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The Old Timers' Athletic Association of Stamford

The Marcus Research Library has a collection of Annual Dinner & Awards Night brochures of the Old Timers' Athletic Association of Stamford. They contain biographies of members and sports figures as well as photos of sports teams. The Athletic Association represents several sports such as baseball, boxing, football, golf, etc. They are a font of information.

History of the association from 1944 through 1977 (PDF)

front cover of 1966 brochureback cover of 1966 brochure
Front and back covers of 1966 brochure.

Salute to Bobby Valentine
Salute to Bobby Valentine, 1972

Update September 2008:

A Tribute to John A. Scalzi, Jr. (PDF)
20th Annual Dinner, January 29, 1963

John Scalzi at Georgtown University, 1931

John Scalzi Georgetown University
Georgtown University Baseball Sqad, 193 - Captain: John Scalzi, Jr.

Baseball selections from the brochures
Baseball in Stamford
Sports in Stamford