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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

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Inventory of the Papers of The League of Women Voters of Stamford

Content, Box 37, 5. through 10.

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1. through 4.
11. through 21.

5. Units – 1973 – January – Solid Waste Consensus

  • Environmental Quality Consensus questionnaire.
  • LWV of the US – Environmental Quality – Consensus Questions on Future Federal Role in Solid Waste Management.
  • 6 pages of hand-written notes on Solid Waste.
  • Consensus on Solid Waste from Evening Unite – January 10, 1973.
  • Consensus Questions – pros and cons.
  • Consensus Questions – Background arguments, favored positions.

6. Local Information – Sewers & Harbors

  • Letter from L.M. Klashman, Regional Director, U.S. Department of the Interior, Federal Water Pollution Control Administration to John J. Curry, Director State Water Resources Commission, Hartford, CT re we have completed a preliminary evaluation of the water quality in Stamford Harbor. June 17, 1968.
  • Letter from John J. Curry, Director, State of Connecticut Water Resources Commission to Stamford Mayor Bruno E. Giordano re the Water Resources Commission voted to forward to the Federal Water Pollution Control Administration a revised and complete document which we hope they will approve as the final Water Quality Standards for the State. July 26, 1968.
  • Mailing list for material about water quality hearing June 7, 1967.
  • Conversation notes with Mr. Norman Wagner, September 28, 1966.
  • Clipping – L.I. Sound Pollution Doubles in 10 Years. New York Times. Information on Sewage Treatment Facilities and Pollution Control – Stamford, CT.
  • Clipping – Wagner Asks Probe of Sound Pollution. The Advocate. June 11, 1966.
  • Clipping – Calls Harbor Indescribably Dirty, City Treatment Plant Inadequate. The Advocate. June 14, 1966.
  • Environmental Health in Stamford. Stamford Community Council, Inc. December 1960. 16 pages. Pages 51 – 55. Water Supply and Sewerage System.
  • Connecticut State Department of Health – Explanation Sheet. June 9, 1966.
  • Typed excerpts from Water Quality Criteria, 2 nd Ed. Ed. B McKee, jack Edward and Wolf, Harold W. 1963. The Resources Agency of Calif. State Water Quality Control Board. Publication #3-A.
  • Article IV – Use of Public Sewers.
  • U. Monn questionnaire on Water and Sewage and Waste Disposal. V. Birk by 6-6-66.
  • Stamford Sewage Treatment Plant – 2 paragraphs.
  • LWV of CT – Questionnaire on sewage and municipal water. To be returned to the State Office by March 1, 1966.
  • Clipping – Sewer Pipes Cause of Overflow Into Harbor, Sanitarian Reports. The Advocate. August 24, 1973.

7. Chemicals

  • Letter from Stewart B. McKinney, M.C., U.S. House of Representatives to Mrs. Dorothy Tesshon re Thank you for requesting copies of the bill banning DES (The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act – HR 8841) and the FDA Amendment. September 17, 1975.
  • Letter from Abby M. Gross, Coordinating Chairman, United Nations Association of the USA to Dear Friend re On May 12 the UNA-USA of Southwest Fairfield County is having its fifth annual Community Earthwatch at the Greenwich Library Auditorium on Chemicals – Environmental and Occupational Hazards to Health. March 8, 1976.
  • Letter from Stewart B. McKinney, M.C., U.S. House of Representatives to Mrs. Dorothy Tesshon re Knowing your interest in H.R. 8841, a bill to extend funding for the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act, I thought that I would take this opportunity to outline the provisions of this measure as it passed the House earlier this month. October 29, 1975.
  • Letter from Lola Meyers to Mrs. Robert Huffman, LWV re I think the story of phosphates would be of interest to your organization. April 1, 1974.
  • A Reader’s Digest Reprint. Behind the Great Phosphate Flap by Jesse L. Steinfeld, M.D. November 1973.
  • Fact and Foam in the Row Over Phosphates by William Simon Rukeyser. Reprinted for the information of the Soap and Detergent Associates. 1971 Time Inc.
  • Clippings:
    • Cyclamate study leaves slight doubt. The Advocate. January 14, 1976.
    • Kepone pesticide safeguards ordered. January 13, 1976.
    • New study says cancer caused by food coloring. January 12, 1976.
    • F.D.A. Chief Suspicious of Estrogens. New York Times. January 22, 1976.
    • Whittling the E.P.A. September 25, 1975.

