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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

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Inventory of the Papers of The League of Women Voters of Stamford

Content, Box 37, 1. through 4.

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5. through 10.
11. through 21.

1. Recycling

  • In Search of New Policies for Resource Recover. Recycle. LWV Education Fund Publication. 1972.
  • Order form for Reduce – A Diet book for Waste Watchers.
  • Testimony to the Environment Committee – February 24, 1976. The LWV of CT supports Bill #342.
  • Article – Homeowners group ready to fight Darien dump. August 5, 1975.
  • Article – Angry residents pack meeting to fight proposed Noroton River waste facility. August 12, 1975.
  • Article – Dump foes blast state DEP aide. August 28, 1975. Article – EPB ponders ordinance banning ‘land disturbance’ without permit.
  • Reference Material for Dorothy Tessohn. LWV file from Victoria Wood. The Environment of Fairfield County. March 10, 1975.
  • To Marion Huffman and Mary LaVelle from Victoria Wood. Memorandum of meeting in the office of Mr. John R. O’Brien, Public Works Commissioner, Municipal Building, Atlantic Street. June 14, 1974 with attached article – Serrani Calls for A New Waste Plan. June 26, 1974.
  • LWV Action memo to Jane Norgren with copy to Eileen Berets and Katrine Mygatt from Victoria Wood re At this date both the bottle bills (S 2062 and HR 9782) are in committee. June 17, 1974.
  • Letter from Victoria Wood, Environmental Chairman, to Mr. Thom Serrani re In your valiant effort to start a pilot program on recycling, we would like to assist you with favorable publicity. June 30, 1974. Letter from Victoria Wood, Environmental Chairman, to Mayor Frederick P. Lenz, re I would like to suggest that all city agencies and all schools arrange for regular pick-up of waste paper by the Public Works Department. October 19, 1974.
  • Letter from Victoria Wood, Environmental Chairman, to Mr. John O’Brien, Public Works Commissioner re The news reaches us that you are receiving legitimate complaints from neighbors of the Haig Avenue recycling station. December 10, 1974. Article attached – Dump recycling program, zoning board chief urges.
  • Article – Recycling hits a snag. Christian Science monitor. April 29, 1975. Letter from Victoria Wood to Messrs. Neil Seldman and David Morris, Institute for Local Self Reliance re requesting information about the self-contained toilet mentioned in their New York Times newspaper article of May 29. June 2, 1975.
  • IC 8529. Bureau of Mines Information Circular/1971. Bureau of Mines Research Programs on Recycling and Disposal of Mineral-, Metal-, and Energy-Based Solid Wastes. US Department of the Interior.
  • Clippings:
    • Recycling Loses, But Not as Much. July 29, 1974.
    • City Hopes to Start Dumping Sludge Soon. July 30, 1973.
    • City recycling plan mulled. December 20, 1 974.
    • Use of recycled human sewage as fertilizer, pollution curb urged. November 25, 1974.
    • Area town heads huddle on Darien dumping plan. December 13, 1974.
    • Recycling in trouble. December 6, 1974.
    • Trash to light 23-town area. December 13, 1974.
  • Note from Marion to Victoria re Thom Serrani called me – is looking for LWV support for paper separation. June 5, 1974.
  • Why a Bottle Bill? LWV of CT. September 1977.

