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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month: November 2000

Bicycle Patrol in Stamford


Arnold Kurth, first bicycle policeman, 1892
Photo © Stamford Historical Society

Arnold Kurth, immigrant from Cologne, Germany, worked on a Hoth Ice Wagon before becoming Stamford's first bicycle policeman in 1892. He was known as the Boy Cop and wore Police Badge #1 until his retirement in 1921.

Another photo.

…and now

SPD letterhead


In September of 2000 the Stamford Police Department re-initiated a Police Bicycle Squad. The program was financed through the Stamford Partnership and a grant from the Federal Government. The Stamford Partnership is an organization of local businesses and corporations.

Upon completion of a rigorous five day training schedule, eighteen (18) Officers and one (1) Sergeant were assigned as bicycle Officers throughout the five districts of the city in October of 2000. The Officers volunteered for the Squad and now serve as Community Resource Officers and as Patrol Officers.

The next phase of training is scheduled for November 13, 2000. This group will consist of eleven (11) Officers and one (1) Sergeant. The Bicycle Squad is a welcome addition to the Police Department and has been enthusiastically welcomed by the City of Stamford community.


Today's bicycle police
Photo © Stamford Police Department


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