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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month: September 2004

One-Room Schoolhouses in Stamford

Bangall School

Bangall School and Class 1911

text from back of above photo Text:

Bangall School and Class 1911

left to right:

Mrs. Sarah B. Stevens, teacher 1894-1924; deceased in 1944
Jane Taylor
Edward Quell
Wilfred Barrett
Dick Grenfell
Alice Taylor
Fred (Fritz) Gildemeister
Lillie Quell
George Nelson
Nora Houg
Cowling Grenfel
(Jack) JohnTaylor
Harold Nelson
Annie Fenwick
Little girl in front ? Carrie ? Penny girl
(difficult to read)
Helen June
Penny Bolt (difficult to read)
Sam Taylor
missing in picture Clara G[u]ildemeister & Howard Ruckel

From the Advocate:

image form The Advocate
article text from the Advocate

Note: This clipping seems to be inclomplete. Watch for update.

image form The Advocate

Photo © Stamford Historical Society

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