2. Land and Water

  • Article – Recycling program sets a new record. August 6, 1975.
  • The Aerosol Threat by Bettejane Karnes, Environmental Quality Committee, LWV, Mansfield, CT.
  • Minutes of the February meeting of the Connecticut Energy Advisory Board held on February 3, 1976. Lynn Alan Brooks, Executive Secretary.
  • Letter from Lynn Alan Brooks, Chairman, Nuclear Safety Task Force to The Honorable Ella T. Grasso, Governor of the State of CT re On February 20, 1976, you formulated the Nuclear Safety Task Force and charged its members with examining the many questions which have arisen regarding nuclear plants. March 1, 976.
  • Bills Before the 1976 General Assembly of Possible Interest to the Energy Advisory Board. March 2, 1976.
  • Connecticut’s Energy Outlook. 1976-1995. Annual Report to the Governor and General Assembly. Connecticut Energy Advisory Board. January 15, 1976.
  • Unit on National Program Items. Fall 1969.
  • The Bulletin. Volume 22, No. 8. President: Mrs. E. Kennedy Langstaff, Editor: Mrs. Arthur L. Greenberg. Units on Water used to be Presented. April 1966. National (water) Consensus Unit. November 1966.
  • Federal Financial Incentives to Industry for Abating Water Pollution. (Current Review of Water Resources, LWV of US, August 1966)
  • Principles of Planning. Fall, 1966.
  • State Consensus Questions 1 & 2 – Principles of Planning.
  • State Agencies in Connecticut. Agencies Concerned Primarily with land and Water Use. Fall, 1966. Clean Water Task Force Presentation. November 1, 2, and 3, 1966. Articles attached: Clean Water Law Asked by Gengras, The New York Times; The Gengras Program; Dempsey all Wet with 100-Man Clean Water Study, Says Gengras; Top Problems City’s Wastes, Housing: Mayor.
  • Article – Area Has Its Water Problems Irwin Tells House Committee.
  • Unit given April 12, 13, 14, 1966.
  • Water Supply – City of Stamford, CT. History of the Stamford Water Company.
  • Article – State Water Levels Still Below Normal. April 11, 1966.
  • Stamford League of Women Voters National Current Agenda – Item II Discussion Outline – 1 st Meeting. November 19, 1957. Conservation & Water Resources. Chairman – Mrs. Howard Weinreich.
  • News Release. LWV Education Fund. Following is a sample press release on the new Facts and Issues, “The Water You Drink: How Safe is it?” May 1973.
  • Plan of Conservation & Development for Connecticut. Policies for Land and Water Resources. State of Connecticut, Department of Finance and Control. September 1974.
  • Clippings:
    • Fight to Save a Suburban Lake. The New York Times. June 25, 1973.
    • Rippowam, Toilsome waterways wash woes on environment board; Environmental unit extols value of landfill projects. The Advocate. November 8, 1974.
    • Stamford EPB rules, now up to board. The Advocate. December 11, 1974.
    • Conservationist urges: test for water in proposed landfill. The Advocate. December 18, 1974.
    • City ecology unit ends rules draft.
  • CAM News – CAM Holds Workshops on Management Program.
  • A Citizen’s Handbook to Coastal Area Management. 1972. 2 copies.
  • Comment on “Options and Recommendations for Connecticut’s Coastal Area Management Program” – Planning Report #20. Prepared for Stamford LWV by Florence Reissig.
  • Planning Report No 21. Discussion Papers: II Options and Recommendations. The Connecticut Coastal Area Management Program. May 1977.

