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Connecticut History

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Stamford History
Of interest to photo history, textile and antique furniture buffs
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The Stamford Historical Society is pleased to recommend selected books of Connecticut and Stamford History.

In association with, click hereFrom Puritan to Yankee : Character and the Social Order in Connecticut, 1690-1765
by Richard L. Bushman
In association with, click hereNature Walks in Connecticut
By Rene Laubach, Charles W. G. Smith
In association with, click hereMy Connecticut Garden : Personal Experiences of an Amateur Gardener
George Valchar

Not exactly "Connecticut History," but comes highly recommended

in assocoation with, click hereSouthern New England
(Smithsonian Guide to Historic America, 2)
Revised and updated edition
(April 1998)
In association with, click hereA Speaking Aristocracy: Transforming Public Discourse in Eighteenth-Century Connecticut
by Christopher Grasso
In association with, click hereWomen Before the Bar : Gender, Law, and Society in Connecticut, 1639-1789
by Cornelia Hughes Dayton
In association with, click hereThe New Haven Railroad Along the Shore Line : The Thoroughfare from New York City to Boston
(Golden Years of Railroading)
by Martin J. McGuirk
In association with, click hereThe Merritt Parkway
by Bruce Radde

Book Description:
This book traces the history of Connecticut`s Merritt Parkway from the proposals for its construction and design in the early 1920s to its triumphant completion in 1940. Filled with vintage and recent photographs, it is not only a picturesque tour of a renowned landmark (the largest Art Deco design in the world), but is also an appraisal of a major contribution to the built environment-one recently placed on the National Register of Historic Places.

in association with, click hereLions & Eagles & Bulls
Exhibition Catalog
Connecticut Historical Soicety

New England History

in association with, click hereThe Devil’s Dominion:
Magic and Religion in Early New England

by Richard Godbeer
Cambridge University Press 1992
in association with, click hereSexual Revolution in Early America
byRichard Godbeer
Johns Hopkins University 2002