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Stamford, Connecticut – A Bibliography

Items in alphabetical order by author, including abstracts

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# Entry
147. Jacobs, Harry Allan. "Stamford Children's Home". Architecture. 1919 Feb; Vol. 39 (No. 2). pp. 46-49.
Notes: Published by Charles Scribner's Sons, New York, New York. "Merged with American Architect, to form American Architect and Architecture." (Library of Congress). Includes plan of the first and second floors. This structure was located at 126 Hamilton Avenue, Stamford, Connecticut.
Location: DLC, MB.
148. Jacobus, Donald Lines. List Of Officials - Civil, Military, And Ecclesiastical Of Connecticut Colony From March 1636 Through 11 October 1677 And Of New Haven Colony Throughout Its Separate Existence - Also Soldiers In The Pequot War Who Then Or Subsequently Resided Within The Present Bounds Of Connecticut. New Haven, (Connecticut): Connecticut Society Of The Order Of The Founders And Patriots Of America; 1935; v, 65 pp., 24 cm.
Notes: For references to residents of Stamford, Connecticut, see: pp. 2-5, 7, 13-15, 18, 21-22, 26, 29-30, 32, 37, 48, 54, 56-59, 62. Imprint on reverse of p. 65 reads: The Printing-Office of the Yale University Press. Connecticut Tercentenary Publication, Roland Mather Hooker, For The Publication Committee.
Location: Ct, CtAns, CtDer, CtH, CtHi, CtNb, CtNh, CtNowi, CtS, CtSHi, CtSoP, CtU, CtWal, CtWhar, CtWilt, DLC, MoU, NN, OCl, PHi, PPAmSwM, WaS, WaSp. Collier (pp. 21, 289).
Abstract: "All persons holding office, civil or military, by colonial authority, in Connecticut and New Haven Colonies from March 1636 through October 11, 1677, are alphabetically listed in the following pages. Non-commissioned military officers are also included when their rank was conferred by colonial authority. To increase the utility of the List, ministers of parishes have been added, and the names of Pequot War soldiers so far as they could be identified." Donald Lines Jacobus, p. iii.
149. James R. Osgood & Co. "Alterations & additions in house for Sands Seely, Esq. : Stamford, Conn. - W. Richard Briggs, Arch't., Bridgeport, Conn.". American Architect and Building News. 1878 Sep 21; Vol. 4 Plate No. 143.
Notes: Published by James R. Osgood & Co., Boston, Massachusetts, 1878-1908. Continued by American Architect, New York, New York. Imprint on Plate No. 143 reads: The Heliotype Printing Co., 230 Devonshire St., Boston.
Location: DLC, MB.
Abstract: "Alterations in house for Sands Seely, Esq., Stamford, Conn., Mr. W. Richard Briggs, Architect. - This alteration was completed a year ago, at a cost of about $3,000. The old roof was not altered, nor were the windows or doors moved, the additions being put on with as little change as possible." James R. Osgood & Co., p. 101.
150. James R. Osgood & Co. "Building for C. O. Miller, Esq., Stamford, Conn. - Warren R. Briggs, Architect, Bridgeport, Conn.". American Architect and Building News. 1883 Dec 8; Vol. 14 Plate No. 415.
Notes: Published by James R. Osgood & Co., Boston, Massachusetts, 1876-1908. Continued by American Architect, New York, New York. Imprint on Plate No. 415 reads: The Heliotype Printing Co. 211 Tremont St Boston.
Location: DLC, MB.
Abstract: "Building For C. O. Miller, Esq., Stamford, Conn. Mr. Warren R. Briggs, Architect, Bridgeport, Conn.
The building is constructed with pressed-brick front and terracotta finish; inside finish of ash. It has a frontage of thirty-seven feet and a depth of one hundred and twenty-two feet. Offices on second story, and large hall on third. It is heated throughout by steam. Cost of building complete, $25,000." James R. Osgood & Co., p. 270.
151. James R. Osgood & Co. "House of H. R. Towne, Esq., Stamford, Conn. - H. H. Holly, Arch't" and "Main hall in the house of H. R. Towne, Esq., Stamford, Conn. - H. H. Holly, Arch't" . American Architect and Building News. 1879 Nov 8; Vol. 6 Plate No. 202 .
Notes: Published by James R. Osgood & Co., Boston, Massachusetts, 1878-1908. Continued by American Architect, New York, New York. Imprint on Plate No. 202 reads: The Heliotype Printing Co., 230 Devonshire St., Boston.
Location: DLC, MB.
Abstract: "House for Henry R. Towne, Esq., Stamford, Conn. Mr. H. Hudson Holly, Architect, New York, N. Y. - Interior view of the main hall of the same." James R. Osgood & Co., p. 149
152. Jennings, Curtis E. Brief History of Lionism in Connecticut. Olson, Kenneth V.: State Council Connecticut Lions Multiple District 23.; (1986); xii, 321 pp., illus., table of contents, appendixes, map, bibliography, 24 cm.(Francis Segesman, ed.).
Notes: For references to the Springdale Lions Club, see: pp. 16, 79, 228. For references to the Stamford Lions Club, see: pp. 11, 13, 79, 228. For references to the North Stamford Lions Club, see: pp. 79, 228. Title on cover reads: “A Brief History of Lionism in Connecticut 1922-1983.”