3. Filtration Plant – Lakeside Drive

  • Letter from Dorothy Tessohn, Chairman, Environmental Quality, LWV of Stamford to Mr. Blank (may be a form letter) re Thank you for accepting our invitation to join us at our monthly luncheon and to participate in a panel discussion of the proposed Stamford Filtration Plant. January 2, 1976.
  • Same letter as above to Mr. Joel Freedman. January 2, 1975 (sic). Testimony by LWV, Stamford ZBA, Dorothy Tessohn, chairman, Environmental Quality, re while we support the idea of filtration plants in principle, we feel the construction of the proposed plant east of Lakeside Drive will lead to consequences of a most serious nature.
  • Memo from Jon A. Smith, Planning & Zoning Director to Dorothy re Yes, I will come on the 13 th re Stamford Water Company. January 6, 1976. Letter from Samuel J. Bernstein, Temporary Chairman, City of Stamford, CT to Mr. L. Sanford Reis, President, Stamford Water Company re the Planning Board has been evaluating the proposal of the Stamford Water Company to construct a water filtration plant on land on the east side of Lakeside Drive. June 18, 1975.
  • Memo to Planning Board from Jon A. Smith re Approaches to Protecting Connecticut’s Water Utility Lands. May 13, 1975.
  • Letter from L. Sanford Reis, President Stamford Water Company to Mr. Richard N. Colhoun, Chairman of Planning Board, City of Stamford re Before answering your specific questions I think it would be useful to put the matter of additional water treatment facilities into perspective. May 13, 1975. 3 copies.
  • Letter from Richard N. Colhoun, Chairman, City of Stamford, CT to Mr. L. Sanford Reis, President Stamford Water Company re The Planning Board at its meeting held on April 29 th considered specific questions that it wishes your written response to, concerning the Stamford Water Company’s proposal to construct a water filtration plant on the east side of Lakeside Drive. April 30, 1975.
  • Press & Radio Release: Planning Board, Thursday, June 19, 1975.
  • Correspondence between Stamford Mayor Frederick P. Lenz, Jr. and Mrs. James Wood, Jr., Environmental Quality Chairman, LWV of Stamford re establishing a municipal water department. March 30, 1974 – August 7, 1974. Connecticut Conservation Association – News Release. For Immediate Release. March 5, 1976. Four major environmental organizations have moved to intervene in the District Federal Court of Connecticut in support of the Connecticut legislation passed last year which puts a two-year moratorium on the sale and development of the tens of thousands of private water company watershed lands.
  • Letter from Richard S. Woodhull, Chief Water Supplies Section, Environmental Health Services Division to Mr. James McInerney, Vice President, Stamford Water Company re I am writing to confirm our conversation at the time of my inspection of your proposed Lakeside Drive site for construction of your proposed water filtration plant. November 22, 1974. 2 copies.
  • Letter from Brian W. Armet, Senior Sanitary Engineer, State of CT, Department of Environmental Protection to Mr. James McInerney, Stamford Water Company re after meeting with Mr. McInerney and reviewing the sites for the proposed filtration plant, we feel that the most acceptable site is the one recommended by the water company (i.e. Lakeside Drive). December 10, 1974. 2 copies.
  • Stamford Water Company – Report on Examination of Tap Water for Mr. Horace Mallinger, 308 Glenbrook Rd by Richard Tomarelli, Laboratory Director. January 5, 1976.
  • Letter from James McInerney, Vice President, Stamford Water Company to Mr. Raymond Jarema, Environmental Health Services Division, CT State Dept. of Health re Enclosed you’ll find a “Report on Examination of Tap Water”. The microstrainers have been returned to service and should be effective in removing the “fibers”. January 12, 1976.
  • Letter from Roberts M. Fish, Vice Chairman, City of Stamford, CT, Environmental Protection Board to Dr. Ralph M. Gofstein, Director, Health Department re Filtration of Public Water Supplies. January 20, 1976.
