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The Samuel W. Morrell Collection

Registration Sheet March 2000


This Record Group consists of blueprints, and in several instances black and white copies, of drawings of veterans' grave sites in cemeteries in and around Stamford Connecticut. The originals of these drawings are maintained in the Connecticut State Library.

The drawings are the work of Samuel W. Morrell who, beginning in 1923, undertook the task of locating and recording the graves of “all servicemen living in Stamford at the time of their death, or who were buried here, or who belonged to local veterans' organizations” see Morrell, Samuel W. My Search For Veteran's Graves, Stamford Historian 1957 Vol. 1 No. 2 pp 135-138, Marcus Research Library.

A reproduced copy of Mr. Morrell's Grave Registration Notebook, consisting of 114, 8½" x 11" pages, may be found in the Marcus Research Library, Catalog Number 929.3M.

The drawings in this Record Group identify by veteran's name, war in which he/she served—Civil, Spanish American, World Wars I&II, Korean—and rank, the cemetery, section, and plot location of the grave site.

This Record Group was assembled from two sources:

  1. a group of 57 sheets, approximately 17" x 22", which were included in the map collection in the Library;
  2. a group of some 150 sheets of variable, but smaller sizes, consisting primarily of duplicates and subsets of the larger drawings.

Note: These sheets are maintained in a folder separate from the larger sheets.

How and Where to Search

It is suggested that in a search for the location of a veteran's grave site, the researcher begin by looking up the deceased's name in

Headstones Inscriptions - Darien and Headstone Inscriptions - Stamford, a two volume reference, dated 1937, in the Marcus Research Library, Catalog Number 929.3W.

This will identify the appropriate cemetery where the deceased is buried. Then you may begin the search for the gravesite in this Record Collection, starting with the smaller sized subset.

The Indices to the Record Groups

They list the cemeteries in essentially alphabetical order. Where more than one cemetery is included on a sheet, only one entry is provided, to preserve the integrity of the original drawing. The numbers in parentheses indicate multiple copies of the indexed sheet.

Assembled by Frank D'Amico
March 2000

Index to Large Format Collection

  • Agudath Shalom Cemetery, Congregation (2)
  • Belltown Cemetery / Scofield Cemetery
  • Beth El Cemetery
  • Bruce Cemetery / Cemetery on the north side of Haviland Road
  • Emmanuel Chapel Cemetery, Springdale
  • High Ridge Cemetery
  • Independent Lodge Cemetery, Darien
  • Leeds Cemetery / Hoyt Cemetery, Darien
  • Long Ridge Union Cemetery (2)
  • Newfield Avenue, Cemeteries on
  • North Stamford Cemetery
  • Roxbury Union Cemetery
  • Saint Andrews and Saint Johns Burial Ground
  • Scofield Cemetery / Knapp Cemetery / Palmer Hill Cemetery
  • Scofieldtown Cemetery
  • Simsbury Cemetery / Cemetery at rear of No. 2788 / Cemetery at Long Ridge Road on hill above concrete bridge
  • St. Johns RC Cemetery, Darien (22 plates)
  • Turn of River Cemetery / Cemetery on west side of Hunting Ridge Road
  • West Stamford Cemetery
  • Westover Cemetery / River Bank Cemetery
  • Woodland Cemetery (13 plates)

Index to Small Format Collection

  • 536 Bedford Street, Cemetery at the rear of (3)
  • 536 Bedford Street, Small cemetery rear of
  • Belltown Cemetery (2)
  • Christ Church Cemetery, Greenwich
  • Emmanuel Chapel Cemetery, Springdale (5)
  • Farms Road Cemetery (3)
  • High Ridge Cemetery (5)
  • Hoyt Cemetery, Springdale (2)
  • Hoyt Cemetery / Bishop Cemetery, one mile above Emmanuel Chapel, Springdale
  • Hunting Ridge Road, Cemetery on west side of (2)
  • Leeds Cemetery, Darien
  • Long Ridge Road, Cemetery on top of hill above concrete bridge on (3)
  • Newfield Avenue, Cemeteries on (3)
  • Newfield Cemetery (2)
  • North Stamford Cemetery (5)
  • North Street Cemetery (3)
  • Noroton River Cemetery, Darien
  • Ox Ridge Cemetery, Darien
  • Palmer Hill Cemetery / Knapp Cemetery (4)
  • Pound Ridge Cemetery, Pound Ridge, N.Y. (4)
  • Putnam Cemetery, Greenwich
  • Roxbury Cemetery, west of Den Road (3)
  • Roxbury District - Jewish Cemetery (5)
  • Roxbury Bridge, Cemetery above
  • Saint Andrews Cemetery (2)
  • Saint Andrews and Saint Johns Burial Ground (3)
  • Scofield Cemetery, Springdale (2)
  • Scofieldtown Cemetery (2)
  • Simsbury District Cemetery, North Stamford Avenue (4)
  • Slason, Jacob Cemetery, Ox Ridge, Darien
  • Sound Beach Cemetery, Greenwich
  • Spring Grove Cemetery, Darien (2)
  • Stillwater Road, Cemeteries on
  • Turn of River Cemetery (5)
  • Union Cemetery, Greenwich
  • Union Cemetery, Rowayton
  • Union Cemetery, Long Ridge (4)
  • Waterbury Cemetery, Darien
  • Westover Cemetery (4)
  • West Stamford Cemetery (4)
  • Woodland Cemetery (48), 24 plates

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