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Archival Information

Our Archives

The Jewish Historical Society of Fairfield County maintains the only Jewish archive in Fairfield County containing the record of a Jewish presence in this region since 1698. Our Archive, located in downtown Stamford, houses thousands of documents, articles, photos, oral histories, and artifacts that we have collected from individuals and organizations or through our own research, including those of The Norwalk Jewish Historical Society which merged with the JHSLFC in 2003. Volunteer archivists meet weekly at the Archives to organize new materials, check messages and e-mail, and other activities.

We welcome students, researchers, and those seeking information and answers concerning Jewish life in southwestern Connecticut. The Archives are open most Mondays 1:30PM to 4:00PM and by appointment. Please call 203-359-2196 (leave message if necessary) to schedule a visit and to get information about location and parking. Note: on-premise parking is restricted but there is nearby free parking.

'pointer' bullet  The JHSLFC encourages Jewish organizations and synagogues within its designated area to appoint a historian to ensure and update the collection of its heritage for the society's archives. To speak with our archivists, please phone 203-359-2196.

'pointer' bullet  Before you dispose of any potentially valuable photos, documents and papers, contact us about submitting them to our archives. We would also like the opportunity to copy items for our archives, and return your originals. Call our archives: 203-359-2196.

E-mail us at:

Hiram Halle of Pound Ridge

Samuel Tresser
Samuel Tresser

Linda Baulsir & Irwin Miller in the Archives -  click here for storyAssembling the past: Historians uncover glimpses of area's Jewish history

an In the Community story
by The Advocate
January 19, 2003

At the The Stamford Historical Society site:

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