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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

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Inventory of the Papers of The League of Women Voters of Stamford

Content, Box 37, 11. through 21.

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11. Public Hearing 3/10/76 - Transportation Control Plan & Regulations.

  • Public Hearing; March 10, 1976; Greenwich, CT. Re: Intent by the Transportation Control Plan and Regulations.

12. Assorted Publications & Brochures

  • News from Stewart B. McKinney. Winter, 1976.
  • Directory of Connecticut’s Federal and State Elected Officials. 1993-1994.
  • Make and Impact, Make a Difference…Vote! A First Vote Guide to Connecticut Voter Registration. 1994.
  • Your Family Tree may be growing in the Haviland-Heidgerd Historical Collection. 1986.
  • Sou’wester. Southwestern Regional Planning Agency. I-95 Traffic Management Study and New Intertown Transportation Services for the Disabled. September 1990.
  • Voting is Easy by Machine. LWV of CT.
  • Where will you be on Election Day? Wherever you are you may need an Absentee Ballot. LWV Education Fund.
  • Voting in Connecticut. LWV of CT. September 1972.
  • They Represent Us. 1975 listing of elected local, state and federal officials.
  • Government of The United States of America. Three Independent But Inter-Related Branches of the Federal Government. Made possible by a grant from The Xerox Corporation. 1973.
  • When you write to Washington. A Guide for Citizen Action including Congressional Directory 1975-1976. LWV Education Fund.
  • This is Your General Assembly. 1975 The LWV of CT. The Joint Committee on Legislative Management. CT General Assembly.
  • A Birdseye View of an Urgent Connecticut Problem. A Good House is Hard to Find. LWV of CT. April 1974.
  • 12 handwritten index cards on the history and purpose of LWV.
  • Don’t be ½ a Voter. Join a Party. Be Where the Real Action Is. LWV of CT.
  • LWV Education Fund. Pick a President.
  • Stamford LWV. Here Today, Gone Tomorrow or Wait Until you see Food Prices in 1980. February 1975.
  • Population Problems and Policies in Economically Advanced Countries. The Population Crisis Committee in association with The Ditchley Foundation. September 29 – October 2, 1972.

13. Energy

  • Summaries of A Time to Choose: America’s Energy Future. Final Report of the Energy Policy Project, Ford Foundation. October 1974. May 1975.
  • Equilibrium. Volume 2. Number 3. July 1974. Energy Growth Alternatives.
  • Brochure – The Arco Energy Diet. Atlantic Richfield Company. 1979.
  • Letter from Richard H. Ostler, Director, Public Relations, Atlantic Richfield Company to Andrew Goldstein, Riverbank Motors and Felix Callary, Continental Motors re the Stamford LWV will be conducting two ARCO Car Care Clinics as part of an all day energy fair called The Women’s Energy Outlet. March 6, 1980.
  • Brochure – The Road to Conservation. Atlantic Richfield Company. 1979.
  • 1983 Gas Mileage Guide. EPA Fuel Economy Estimates. October 1982. US Dept of Energy.
  • Letter from Mrs. James Wood, Jr. to Dorothy Tessohn re I am sending along the August Energy Bulletin from the national LWV office. October 13, 1974.
  • Energy: The Economy and the Environment Symposium sponsored by the Natural Resources Council of Connecticut. February 25, 1974.
  • Natural Resources Council of Connecticut, Inc. Energy and the Environment. All Interested Persons are invited to attend the symposium on Energy: The Economy and The Environment.
  • Clipping – U.S. Urges Energy Conservation. The New York Times. August 25, 1974.
  • Energy 3. Those Elusive Figures: Oil. LWV Education Fund. February 1974.
  • Energy 4. Refineries – Fuel Supply Bottleneck. LWV Education Fund. March 1974.
  • Energy 7. Offshore Drilling. LWV Education Fund. April 1974.
  • Energy 11. Suggested Energy Reading: Introductory. LWV Education Fund. August 1974.
  • Energy 12. Suggested Energy Reading: Options. LWV Education Fund. August 1974.
  • Energy 13. Solid Waste – Energy to Burn. LWV Education Fund. October 1974.
  • Environmental Facts. The Two-Car Strategy. US Environmental Protection Agency. February 1974.
  • Memorandum from Ruth Clusen, President, Gwen Murphree, Chairman, Energy Task Force to Local, State and ILO Presidents re Energy Task Force. June 21, 1974.
  • Memorandum from Ruth Clusen, President, Gwen Murphree, Chairman, Energy Task Force to Local, State and ILO Presidents re FEA’s regional public hearings on Project Independence. July 29, 1974.
  • Memorandum from Ruth Clusen, Chairman, Environmental Program and Projects to Local and State League Presidents re Energy 1. February 8, 1974.
  • Memo from Bettejane Karnes, E.Q. State Chairman to Local League Presidents, E.Q. Chairmen. Alaskan Pipeline; Heating Fuel Shortages. October 1, 1973.
  • Memo from Sara Ellison, Director for HR and Muriel Lightfoot, Director for EQ to Local League Presidents re Last spring, following the Energy crisis conference the LWV-CT joined the Connecticut Energy Coalition. October 1974.
  • Clippings:
  • A Start on Energy…and…Evil Precedent. The New York Times. July 16, 1973.
  • Advertisement – The Texaco Gasoline Economy Test. The New York Times. July 27, 1973.
  • Advertisement – It’s Smart to be Thrifty…when you use energy, too. The New York Times. December 21, 1973.
  • An open letter to the President and the Congress of the United States. We will all support a tough, comprehensive energy program. What the country needs to do, it will do. Citizen for a Strong Energy Program. The New York Times. December 27, 1974.
  • Connecticut Gets and Energy agency. The New York Times. May 31.
  • The Energy Crisis: Oil’s Role, and the Great Container Throwaway. February 25, 1974.
  • New Motor Fuel Pushed on Coast. The New York Times. December 1, 1974.
  • Clipping – New England’s vulnerability. The Advocate. June 28, 1975.

