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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

Family History Papers

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These papers were written by students in Dr. Estelle Feinstein's Modern American History course, offered at the University of Connecticut's Stamford branch. (course syllabus attached) In part the paper assignment reads as follows,

Each of your families is unique, special; each, too, is bound up with the history of this country. The family history paper asks you to explore the unique character of your family (or part of it) and to put your family in the context of history. The aim of the paper, it follows, is for you to know more about your own "roots" and secondly to understand, in a personal and direct way, something about the meaning and nature of history -- the nature of history itself and the experience of writing history.

Updated: January 2004 by Mateo Abelarz

Title Subject Author
from Bridgeport
Polish by Thomas M. Bansak
Berg, Frederick J.
also Miss Caroline Spears
and Miss Louise Spears

from Stamford

German by John Frederick Harnett
Bohn, Frank
from Stamford
Irish by Kenneth D. Ryan
Colluci, Vito
from Stamford
Italian by David M. Crombie, 1967
Fox, Mary Agnes
from Greenwich


by Fran Fogg, 1967
Karkos, John S.
from Maine
Austria-Hungary, Czechoslovakia by Stanley Strout 1967
Kocsis, Mrs.
from New York City and Bridgeport
Hungary by Richard Parsons
Luciani, Pasquale
from Georgetown
Italian by Linda Luciani, 1967
from Glenbrook
Lund, Carl
worked at Pitney Bowes
Danish by Neal Sorensen, 1967
O'Connell, Corneli Patrick
from Stamford
Irish by Ellen O'Connell, 1967
Sciglimpaglia, Vito
from Stamford, Yale & Towne

by Dave Roberts, 1967

Slapin, Phillip
from Stamford
Ukraine by Robert M. Slapin, 1967
Sneberger, Anna
from New York City, married Frank Cejka
Czechoslovakia by Beryl Cejka, 1967
Vescio, Peter
from Stamford
Westcott, J. Walter
from New York City
English by J. Smith

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