Location: Ct, CtNb, CtNbC, CtNowa, CtManc, CtS, CtSHi, CtTmp, CtWB, CtWilt, CtWrf.
153. Jennings, W. D. "Street Lighting in Stamford, Connecticut : Installation Recently Completed Said to Be One of the Best Ornamental Systems in the East". American City. 1921 Nov; Vol. 25 (No. 5). pp. 400-402; ISSN: 0002-7936.
Notes: Published by Civic Press, New York, New York.
Location: Ct, CtB, CtFaU, CtH, CtNb, CtNbC, CtU. Harvey (p. 42). White (p. 3).
Abstract: "The new equipment consists of 150 General Electric direct-current, 6.6-ampere series ornamental luminous arc lamps, equipped with 8-panel alabaster globes of pleasing design. The lamps are placed on top of ornamental posts, with a mounting of 14 feet 6 inches to the light source. The standards are located approximately 100 feet apart, on each side of the street with staggered arrangement, and are operated from two circuits, so that lamps on alternate sides of the street can be extinguished after midnight, with the exception of lamps adjacent to the Town Hall, which burn all night. Each lamp has a series absolute plug cutout installed in the base of the ornamental pole, and when the plug is removed all connection between lamp and line is absolutely opened. For convenience in trimming, a 750-pound electric truck was converted into a tower-wagon. This has been found almost indispensable when changing arc lamps or cleaning the globes, and in addition is used for renewing burned-out series incandescent lamps." W. D. Jennings, pp. 400-401.
154. Jones, Robert M. [Robert Miller]. "Glad Hand Press". Private Library. 1989 Summer; Vol. 2 (Fourth Series), (No. 2).pp. 52-81; ISSN: 0032-8898.
Notes: Published by the Private Libraries Association, Ravelston, South View Road, Pinner, Middlesex, England.
Location: AU, AzTeS, AZU, CLU, CLSU, CoD, CSdS, CSjU, CtHT, CtSHi, CU, CU-S, DGU, DLC, DNGA, DSI, FTaSU, FU, GASU, GEU, GU, HU, ICALA, ICarbS, ICN, IDeKN, ILfC, IMacoW, InLP, INS, InTI, InU, IRivfR, IU, KMK, KyU, LNT, LU, MA, MBAt, MBSi, MBU, Mi, MiD, MiDW, MiEM, MiU, MoS, MoSU, MoU, MsHaU, MWalB, NAIU, NbOU, NBU, NBuU, NcD, NcGU, NcU, NGvP, Nj, NjP, NNStJ-L, NSbSU, NSyU, OkU, OrU, P, PBm, PEdiS, PMilS, PP, PPiC, PPiU, PPT, PSC, RU, TxComS, TxDam, TxDN, TxDW, TxSaC, TxU, UPB, Vi, ViV, ViW, WaU, WMUW, WU.
Cover illustration of this issue is the press mark of the Glad Hand Press, engraved by John DePol, 1981.
Also included is a "Checklist Of Books Printed At The Glad Hand Press," compiled by David Chambers, with notes by Robert M. Jones, pp. 68-81.
Abstract: "In December of 1950 the family and the press were moved to what has become our permanent address in Stamford, Connecticut. This time the press went underground, to the basement. It was here that the original press mark was devised. In 1952 author Robert Lowery sold me the types and press which he and Flora had used for their Little Man Press publishing venture in Cincinnati. ... Our old garage was converted to a suitable home for the 8 X 12 C & P treadle platen, the type cases plus all the original gear. I now had an honest-to-God Printing Office. Printing got under way with a zeal that bordered on passion. In a light airy room I started throwing off manifestos, announcements, proclamations, invitations, and with the aid of extension guides knocking out 11 X 14 inch, multi-colour posters. I was cutting enough linoleum to pave the street in front of our home on Rachelle Avenue. I finally had a real job printing facility. Within a short period work from the press started interesting the graphic arts community. I became very active in the Type Directors' Club, the American Institute of Graphic Arts, the N. Y. Art Directors' Club, the Typophiles and the N.Y. Chapel. I became an officer or director in a couple of the organizations. I started giving slide presentations and talks on private printing. I lectured to several different groups in Washington, Wichita, St. Louis, and Indianapolis. There were a dozen or more one-man exhibits of work from the Press. ... Designing, illustrating, and printing posters are the most satisfying and rewarding work that is done at the Press. Producing a good poster demands more of whatever skills that I have than any other work. Posters offer me the opportunity to play with colour, I mix inks like working on painting. Rarely are they less than three colours and occasionally as many as six. They give me the opportunity of drawing and cutting linoleum. I play with make ready, cut Philippine Mahogany and scratch into acrylic for plates, for textures, and coverage. I find typography for posters most challenging. Display faces are easily and quickly settled. A principal theme must be established immediately with type and art. When successful, a poster interests, informs and hopefully influences." Robert Miller Jones, pp. 56-57, 65, 67. (Copyright 1989 by the Private Libraries Association. Reproduced with the permission of the publisher.)

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