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Picturesque Stamford, 1892

Manufacturing Industries, pp. 238-241


In 1853 was laid the foundation of the extensive business in the wholesale lumber trade and the manufacture of house trimmings etc., conducted by Hoyt, Getman & Judd, and The St. John Wood-Working Company, respectively. Richmond Fox wards his interest was acquired by Harvey Hoyt, and the firm became St. John & Hoyt. The business gradually increased until it was found necessary to seek a location better adapted for its purposes. In 1877 the larger and more convenient premises on the Canal Dock were purchased, and the following year William H. Judd, who entered the employ of St. John & Hoyt, in 1868, became a partner, and the firm name was changed to St. John, Hoyt & Co.

In 1888, Mr. St. John retired from business, and the firm name was again changed to its present title, Hoyt, Getman & Judd, Mr. Charles H. Getman having secured the interest of the outgoing member.

The firm carries the largest and most varied assortment of lumber and timber of any concern between New York and Boston. It does a large business in Stamford, and neighboring towns, and has a large wholesale trade, shipping lumber to New York State, New Jersey, and as far west as Ohio. The yards, covering an area of seven acres, afford piling capacity for 10,000,000 feet of lumber, and are advantageously situated for the receipt and shipment of stock.

Their wharves have a frontage on the canal of some 600 feet, accessible by vessels drawing 121 feet of water, while branch tracks of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad run directly through the yards. This abundant room for storage of lumber, together with ample capital, enables the firm to keep on hand a large and well-assorted stock of the various kinds of lumber and timber. The yards are laid out with special reference to the proper seasoning of stock, and all of the lumber is in the best condition before being disposed of to the trade. Hoyt, Getman & Judd buy their lumber at primary points and bring it here to be seasoned; yellow pine from Georgia and Florida; North Carolina pine from that State; Gulf cypress from Louisiana; oak, ash and sycamore from Indiana; poplar from Tennessee and Kentucky; black walnut from the Indian Territory; cherry and hemlock from Pennsylvania; white pine from Canada and Michigan; spruce from Maine, the Maritime Provinces and the Adirondack region; and shingles of all kinds from various sections, including cypress from the South and red cedar from the famous trees of Oregon and Washington.

By having their lumber dressed at the extensive planing mill of The St. John Wood-Working Company, Hoyt, Getman & Judd are enabled to offer their customers stock which is not only thoroughly seasoned before being planed, but worked in the best possible manner by the latest and most improved machinery.

Mr. Harvey Hoyt, the senior member of the firm, has been identified with the lumber business since 1847, when he was a member of the firm of L. C. Shepard & Co., at Bridgeport, Conn., which manufactured railway cars, sashes, doors and blinds. The business was removed to Knoxville, Tenn., in 1853, and largely extended. Just before the outbreak of the war he returned North, and soon engaged in business in this town as noted above.

Mr. Charles H. Getman entered the lumber business as a boy, and early acquired practical knowledge. He brought with him to Stamford an experience of more than thirty years. For fifteen years he had been connected with the firm of John W. Freeman & Company, wholesale dealers and manufacturers at West Troy and Glens Falls, N. Y.

In 1874, he formed a partnership with Irwin & Boyd, (lumber manufacturers and dealers in Canada) to establish a wholesale and commission lumber business in Oswego, N. Y., under the firm name of Getman, Boyd & Company. Mr. nl moved to Oswego and became the resident and managing partner.

Mr. William H. Judd entered the employ of St. John & Hoyt in 1868, and has continuously from that time been actively identified with the business.

Harvey Hoyt Charles H. Getman William H. Judd

Hoyt, Getman and Judd - Office Interior
Office Interior

Getman & Judd Office Interior, c. 1898
The St. John Wood-Working Company

Harvey Hoyt
Charles H. Getman
William H. Judd

Picturesque Stamford, 1892
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