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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month: November 2008

The Stamford Baptist Church

The Stamford Baptist Church was founded November 1773. The church stood on the corner of Atlantic & Broad Streets, at the current site of the Landmark Building. Here is a chronology:


Picturesque Stamford covers the church: The Stamford Baptist Church.


Reverend Joseph Hoyt The Parsonage, 5 Forest Street
Rev. Joseph B. Hoyt The Parsonage, 5 Forest Street


Whitman Bailey Sketch titled “Part of Broad Street Where Proposed Widening Would Begin.”

Part of Broad Street Where Proposed Widening Would Begin
download newspaper clipping of February 23, 1924 (PDF)

1928 through 1931

Three photos published by “The Stamford Weekly Guide.”
Stamford Baptist Church, July 1928  Stamford Baptist Church, October 1930
Stamford Baptist Church, May 1931


The Hurricane of 1888

Bedford Street looking south towards Broad Street

The storm weakened the church steeple and it was removed.


The Advocate Tercentenary Edition has an article: Baptist Church Had Local Start Before Revolution.
Reverend Edmont Hains Baptist Church 1941
Rev. Edmont P. Hains The Church


View from Broad Street looking east

Stamford Baptist Church 1954, view from Broad Street looking East

Later in 1954


The church was demolished in December of 1954. While the new church was being built on 602 High Ridge Road, members met at the Odd Fellows' Hall on Suburban Avenue. Stained glass memorial windows and the bell from the old church were salvaged and put into the new church.

on Dec. 8, a wrecking ball begins destruction of the old tower Advocate 1954 (Walter): The 90-year-old Baptist Church building at Broad and Atlantic sts. makes way for an office building A new church structure will be built further from the business center. Here, on Dec. 8, a wrecking ball begins destruction of the old tower.

Stamford Baptist Church, 1954, demolition
Society Archive Photo


November 22, 1980 Advocate:  Shall we gather at the cornerstone? (PDF)

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