8. Foreign Trade

  • Booklet – Interstate Commerce Commission – Ex Parte No. MC-85. Transportation of “Waste” Products for Reuse and Recycling (General Motor Carrier Licensing). Served November 4, 1971.
  • 3 hand-written pages On Trade.
  • Global Perspectives in Education – Programs of the Center for War/Peace Studies.
  • U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency – Publication 99. Salt II – Glossary of Terms.
  • Invitation Brochure to join Americans for Middle East Understanding, Inc.
  • Clipping – Moscow’s Costly Victory. January 5.
  • Clipping – Foreign Policy’s Missing Link: Right at Home.
  • One typed page on Sri Lanka.
  • The Quest for Arms Control: Why and How.

9. Land Use

  • Department of Environmental Protection Information and Education – Technical Assistance from the Department of Environmental Protection; Technical Assistance Available Outside DEP; Courses and Conferences for Commissions and Local Decision Makers.
  • Conservation Commission Aids.
  • Reprint – Substitute for Senate Bill No. 419. Public Act no. 695. An Act Concerning the Preservation of Wetlands and Tidal Marsh and Estuarine Systems.
  • LWV of Stamford – Local Consensus Positions and Progress Report – October 1974.
  • Agency’s Observation and Findings. (See Sections 7.1.a through 7.1.f inclusive of the Inland Wetland Regulations and Section 22a-41 of the Connecticut General Statutes).
  • LWV of the US – Committee Guide – Implementing the National Position on Land Use. 1975.
  • Clipping – Wetlands map. The Advocate. August 5, 1975.
  • Concerning An Act Requiring Municipalities to Regulate Run-Off and Drainage of Natural Waters Occurring from Development or Redevelopment Within the Municipality. Jocelyn T. Shaw, President, Mill River Wetland Committee, Inc. Fairfield, CT. February 10, 1975.
  • Sou’wester. South Western Regional Planning Agency. The Future of Water Company Land. February 1976. Number 3.
  • Group for America’s South Fork. A Local Program to Preserve Farmland. Vol. 4, No. 1. Spring, 1976.
  • 9 hand-written index cards on Growth Limitation Time Bombs, Growth Policy and Goals.
  • Letter from Roberts M. Fish, Vice Chairman, Environmental Protection Board, Stamford, CT to Dorothy Tessohn, Chairman, Environmental Quality, LWV re I was sorry not to have had the pleasure of meeting you at the panel discussion on Tuesday. Attached is a copy of my “remarks”. January 16, 1976.
  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Sanitary Landfill.
  • Legal Control of Environmental Pollution in Japan by Kiyoji Murata.
  • Form letter from Abraham Ribicoff, US Senate re The moment I saw the headline “Island Refinery Proposed Off Old Saybrook” my thoughts flashed back to front-page stories on other grand designs for Long Island Sound like the “bridge” and the “jetport”. June 14, 1974.
  • For Your Information – Bring to Land use Units This Month! Re: The Connecticut State Plan of Conservation and Development.
  • Connecticut Voter – Land Use Consensus. April 1975.
  • LWV Education Fund Memorandum to State and Local Presidents from Marion Nichol, Land Use Chairman re Land Use Letter, Issue #1, “Our National Forests: Can They Meet Future Needs?” April 29, 1975.
  • Land Use Letter. Our National Forests: Can They Meet Future Needs? LWV of the US. April 1975.
  • Land Use Letter. One-fifth of Our Nation’s Land: Leftovers or National Resource? May 1975.
  • Clippings:
  • Wilcox opposes gravel pits fill. August 28, 1975.
  • Toward a Viable Penn Central. Letter to the editor from Jervis Langdon, Jr., President, Penn Central Transportation Co. September 25, 1975.
  • Regional transit plan sees outlay of $28 billion. September 29, 1975.
  • Planning board told of City needs; Service road project fails to win approval of reps board zoning unit.
  • Acting Interior Chief Faces 2 Decisions. The New York Times. August 14, 1975.
  • Under New Rules, What Was a Farm May No Longer Be. August 13.
  • DDT Ban Reduces Level in Humans. August 12.
  • Long Island Sound. The Advocate. August 4, 1975.
  • EPB orders natural resources study.
  • Residents of Rockland Donate Land for Park. The New York Times. January 14, 1976.
