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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month: July 2005


Bicentennial 1976


The Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Float

The First Meeting House The German Float
First Meeting House Float German Float

The Ukrainian Float

Ukrainian Float

The Stamford Historical Society's Wagon

Stamford Historical Society Wagon
Bird's Eye View

Stamford Historical Society's Wagon, Kay Small and Josephine Deming
Kay Small (left) and Josephine Deming are enjoying themselves. Sarah Bowen, waving, behind Kay Small.*
The names of the boy and the two gentlemen are not known to us—yet.

tStamford Historical Society's Wagon, Kay Small and Josephine Deming

* Margaret Bowen writes: Kay Small was an active volunteer in the Society, was Hospitality Chairman for many years. Josephine Deming was a loyal volunteer, also. She performed many different jobs but was editor of the Newsletter for several years and did a great job. In additon, she was an artist. As I recall she did a very nice drawing of the Martha Hoyt School and it was used on notecards…brown tones…you've probably seen it somewhere at the Society. Our daughter, Sarah, at age 10 was in the wagon at one point. I made a replica dress for her and I made a gazillion mob caps that year for various events. Fun to be reminded of that.

Sarah Bowen Shea: Yes, that's me in the background, complete in my “Betsy Ross” dress you made.


Bicentennial Block Party

Bicentennial Block Party, who are these ladies?
Can anyone identify these ladies?

Bicentennial Block Party
… and the gentleman in the Lederhosen?

Bicentennial Block Party

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Photos © Stamford Historical Society

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