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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

Sewer Assessment Maps, Stamford Connecticut 1887

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Lists property owners, gives measurements of property frontage. Indicates the boundary lines for the Borough. For the street listing start at the top of the map and go clockwise listing the streets at the perimeter of the block. Streets which are interior are indicated inside [brackets].

For additional information regarding the sewage disposal issue, controversy and construction of sewers, see: Feinstein, Estelle F. Stamford in the Gilded Age. Pg. 162-185.

Created: April 1994 Karen Schoen
Updated: March 1999 Ronald Marcus
December 2003 Mateo Arbelaez

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1A Index Map

1 Block 1: Grove Street; Forest Street; Prospect Street

2 Block 2: Spring Street; Bedford Street; Broad Street; Summer Street

3 Block 3: North Street; Bedford Street; Spring Street; Summer Street

4 Block 4: North Street; Franklin Street; Broad Street; Washington Avenue

5 Block 5: Forest Street; Grayrock Place; Main Street; Gay Street; Broad Street; Bedford Street

6 Block 6: Main Street; Rippowam Place; South Street; Division Street; Clinton Avenue

7 Block 7: Cottage Place; N.Y. N.H.& H. RR; South Street

8 Block 8: Forest Street; Grove Street; Main Street; Grayrock Place

9 Block 9: River Street; Broad Street; Atlantic Street; Main Street; Bank Street; Park Place

10 Block 10: Cottage Street; Pacific Street; R.R. Street; Atlantic Street

11 Block 11: Bell Street; Atlantic Street; Willow Street; South Street

12 Block 12: Broad Street; Gay Street; Main Street; Park Row; Atlantic Street; [also, Luther Street and Advocate Place]

13 Block 13: Canal Street; Pacific Street; Cottage Street; Atlantic Street

14 Block 14: Main Street; Clinton Avenue; Division Street; [bounded by Mill River]

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15 Block 15: Willow Street; Atlantic Street; Cottage Place; [Guernsey Avenue]; South Street

16 Block 16: North Street; Summer Street; Broad Street; Franklin Street

17 Block 17: Washington Place; Washington Avenue; North Street; West Washington Avenue

18 Block 18 & 18A: Bank Street; Atlantic Street; Bell Street; Clark Street; South Street; West Main Street

19 Block 19: Elm Street; Miller Street; N.Y.N.H. & H.RR.; Meadow Street

20 Block 20: Canal Street; Railroad Street; Pacific Street

21 Block 21: Division Street; South Street; N.Y.N.H. & H.RR.; [bounded by Mill River] Richmond Hill Avenue

22 Block 22: Chapel Street; Meadow Street; Railroad Street; [Coughlin Street]; Canal Street

23 Block 23: Main Street; Elm Street; Meadow Street; [School Street]; Chapel Street; Canal Street; [West Broadway]; Pacific Street; [Broadway]

24 Block 24: Elm Street; N.Y.N.H. & H.RR.; Miller Street

25 Block 25: North Street; Washington Avenue; [bounded by Broad Street and Mill River]

26 Block 26: [Bounded by Broad Street] River Street; [Park Place] Main Street; [bounded by Mill River]

27 Block 27: Manhattan Street; Pacific Street; [Market Street] East Henry Street; Skelding Street; Atlantic Street

28 Block 28: East Henry Street; [Skelding Street] Pacific Street; [Woodland] Walnut Street; Atlantic Street; Ludlow Street

29 Block 29: N.Y.N.H. & H.RR. Company; Atlantic Street; Henry Street; South Street

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30 Block 30: Henry Street; Atlantic Street; [Ludlow Street] [Walnut Street] South Street; [Oliver Street]

31 Block 31: Walnut Street; Pacific Street; Crosby Street; South Street; Atlantic Street

32 Block 32: N.Y.N.H. & H.RR.; South Street; [Henry Street] Oliver Street; [bounded by Mill River]

33 Block 33: Oliver Street; South Street; [Crosby Street] Atlantic Street; [bounded by Stamford Harbor]

34 Block 34: N.Y.N.H. & H.RR. Company; Canal Street; [Dock Street]; Market Street; John Street; Pacific Street; [Manhattan Street]

35 Block 35: Market Street; [John Street] Canal Street; Henry Street; [Cedar Street] Pacific Street

36 Block 36: East Henry Street; Cedar Street; Woodland Avenue; Stone Street; Pacific Street; [Walnut Street] [Ludlow Street] [Henry Street]

37 Block 37: Woodland Avenue [Stone Street] [bounded by Woodland Cemetery] Pacific Street; [Walnut Street]

38 Block 38: Henry Street; [bounded by Stamford Canal] Stone Street; Cedar Street; Ludlow Street; Canal Street

39 Block 39: N.Y.N.H. & H.RR. Company; Railroad Avenue; Meadow Street; Canal Street; [Dock Street]

40 Block 40: Crosby Street; Pacific Street; South Street

41 Block 41: Dock Street; ["The Canal"] Canal Street; [Market Street]

42 Block 42: "The Canal"; Canal Street; [East Henry Street] Market Street

43 Block 43: Railroad Street; Canal Street; Dock Street; John Street; Pacific Street; Manhattan Street; Skelding Street; Atlantic Street

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44 Block 44: Main Street; [Gay Street] Pacific Street; [Brook Street] Canal Street; [Stage Street]; [Daskam Alley]; Atlantic Street; [Advocate Place]

45 Block 45: Prospect Street; Forest Street; [Spring Street] Bedford Street; Bedford Park

46 Block 46: Main Street; Meadow Street; Elm Street; Grove Street; St. John's Park

47 Block 47: Broad Street; Atlantic Street; Park Row; Main Street; [Quintard Place] [Canal Street]; Central Park-Town Hall

48 Block 48: Park Place; [Main Street] [Bank Street] [Clark Street] South Street; Rippowam Place; Rippowam Park; River Street

49 Block 49: Washington Avenue; Washington Place; West Washington Avenue; North Street; [bounded by Mill River]

50 Block 50: Summer Street; North Street; Franklin Street; Washington Avenue; [Linden Street]

51 Block 51: N.Y.N.H. & H.RR.; Elm Street; Meadow Street; Main Street; [Glenbrook Avenue]

52 Block 52: Hoyt Street; Bedford Street; North Street Summer Street

53 Block 53: [Borough Line]; Prospect Street; Bedford Street

54 Block 54: [Borough Line]; Grove Street

55 Block 55: [Borough Line]; Glenbrook Avenue; [Lafayette Street] [Crystal Street]

56 Block 56: East Main Street; Grove Street; [Forest Street]

57 Block 57: Glenbrook Avenue; East Main Street; Borough Line

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