  • Housing Near Colorado Nuclear Plant Stirs Fears of Possible Health Hazards. The New York Times. January 11, 1976.
  • Tanker Storage Approved By Maine Environment Unit. The New York Times.
  • New River Reflections. Letter to the Editor by John Hodel. January 18, 1976.
  • Absence of EPA study may scuttle park plans. The Advocate. January 14, 1976.
  • 3 boards confer on Sleepy Hollow Park. January 13, 1976.
  • Box culvert planned for Toilsome Brook. January 15, 1976.
  • Study Upgrades Value of Tidal Marshes. January 8, 1976.
  • Judge is Removed over Dumping Ban; Federal Judge Who Was Ousted in the Reserve Mining Case. The New York Times. January 8, 1976.
  • Alaska: What the Pipeline Has Brought. Letter to the Editor by Jim Kowalsky, Alaska Field Representative. December 23, 1975.
  • Darien to buy shore tract, may sell for development. The Advocate. October 21, 1975.
  • Pollution Tests at a Montana Power Plant Raise Questions About the Enforcement of Clean-Air Laws. The New York Times. December 14, 1975.
  • 600,000 Gallons of Oil Spilled at Prudhoe Bay. The New York Times. December 18, 1975.
  • Interior Chief and White House Budget Office Clash Over Funds for Park Lands. The New York Times. December 17, 1975.
  • Sales of California Offshore Oil Leases Start Today. The New York Times. December 11, 1975.
  • Ohio Zoning Dispute. October 15, 1975.
  • Coal Study in Montana Scored; Conflict of Interest is Charged. The New York Times. January 7, 1976.
  • Surface-Mined Land: Reclamation, U.S. Style. Letter to the Editor by William W. Corbitt, Asst. Vice President, Public Affairs, American Electric Power Service Corp. January 8, 1976.
  • Brook dredging cited in light city flood damage. September 29, 1975.
  • Westport Defeats a Change in Zoning Laws That Would Allow Apartment Buildings for the First Time. The New York Times. September 25, 1975.
  • Zoning Bill Would Push Housing on Smaller Scale. The New York Times. September 24, 1975.
  • Death of Lake Studied to Pinpoint Man’s Role. The New York Times. September 25, 1975.
  • Bias claim against New Canaan zoning refilled in court; town seeks dismissal. The Advocate. September 29, 1975.
  • NC zoners back off plan to ease new construction. October 2, 1975.
  • The Altschul donation. The Advocate. June 20, 1975.
  • New Canaan Land Trust gets gifts and members. June 28, 1975.
  • Leasing Coal, Oil is Difficult As Finding It. The New York Times. August 31, 1975.
  • In wake of six-year study Cooperation said key to Sound future. The Advocate. July 29, 1975.
  • Slurb and Sprawl. July 13, 1975.
  • 600 Suggestions Offered for Improving L.I. Sound. The New York Times. July 29, 1975.
  • West Side Highway Plan Faces Hurdles That May Kill It. The New York Times. July 15, 1975.
  • North Carolina Gains Support in Opposing River Power Project. The New York Times. September 14, 1975.
  • Artifacts May Block Carolina Power Project. The New York Times. September 3, 1975.
  • Grass Seed Farms Fight Curb on Burning. The New York Times. August 7, 1975.
  • Suits on Offshore Oil Being Prepared by Some States. The New York Times. August 7, 1975.
  • Ecologist slams lack of national policy on Sound’s environment. The Advocate. August 8, 1975.
  • Bills for Land Regulation Are Adopted by 17 States.
  • Stamford LWV Minutes of Special Board Meeting January 5, 1978. To discuss amendment to Zoning Regulations – Residential Design District.
  • Memo from Wayne L. Tyson to Members, Board of Directors, Stamford LWV re Designed Residential Zoning Regulations. January 4, 1978.
  • Preliminary Thoughts on Designed Residential Zoning Regulations by Wayne L. Tyson.
  • Draft: Testimony on Proposed Designed Residential District, An Amendment of Stamford’s Zoning Regulations.
  • Should Stamford, CT Consider Redistricting? Stamford LWV. 1976.
  • Information Package – Zoning Board. City of Stamford, CT. Comprehensive Re-Zoning Neighborhood Zoning Workshops. February 1984.
  • Zoning Regulations – City of Stamford, CT. As adopted November 30, 1951 With Subsequent Amendments. July 12, 1974.
  • Letter from Harry Bennett of Harry Bennett & Associates, Inc. to Mr. Robert Lewis re Widening of Long Ridge Road in Connection with Xerox. February 8, 1974.
  • The Fair Housing Act Amendments H.R. 5200. April 16, 1980.

