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Portrait of George Canfield BlickensderferBlickensderfer Typewriters

One could do worse than perusing this eloquent obituary of George Canfield Blickensderfer if one wants to learn about the man and his accomplishments. His typewriters were marvels of invention and way ahead of their time.

From Made in Stamford

“…Only twenty years after the typewriter had come into practical use, a Stamford resident, George C. Blickensderfer, invented a new kind of typewriter 1892 in his small workshop at the rear of his Bedford Street home. In order produce his invention, he founded The Blickensderfer Manufacturing Company in 1889, renting space on Garden Street until the construction of a spacious factory on lower Atlantic Street in 1896. Blickensderfer's typewriter, which featured the principle of revolving type, became the world's best seller, and the company became one of the world's largest typewriter manufacturers. His model #8 was one of the first and said to be the best portable typewriter invented. The Blick Typewriter could be outfitted with different type styles and for foreign languages. When World War I cut off the company's large export markets, Blickensderfer invented a belt-loading device for machine guns and received enough orders from the French government to keep the company solvent. George Blickensderfer died in 1917, and three years later his company was taken over by the L.R. Roberts Typewriter Company.”


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Blickensderfer typwwriter model #8Model #8, Portable Typewriter

One of the first and said to be the best portable typewriter invented: The Portable Typewriter and its Uses, 1913

The Portable Typewriter from the Collection of the Stamford Historical Society

Blickensderfer also developed the first electric typewriter, and with a type wheel.

Astonishingly for us today, the Blickensderfer typewriter used the type wheel, which only many years later became an standard feature again.

photo of first electric typewriter

    type wheel

Blickensderfer typewriter brochureBlickensderfer Typewriter: Sales Brochure

A promotional brochure was as meticulously prepared as the product had been designed. It can also be viewed in the Marcus Research Library [338 BLIC POS].

More Information

Local researchers may find additional information in the material in the Vertical Files and the Bibliography of Stamford at the Society's Marcus Research Library. For those who seek genealogical information, there is a page for descendants/ancestors of Hans Jakob Blickensderfer.

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