  • Letter from Ralph M. Gofstein, M.D., M.P.H., Director of Health and School Health Services to Mr. Robert M. Fish, Vice Chairman, Environmental Protection Board re It is not an assumption that Federal water quality standards will require filtration, but rather a fact of life that the State standards adopted in response to Federal legislation will make filtration necessary. February 9, 1976. 5 hand written pages. To Mary, from Dorothy. Bulletin. 1984. Did you know that the Federal Water Quality act, by virtue of its high standards, will essentially required filtration plants throughout CT.
  • Articles:
    • ZBA rejects Water Co. plan for new filtration plant. November 19, 1975.
    • Water Co. exec ‘saddened’ with subdivision veto. Water Hyacinth, Long a Lowly Plant, Soaks Up Prestige. The Wall Street Journal.
    • Panel sees rate hike, open space loss from water filtration plant. The Advocate. January 14, 1976.
    • Water filtration plant stymied. May 28, 1975.
    • For filtration plant – Water firm granted special exception. The Advocate. July 16, 1975.
    • Scrutiny of Water Co. Plans Urged. The Advocate. June 26, 1974.
    • Service restored following blast at city reservoir. The Advocate.
    • Water Co. appeals Planning decision. July 5, 1975.
    • City, water firm to battle over filter plant. The Advocate. October 21, 1975.
    • Water firm offers ‘deal;’ PUC questions management quality. The Advocate.
  • Clippings:
    • Consultants’, Water Firm’s Plans at Odds. The Advocate. September 7, 1974.
    • New Site Eyed for Water Filter Plant. The Advocate. August 28, 1974.
    • Water Plea Stirs Port Chester Ire. The New York Times. August 18, 1974.
    • Manganese in Water: Probe Set. The Advocate. April 19, 1974.
    • Filtration Plant Funding Plan is Vetoed By Assembly Unit. The Advocate. April 5, 1974.
    • Local Officials Prod Water Firm. The Advocate. April 2, 1974.
    • Water Quality Debated Again. The Advocate. March 27, 1974.
    • Water Co. Stockholders Told Complaints Fewer. The Advocate. March 22, 1974.
    • Zoners, Water Co. At Impasse On Plans for Filtration Plant. March 12, 1974. ‘No Hazard’ Stand Challenged By Water Committee Dissenter. March 2, 1974.
    • Water Quality Panel Urges City Take Steps for Treatment Plant. The Advocate. February 27, 1974.
    • Residential Area Rezone Asked for Filtration Plant. The Advocate. February 23, 1974.
    • Water Company Officer Forecasts Filtration System As Inevitable. The Advocate. January 18, 1974. Letter from Mr. and Mrs. Francis A. Tyler to the Advocate on Dirty Water. January 12, 1974.
    • Water Filtration System – ‘Negligible’ Benefits to City Cited. The Advocate. December 26, 1973.
    • Court Overturns Order to Force Filtration System for City Water. The Advocate. December 14, 1973.
    • Medical Society Urges Water Co. Install Treatment, Filter System. The Advocate. December 4, 1973.
    • Legal Action Considered By City For Water Quality Improvement. The Advocate. October 29, 1973.
    • Angry Residents Near Walkout Over Queries At Water Hearing. The Advocate. November 19, 1973.
    • Water robe Committee Promises Consumer Hearing in November. The Advocate. October 20, 1973.
    • Letter to the Advocate from Marilyn Bonoff on Water Crisis. October 20, 1973.
    • Letter to the Advocate from Mrs. Robert Einstein on Clear Water. October 17, 1973.
    • Letter to the Advocate from Betty Brown Raby on Dirty Water. October 18, 1973.
    • Water Co. Gives 10-Point Plan; Wilensky Weighs Court Action. The Advocate. October 18, 1973.
    • Black Water Brings Protest From Number of Area Residents. The Advocate. October 15, 1973.
    • PUC Enters Water Dispute. The Advocate. October 11, 1973.
    • Letter to the Advocate from Hope R. Enstein on Water Problems. October 11, 1973.
    • Letter to the Advocate from Joel M. Berns, D.M.D. on Dirty Water. October 10, 1973.
    • Letter to the Advocate from L. Sanford Reis, President, Stamford Water Company on Seeks Help. April 24, 1974.
    • Water Co. Blames Agencies. The Advocate. October 10, 1973.
    • Public Report on Water Pledged. The Advocate. October 6, 1973.
    • Meskill Backs Water Critics. The Advocate. October 5, 1973.
    • Meskill Told Dirty Water Story. The Advocate. October 4, 1973.
    • Letter to the Advocate from Denis Coleman on Water Filter. October 4, 1973.
    • Housewives, Alleging ‘Inkblack’ Water, Launch Citywide Protest. The Advocate. October 2, 1973

