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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Stamford Quilts

September 22, 2000 through February 24, 2001

The Teaching Quilt

Appliquéd quilt inscribed “Harriet Knapp, Stamford, Conn. March A.D. 1854”

The Quilt was made for her school children as a teaching aid. Each square is done with a different motif in its design: birds, cows, hearts, scissors, etc. Wide over-all border is an applied green vine with red flowers, while quilt has many colors appliquéd on white. c. 1854.

Published in Safford & Bishop's American Quilts and Coverlets.

Purchased. PM62-1.

Teaching Quilt

Teaching Quilt, detail

Teaching Quilt, detail

Teaching Quilt, detail

Quilt Exhibit