10. Water

  • The Federal Water Pollution Control Act Amendments of 1972. Highlights. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. January 1973.
  • Clipping – Finance Chief Joins Protest Against Water Co. Rate Hike. The Advocate. September 4, 1973.
  • LWV of the US. National Current Agenda – Water Resources. Annual Report 4/1/67 – 3/31/68.
  • New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission. Map of Byram River, Mianus River, Rippowam River, Five Mile River, Silvermine River Basin Classifications.
  • Classification of Connecticut’s Interstate Streams as Officially Approved by the New England Interstate Water Pollution Control Commission.
  • State of Connecticut. Water Resources Commission. Water Quality Standards for Interstate and Intrastate Waters and the Criteria Used as proposed by Water Resources Commission for consideration at Public Hearings June 1, 5, 6, 7, 8, 1967.
  • Booklet – First Things First. A strategy against water pollution. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. September 1974.
  • LWV of the US. Guide for Leagues Taking Action under the National Water Resources Position. September 30, 1969.
  • Environmental Update on Water. The Municipal Construction Grant Program: Problems and Prospects. Pub. No. 612. December 1975. LWV Education Fund.
  • Environmental Update on Water. Controlling Hazardous Pollutants: In the Ocean. Pub. No. 571. April 1975. LWV Education Fund.
  • Environmental Update on Water. Controlling Hazardous Pollutants: In Inland Waters. Pub. No. 591. June 1975. LWV Education Fund.
  • Clipping – U.S. Appeals Court Bars Navy From Dumping Spoils in Sound. Norwich Bulletin. September 11, 1975.
  • Letter from Mrs. James Wood, Jr., Environmental Chairman, Stamford LWV to Congressman Stewart B. McKinney re Thank you for your support for the Federal Clean Elections Act. October 26, 1974.
  • Letter from Mrs. James Wood, Jr., Environmental Chairman, Stamford LWV to Bettejane Karnes re I have already contacted the DEP re survey of polluted effluent from industrial plants in Stamford. June 13, 1974.
  • Letters from Mrs. James Woods, Jr., Environmental Chairman, Stamford LWV to Mr. Bob Moore, DEP, Mr. Dick Barlow, DEP and Mr. Richard Chase, DEP re sewage emissions regulations. May – August 1974.
  • LWV Education Fund Memorandum to Local, State and ILO Presidents, from Gwen Murphree, Chairman, Energy Task Force, re Energy Kit, Including Community Guide. June 10, 1975.
  • Letter from Mrs. James Woods, Jr., Environmental Chairman, Stamford LWV to Ms. Jeannette Semon, Bureau of Sanitation re I have read with interest the article about your work and would like to know if the LWV could assist you. Article attached – Damage from Industrial Wastes Feared in Sewer Plant Operation. January 24, 1974. The Advocate.
  • Time for Action. To: EQ Chairpersons. From: Muriel Lightfoot, EQ State Board. Re: National Commission on Water Quality.
  • Form letter from Muriel Lightfoot, E.Q. Chairperson to Connecticut River Basin Leagues asking if they have or have not received a mailing from the Inter League Committee – CT River Basin asking for Concurrence on the “Effect of Power Plants – Power Plant Sitting.”
  • Clippings:
  • Something fish in water research findings. The Advocate. January 16, 1976.
  • Water Co. asked to give specific plans on plant. The Advocate. May 1, 1975.
  • Advertisement by the Stamford Water Company re Springtime clean time. The Advocate. May 1, 1975.
  • U.S. Health Official Asks Immediate Ban on Hudson Pollutant. September 9, 1975.
  • Proposed E.P.A. Rule on Chemical Spills is Denounced as a “Cave-In” to Industry. The New York Times. January 13, 1976.
  • Pollution no health threat since harbor swimming not allowed, says Gofstein. August 28, 1975.
  • Army preparing new sludge dumping plan. The Advocate. August 5, 1975.
  • E.P.A. Plans Cuts on Water Control. The New York Times. January 22.
  • Pollution Patrol. An ‘Environmental Cop’ Helps Keep Waters Near Pittsburgh Clean. The Wall Street Journal. August 7, 1975.
  • State Says Some Striped Bass and Salmon Pose a Toxic Peril. The New York Times. August 8, 1975.
  • Stamford Harbor. The Advocate. October 1, 1975.
  • Time and the Rivers. January 12, 1976.
  • Harbor pollution count found extremely high. The Advocate. August 4, 1 975.
  • Town of the Poisoned Sea. The New York Times. July 7, 1975.
  • Wetlands map inaccuracy cited. The Advocate. July 29, 1975.
  • Freedom of Beach – The New York Times. July 13, 1975.

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11. through 21.
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