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Stamford, Connecticut – A Bibliography


Linda Baulsir: For encouraging me on in so many ways toward the preparation of this work for publication.

Edward Bear: For his faithful, silent encouragement.

Lawrence Bolanowski: For teaching me how to operate a computer and restoring data which might have been totally lost had he not instructed me on the value of backup disks. If credit is awarded to anyone for helping in the production of this work, he certainly deserves a major portion of it.

Alice (Brownie) Booth: For her willingness to underwrite the cost of the bibliography computer software program and proofreading the entire list of author and index entries. In addition, her inauspicious comments on computers and reminders for me to eat my lunch on Saturdays at the Stamford Historical Society are appreciated.

Margaret Bowen: For bringing the book “Westward Ho! A Narrative Based Upon Episodes in the Life of Hiram Smith Holly” by William Lockwood Smith, 1950, to my attention. Also, for suggesting the inclusion of a motion picture film in this work.

Sandi J. Brewster Walker: For sharing her information on the AfricanAmerican Community of Stamford. Also, for helping me surmount a problem on the printout section of my computer program.

Bonnie Bull: For bringing the pamphlet “Trolley Trips Through Southern New England” by White & Warner, 1902, to my attention.

Alfred W. Dater, Jr. (1902-1974): For introducing me to the published journals of his uncles, Henry and Samuel Ferguson, written aboard a longboat in the Pacific Ocean during their forty-three day ordeal. His enthusiasm and pride in their survival, together with a great personal love of the sea will always be remembered.

Ernest A. DiMattia, Jr.: For his advice and encouragement to persevere in this endeavor.

Adele Domagala: For bringing the article on Delos Palmer, “Master Painter” by Ken R. Schultz, 1952, to my attention.

Karen Donnelly: For bringing the pamphlet “Architecture Of Stamford, Connecticut: A Selected Bibliography” by Anthony G. White, 1989, to my attention.

Estelle F. Feinstein: For reviewing my list of entries in this bibliography. Her comments, suggestions and encouragement are appreciated.

Irene Hahn: For donating a computer to the Stamford Historical Society, to be utilized in the production of this book and additional library work. In addition, I wish to thank her for setting the computer up and helping me with a DOS problem.

Robert M. Halliday: For giving me the initial idea of compiling this work. Also, for bringing the book “Miles To Go Before I Sleep-Samuel Seabury's Journal From 1791-1795” by Anne W. Rowthorn and Jane D. Hooker, 1982, to my attention.

Greg Johnson: For obtaining locations of books and sharing his computer knowledge with me.

Thomas J. Kemp: For suggesting the titles of several library journals, through which I learned of the bibliography software program used to produce this work. Also, for additional assistance and kind thoughts.

Gwendolyn June Ketchum: For bringing the book “Beyond The Barrier” by Eugene Rodgers, 1990, to my attention.

Jay Kobrin: For bringing the articles: “Three Connecticut Country Houses: Hunt & Hunt Architects,” by De Witt H. Fessenden, 1916 and “Passage To India - In a Connecticut retail center, theatrical flair enhances an authentic atmosphere,” by Diana M. Aceti, 1985, to my attention.

Jennifer L. Lessow: For inviting my wife and me to spend a week with her in Washington, D. C. This generous offer enabled us to avail ourselves of the magnificent resources of the Library of Congress. I was engaged in bibliographic research for the greater part of five and one half days, working often into the evenings from the vast modern Law Library, to the Genealogy and Local History Division, to the hushed splendor of the Main Reading Room. The end results of my endeavors will be a bibliography greatly enhanced in scope and content. In addition, Jennifer completely surprised me with a lobster, in order that I might continue my annual custom of treating myself to a birthday breakfast of lobster and champagne.

Mark Marasco: For restoring data that otherwise might have been lost.

Elizabeth A. Marcus: For patience and understanding of her father, who spent more hours in the University of Connecticut's Homer Babbidge Library than with her during weekend visits. Despite the demands on her time for classes, preparation of papers, study and work, she always cheerfully accepted endless research requests from me at the University of Connecticut. In addition to all this she managed to discover for me, several interesting out of print book stores, restaurants and a winery in the vicinity of Storrs.

Virginia A. Marcus: For handling numerous research requests at the Ferguson Library. Also for enduring a research visit to the Library of Congress with me. Even though she had many genealogical inquires to make and spent several days at it, she also wanted to see some of the other sites in Washington, D. C. Realizing what this opportunity meant to me she decided to tour the Folger Library and the Capitol Building by herself. For this and so many other things I will be forever indebted to her for her understanding.

Dorothy Mix: For researching several items relating to the First Presbyterian Church, Stamford.

Ruth Mushkin: For preparing a merge set-up on the computer that enabled me to contact authors and publishers for permission to quote from copyrighted materials. Also, for converting the text of this work to a more legible and readable type font. Despite numerous deadlines confronting her schedule, she always managed to find time to assist me.

Paul Pacter: For upgrading my software program and resolving a complex DOS problem, which facilitated the transfer of data from one computer to another. For this, the resolution of other computer problems and his encouragement I am most grateful.

Dane Pearson: For bringing “History of Maritime Connecticut During The American Revolution” by Louis F. Middlebrook, 1925 and “The Memoirs Of Rufus Putnam And Certain Official Papers And Correspondence” by Rowena Buell, 1903, to my attention.

Joyce Pendery: For sharing her notes on the Laura Baker Lyman and Joseph Bardwell Lyman Journal and Scrapbook at Yale University. Through this, I was able to identify the true authors of an article titled “Leaves from the Diary of a Young Housekeeper” by Laura Baker Lyman and Joseph Bardwell Lyman, 1867.

Robert Towne: For suggesting that I minimize indexing in the first edition. This allowed more time for entering additional items in my bibliography, thus enabling me to produce a more inclusive work.

I wish to acknowledge the following institutions and staffs for helping me.

American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Massachusetts.
Boston Athenaeum, Boston, Massachusetts.
Boston Public Library, Boston, Massachusetts.
Connecticut Historical Society, Hartford, Connecticut.
Connecticut State Library, Hartford, Connecticut.
Darien Historical Society, Darien, Connecticut.
Darien Library, Darien, Connecticut.
Fairfield Historical Society, Fairfield, Connecticut.
Fairfield Public Library, Fairfield, Connecticut.
Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut.
Ferguson Library, Stamford, Connecticut.
Greenwich Public Library, Greenwich, Connecticut.
Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich, Greenwich, Conn.
Library of Congress, Washington, District of Columbia.
Massachusetts State Library, Boston, Massachusetts.
New Canaan Historical Society, New Canaan, Connecticut.
New Haven Colony Historical Society, New Haven, Connecticut.
New York Public Library, New York, New York.
Pequot Library, Southport, Connecticut.
Stamford Historical Society, Stamford, Connecticut.
University of Connecticut, Stamford, Connecticut.
University of Connecticut, Storrs, Connecticut.
Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut.

Ronald Marcus

© 1995 Stamford Historical Society

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