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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month: January 2008

Palace Theater marquee welcoming Lady Bird Johnson

Ladybird Johnson Opens Kiwanis Park, May 16, 1968

As readers surely know, Lady Bird Johnson, widow of the late President Johnson, passed away in July of last year at the age of 94. It had been our intent to post a related photo selection as soon as we resumed this feature in the Fall, but yours truly the webmaster had an accident and a handicapped right arm until recently.

In the collection of The Stamford Urban Redevelopment Commission (URC), as recently described, we discovered photos from the dedication of the Kiwanis Park between Atlantic and Lower Summer Street, the first completed urban renewal project in downtown Stamford. The then First Lady, Lady Bird Johnson, officially opened the park, situated next to the Palace Theater, and pressed the switch that unleashed the fountain. (Today you will find a completely different park, redesigned when the Palace Theater was renovated a few years ago.)

The Advocate gave the event full coverage (PDF files):

Below are images of the event courtesy the URC.  Readers are encouraged to fill in the missing gaps as far as identifying people is concerned.  Please e-mail the webmaster.

Kiwanis Park before the ceremony
Before the ceremony.

the first lady is welcomed, Mrs. Laurence Rockefeller in blue
First welcome. The lady in blue is Mrs. Laurence Rockefeller.

Invocation and National Anthem

prayer before the ceremony
Rev. Rafe M. Taylor speaks the invocation. Mrs. Laurence Rockefeller at far right.
Mrs. Eugene Johnson sings the National Anthem singing the anthem, people need to be identified
Mrs. Eugene Johnson sings the National Anthem (accompanied by the Stamford High School Band).
Congressman Irwin at the left of the First Lady, Mayor Giordano at the right.

The Fountain
The Public

Images Courtesy The City of Stamford, Connecticut, Urban Redevelopment Commission

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