitz) Search for his books
  • American Jewish Painters: Insights into their Work (Cissy Grossman, Ph.D.)
  • A Yeshiva Bochur from the Lower East Side Becomes a Physician in the Coal Mines of West Virginia (Dr. Louis Scheinberg)
  • The L'Oreal Scandal of 1991 in France (Joel Blatt, Professor, UConn)
  • Remnants of Jewry in the Middle East (Richard Chesnoff-Senior Correspondent, US News & World Report)
  • Professor Daniel Soyer - Author of A History of Jewish Landsmanshaften
  • The Great German-Jewish Families of New York (Dr. Kenneth Libo)
  • Dona Garcia Nasi's Underground Railroad: Undermining the Inquisition
  • 1000 years of Jewish Polish History: A Strategy of Survival
  • Reminiscences: American Jewry's Role in Establishing the State of Israel
  • A History of the Significant Advance and Development of Jewish Life in the City of Stamford; or: In dis town ve used hed TCHREE kosher butchas!!!