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The Historical Society's 2002 Calendar

Mayor Dannell MAlloy perusing the calendarImmigrants' Stamford: Remembering Old Pacific Street

Phil Norgren, Mayor Malloy, Eva Weller

Stamford Mayor Dannell Malloy accepts calendars for 2002 from the Stamford Historical Society, represented here by calendar creator Eva Weller and Phil Norgren, the Society's President.

Photos © Julian Reitman

Entitled “IMMIGRANTS' STAMFORD – REMEMBERING OLD PACIFIC STREET,” with pictures and stories, the calendar shows how the residents and merchants of that street created an inclusive and energetic neighborhood, now buried under Stamford's Mall, that did much to make today's Stamford a successful and pluralistic city.

2002 calendar cover


A Walk Along Pacific Street, early 1900's (the teaching exhibition at the Society's headquarters)
A Walk Along Pacific Street, early 1900's (the text)