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Picturesque Stamford, 1892

Historical Sketch, p. 277

Andrew J. Bell.

A. J. Bell

THE BELL BLOCK, corner of Atlantic and Bell Streets, was erected by Andrew J. Bell in 1887. It is of brick, with handsome stone trimmings and ornamental cornices, and is four stories high. It has a frontage on Atlantic Street of 80 feet, and is 64 feet deep. There are four stores in the block, not including a brick addition at the north. The upper floors are flats containing all modern improvements. The proprietor, Mr. Bell, is among the most widely known of our citizens in active life to-day. He began his business career in a line of carriage-making and blacksmithing such as was adapted to the needs of the primitive village at that now remote period. By his industry in earlier years, and, later, by his natural sagacity and energy in the manipulation of real estate, he acquired a competency, and was frequently called upon by the votes of his fellow-citizens to fill public positions such as Justice of the Peace, Assessor, Burgess and Chief Engineer of the Fire Department.

Bell Block c. 1892

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Picturesque Stamford, 1892
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