4. Solid Waste

  • Brochure - The Nation’s First Statewide system for solid waste management. Concentrating on Recovery of materials and energy. Current Focus – LWV Education Fund. Solid Waste – It Won’t Go Away. November 1971.
  • Incineration of Refuse – State of the Art. Public Works for April 1971.
  • Brochure – Landgard – solid waste disposal system. Monsanto EnviroChem Systems Inc.
  • Brochure – Recommended Standards for Sanitary Landfill Design, Construction, and Evaluation & Model Sanitary Landfill Operation Agreement. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. 1971.
  • Memorandum to Marion Huffman from Victoria Wood – Current LWV Positions on Environmental Quality. September 21, 1971.
  • State Board Report. July 1974. Environmental Quality.
  • To Local league E.Q. Chairmen, from Bettejane Karnes, E.Q. Director, re The “phosphate bill” has been of interest to the League since the issue developed two years ago. April 16, 1974.
  • To: LL Presidents for E.Q. Director, Action Chairman, from: Bettejane Karnes, State E.Q. director, re: National Time for Action dated March 15, 1974.
  • LWV of CT. Statement of Testimony Before the Department of Environmental Protection by Bettejane Karnes for LWV of CT. November 1973.
  • State Board Report. Fall, 1973. Outlook for Work: Environmental Quality.
  • Statement for Public Hearing on Revised Water Quality Standards by Elizabeth Brown for LLW of CT. November 15, 1973.
  • State Board Report. Fall, 1973. EQ Committee.
  • To: Local League Presidents and E.Q. Chairmen, from Anne Sayigh, E.Q. Director, re Public Workshops about Long Island Sound Problems. May 29, 1973.
  • From: Eileen Berets to Marion Huffman and Victoria Wood re How about sending spots to the radio station on our own environmental protection? July 5, 1974.
  • Letter from Samuel R. Race, Secretary, State of New Jersey, Department of Agriculture to Mrs. James Wood, Jr. re thank you for your interest in our publication entitled “Standards for Soil Erosion and Sediment Control in New Jersey.” August 7, 1974.
  • Map and list of conservation districts in New Jersey. March 1974.
  • Progress Report/Resource Recovery. What America is doing to reclaim energy and materials from municipal solid waste. American Can Company. 1974.
  • A List of Available Literature. Solid Waste Management. 1972. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • LWV Statement at Planning Board Public Hearing February 28, 1968.
  • Diagram of How the Americology System Works.
  • To: E.Q. Chairmen, from Muriel Lightfoot, E.Q. Director, re Guidelines for Materials Recovery.
  • Letter from Katrina Mygatt to Joseph N. Pace, Stamford Refuse Collection Association re With the idea that it may be profitable for you and of great advantage to the whole area you represent, I am enclosing the Connecticut State Department of Health memorandum on “Recycling Scrap.” April 29, 1971.
  • A report on Stamford, solid waste and recycling. 33 pages. Missing cover page.
  • Environmental update on Solid Waste Management. Pub. No. 461. December 1973. Commerce Committee Reviews New Solid Waste Legislation.
  • Solid Waste Management in Connecticut. 2 pages. 10 copies.
  • The Federal Role in Solid Waste Management Present and Future. Presented September 25 at The International Public Works Congress and Equipment Show of the American Public Works Association. Minneapolis, Minnesota. September 23 to 27, 1972. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.
  • Memo from Victoria Wood to Dorothy Tessohn re I am sending the reply received from Dr. Seldman with some interesting figures on costs that you may discuss at the next meeting with Mr. O’Brien of the Public Works Department. June 19, 1975.
  • Letter from Dr. Neil N. Seldman, Co-Director, Institute for Local Self-Reliance inc. to Mrs. James Wood, Jr. re I have enclosed some material further explaining our neighborhood-community recycling system. June 16, 1975.
  • Clipping – Dumping Our Trash by Neil N. Seldman. The DC Gazette. May 1975.
  • Clipping – The Great Garbage Gold Plate by Neil N. Seldman. The Washington Times. April 11-25, 1975.
  • Who Takes Out the Garbage in D.C.? by Neil N. Seldman. Copyright 1975 by the Institute for Local Self-Reliance.
  • Letter from Mrs. James Wood, Jr., Environmental Chairman to Robert B. Taylor, Director, Water Compliance and Hazardous Substances Unit re Referring to the September 10 th letter of Mr. Douglas Costle and to the Draft of regulations which I have scanned, we wish to support your efforts to improve the system of processing permits required for installation of septic systems in the State of Connecticut. September 25, 1974.
  • Rules and Regulations of the Department of Environmental Protection Concerning Permits for discharges under section 25-54 of the Connecticut General Statutes. Draft – For Review Only.
  • Federal Energy Administration Project Independence. Executive Summary. November 1974. Letter from Stewart B. McKinney, M.C., Congress of the US to Dorothy Tessohn, Environmental Quality, LWV re Enclosed you will find a copy of “A National Plan for Energy Research. Development & Demonstration: Creating Energy Choices for the Future.” July 30, 1975.
  • A National Plan For Energy Research, Development & Demonstration: Creating Energy Choices For the Future. Volume 1: The Plan.
  • Clippings:
    • Underground Area in Carolina Studied for Waste Storage. The New York Times. January 12, 1976.
    • Residents blast feasibility study of landfill site. September 16, 1975.
    • Lively Hearing Seen on Septic Systems Rules. September 25.
    • Backing of Noroton dump seen protest stirs anew. The Advocate. January 8, 1976.
    • Appointment of Miss Semon to sewage plant post backed by former sanit official. The Advocate. January 13, 1976.
    • Stamford Resident Named to State Solid Waste Council. July 30, 1973.
    • Mayor Pledges Hanover St. Dump Site Cleanup; DEP Stays Action.
    • Learn What’s at Stake at a Workshop on Hazardous Waste Management. Wednesday, April 23, 1980.
  • Solid Waste – It Won’t Go Away Unless…A Sampling of What Citizen Leaders Can Do. LWV Education Fund. April 1974.
  • The Nation’s First Statewide system for solid waste management. Concentrating on recovery of materials and energy.
  • Brookside Nurseries, Inc. The Science of Sanitary Odorless Municipal Mono-Composting.
  • Environmental Update on Solid Waste Management. Commerce Committee Reviews New Solid Waste Legislation. Pub. No. 461. December 1973.
  • Environmental Update on Solid Waste Management. Solid Waste and the Cities. Pub. No. 454. September 1973.
  • The Impact of Stamford’s New Garbage Dumping Fee by Paul A. Pacter, Commissioner of Finance, City of Stamford.
  • LWV of Stamford Bulletin. Volume 8 Number 6. November 1988. My Trip to the Sewage Treatment Plant by Evvy Fowler; The Stamford Incinerator Trip by Judy Liebeskind; Solid Waste Forum.

5. through 10.
11. through 21.
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