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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month: September 2009

Makowsky Barbershop

Barbershops of the Past

Stamford always had a large number of barbershops. Even with about 16,000 residents in 1892, there were 15 barbershops. Here follows what we have in our photo collection.

Stamford House
Barbershop pole at the Stamford House Hotel

Otto Makowsky Barbershop, 1893

100 Main Street

Makowsky Barbershop

Makowsky Barbershop
270 Main Street in 1912 (there is a question as to address, the store front looks the same as above)

Otto Makowsky
Otto Makowsky cycling at Central Park, early 1900s. View is facing north. (Pictures from the Past)
Observe the bicycle in both above photos!

Joseph DeVito's "Sanitary Barbershop"

87 Pacific Street, 1907

Joseph DeVito's 'Sanitary Barbershop' 1907

Joseph DeVito's 'Sanitary Barbershop' circa 1907 Sanitary Barbershop sign

129-131 Atlantic Street, 1926

Joseph DeVito's Barbershop 1926

Carmine Cerrata Barbershop? We need some sleuthing here!

We could not find any Cerrata under "Barber Shops" in the city directories. the photo below shows the street number 412.

Carmine Cerrata Barbershop ?

Carmine Cerrata Barbershop? Davenport Hotel
The street address on back of the photo is listed as 84 W. Park Place, which was the Davenport Hotel.

Dom's Barbershop

Dominick DiMuro, 258 Hope Street (between Plymouth Rd. and Pilgrim Walk) 1948

Dom's Barbershop 1948

Joe's Barbershop

Joseph Campagna, 275 Shippan Ave., corner Wardwell Street, 1974

Joe's Barbershop

Joe's Barbershop

Photos © Stamford Historical Society

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