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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month: October 2005

Football in Stamford 1890 to 1942

Boyle Stadium Dedication Program 1942

Michael Boyle, click here for more

Michael Boyle and the Boyle Stadium
Frank Graf, for larger image click here
Frank Graf

It's the football season!

So we searched for images in our collection and found the ones below from 1890 through 1934. Furthermore, a current project produced a program on the Boyle Stadium dedication in 1942, naming the stadium for the late Athletic Director at Stamford High School, Michael Boyle. We include some excerpts from the brochure, including another football picture. Unfortunately, in many instances, we don't have any names.

Crescent Football Team, 1918

Crescent Football Team, 1918 mascot, Crescent team

Crescent Football Team, 1918

Although this 1918 photo is labeled “Stamford High,” it could well be the above team.

H.U. King School Football Team, 1890

King School 1890

School Building on Bedford Street
from Picturesque Stamford 1892

King School on Bedford Street, circa 1892

Merrill Business College (Atlantic Square) Team, 1902.
Bartow Ayres in second row with nosepiece around his neck.

Merrill Business College, Bartow Ayres

Stamford High

Stamford High, 1903


undated photo in front of old Stamford High School building

undated photo in front of old Stamford High School building




All Stamford Team 1922

Stamford High 1926 – The Undefeated Team


Stamford High 1929 – State Champions


Another 1929 Photo.

another 1929 photo

On the back is the following list:

L.E. Tom Page; L.T. Frank Moyes; L.G. “Soc” Ladas; Center “Riggo”; L.G. Buddy Shannon; L.T. Dazamba; L.E. Lynch

L.H.B. Telesco; R.H.B. Hanrahan; F.B. Best; Q.B. M. Lione

Michael Boyle, click here for more
more on Michael Boyle

Stamford High School Squad 1942

Stamford High, 1942

Left to right, top row: R. Berry, W. Worthington, Zezima, Tartell, White, Tanner, M. Pia, Capone, Hagan, McHugh, Lewicki, Tropsa, N. Pia, Clinton, Fratorelli, Sabia, Claybourne, H. Worthington, Mongoni.
2nd row, L. to R.: Coach P. Kuczo, Elliott, Tosches, Robotti, Deranek, Buzzeo, Bugbee, O'Brin, Shea, Patacky, Coperine, Serafin, Ritch, Rosa, Molgano, R. Booker Asst Coach, J. Lockery Asst Coach.
3rd row, L. to R.: O'Keefe Asst' Mgr., Connetta, Dyer, Orgera, Pernicaro, Koproski, Swanson, Varunes, T. Pia, Robustelli, Lindahl, Klipp, Wilson, Thomas (Capt.) Minkowicz, Lione, Murphy (Mgr.).
Bottom row, L. to R.: Northrup, Smith, Rovegno, Campbell, Passaro, Cognetta, Clark, Robertson, Conklin, J. Berry, Mulkerin, Saladi.

Frank Graf, Stamford High Athlete.

Frank Graf, 1918
All-American Guard, University of Pennsylvania, 1918. He died from pro-football injuries in 1933.

St. Mary's Athletic Club Team, City Champions 1934

St. Mary's Athletic Club Team, 1934 St. Mary's Athletic Club Team, 1934
William Valenti
St. Mary's Athletic Club Team, 1934, list of names

Photos © Stamford Historical Society

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Michael Boyle & Boyle Stadium

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