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Board of Directors 2014/2015

Tom Zoubek, PhD
Executive Director
Pamela Coleman
Vincent Murace
First Vice Chairman
Andrew Dzamba
Second Vice Chairman
Marshall Millsap
Acting Treasurer
Eileen H. Rosner
Recording Secretary
Richard Lewis
Corresponding Secretary
Gerald Bosak, Jr.
Neil Dickson
Richard Harper
Ronald S. Herbst, JD
Douglas MacLehose
Joseph Maida
Claudia Wolen

Bert Ballin, DDS
Robert & Kate Bartlett
Sam Cingari
Denis Nayden
William Tong,
State Representative
Bobby Valentine
Sharon J. White, Ed.D.
UCONN Stamford Campus Director

Board Chairman Pam ColemanPam Coleman was elected Chairman of the Board at the July 2006 Board meeting, after serving the prior year as 1st Vice Chair. She has volunteered as an Education Docent since 2003, and is currently serving as an interpreter for the 1699 Hoyt Barnum House. She has chaired many financially and socially successful events, including two gala dinner dances, a reception at the Palace Theater for the opening of our "Urban Renewal" exhibit, a wine tasting, a dinner honoring local educator and historian Tony Pavia, and a dinner honoring cartoonist Mort Walker. Pam has earned a Masters in Education and her MBA in Marketing from NYU.

Tom ZoubekThomas Zoubek received his Ph.D. in Anthropology from Yale University where he worked under Dr. Richard Burger. Dr. Zoubek's specialty is the archaeology of the Andean area. He has directed archaeological projects in the Virú Valley on Peru's north coast since 1992. He has published this work in a number of journals including Andean Past, The Journal of Field Archaeology, and The Journal of the Steward Anthropological Society in addition to a number of Peruvian publications.

He served as adjunct assistant professor at SUNY-New Paltz from 1996-2001 and was also an adjunct lecturer in Anthropology at Yale from 2000-2001. Currently Dr. Zoubek is Executive Director of the Stamford Historical Society as well as Chair of the Modern Languages Department at King and Low-Heywood Thomas School in Stamford Connecticut.


Thomas Zoubek, PhD
President & Executive Director

Haideh Molavi-Wassey
Office Manager

Ronald Marcus

Photo Archives

Jennifer Hawthorne
Volunteer Coordinator