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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Immigrants' Stamford

Immigrant Stories of Stamford
by Eva Weller & Dr. Harry Levine

The Stamford Historical Society published this booklet which tells the stories of 17 immigrants to Stamford. Represented are:

cover image of brochure Eileen Berets – Belgium

Olga Brown – Jamaica

Silvia Fernandez–Stein – Chile

Peter Goldmark – Hungary

Anthony lton – Canada

Cardinal Kung – China

Marguerite Laurent – Haiti

John & Angelo Mallozzi – Italy

Lalitha Manohoran – India

Alex Martinez – Peru

George Moschos – Greece

Jacob Nemoitin – Russia

Junzo Nojima – Japan

Lolita Savage – Philippines

Carl Shanahan – Ireland

Christel Truglia – Germany

Francis M. Wladasz – Poland  

What is your story? Let us know!

We are interested in your or your family's immigration or migration story.

Use this form and mail it to us.

Immigrant's Stamford
Images from an early version of the educational tour of Pacific Street.
I Stamford Mayor Dannell Malloy accepts calendars for 2002 from the Stamford Historical Society