14. Urban Redevelopment Commission

  • Letter from Arthur Palmer to Dorothy Tessohn re the enclosed documentation by Regional Plan may interest you. June 18, 1975.
  • Regional Plan Association News Release. No. 1258. April 9, 1975. Recent Trends Call for Policy Change, Regional Plan Says; Cites Job, Migration, Urbanization, Transportation Data.
  • Regional Plan News. The State of the Region. A Digest of Selected Trends Through 1974. Number 97. March 1975.
  • Regional Plan Association. A Review of The Costs of Sprawl. Written for Ecology Law Quarterly by Boris Pushkarev. To Appear Fall 1975. April 1975.
  • Plans for the New York Region. The Second Regional Plan: A Draft for Discussion. Boris Pushkarev. American Society of Planning Officials. 1970.
  • The Future of Southern Fairfield County. The Southwester planning region. The Greater Bridgeport planning region. A supplement to The Second Regional Plan a draft for discussion. Regional Plan Association. February 1970.
  • Letter from Russell L. Brenneman, Copp, Brenneman, Tighe, Koletsky & Berall to Dorothy Tessohn re I enclose a copy of Substitute House bill No. 6127 which I believe to be the language adopted by the Connecticut General Assembly. June 6, 1975.
  • File No. 945. Substitute House Bill No. 6127. State of CT House of Representatives. An Act Concerning the Powers of the Commissioner of Environmental Protection with Respect to Air Pollution.
  • Urban Redevelopment Commission. 1973-74 Annual Report. Stamford, Connecticut.
  • Clipping – Environmentalists Fight Schuler on U.S. Impact Bills. The New York Times. May 14, 1975.
  • Planners: Rush superblock. The Advocate. June 20, 1975.

15. Air/Pollution

  • Proposed letter to Stamford Mayor Clapes from Margaret Nolan, President re the Stamford LWV urges the Mayor to continue to place the resolution of the problem of the assignment of responsibility for traffic high on his priority list. May 1976.
  • LWV of the US. Statement to the Subcommittee on Public Health and Environment of the house Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce by Betty N. MacDonald, Director, LWV of the US on bills relating to the Clean Air Act. March 19, 1975.
  • Letter from Peter Kahn, Executive Director, Citizens for Clean Air, Inc. to Mr. J.B. Love, American Thread Company, re in the enclosed folder you will find outlines of our current programs. We hope that you will make a significant contribution to help us realize our goals. December 9, 1970 with brochure attached.
  • Letter from Mrs. James Woods, Jr. to Bettejane Karnes, State Environmental Quality Chairman re we are aware that a survey is being made by members of the DEP to determine acceptable standards for emission from industrial plants here in Stamford and the State. May 23, 1974.
  • Letter from LWV to Miss Georgiana Winsor re there are several suggestions for you to follow to bring out publicity about the air pollution through the cooperation of Scott Brinckerhoff of the Advocate. November 8, 1973.
  • Clippings:
    • Pesticide Ban Spurs Suit. August 6, 1975.
    • New York City Exports Dirty Air. January 18, 1976.
    • Weather Satellite’s Scannings Back Theory That Fluorocarbons Pose peril to Earth’s Ozone Shield. The New York Times. September 10, 1975.
    • High Court Eases Pollution Rule – Says Some violators may be Exempted if States Keep High Over-all Standard. The New York Times.
    • Anti-Pollution Delay. August 6, 1975.
    • Study on smog hopes to reveal source of foul air. July 16, 1975.
    • Car Emission Control: A Needless Delay. The New York Times. July 15, 1975.
    • Stamford corporations seeking means to cut employees driving. May 28, 1975.
    • Climatic Changes by Aerosols in Atmosphere Feared. The New York Times. September 14, 1975.
    • DEP hears residents’ complaints about state pollution-fighting plan. The Advocate. May 10, 1975.
    • Lufkin, Foe of Pollution, Leaves Post. The New York Times. June 6, 1973.
    • Letter to the Editor – Air-Pollution Control at a Price We Can Afford by William Vickrey. The New York Times. June 23, 1973.
    • Rise in Spending on Pollution Curbs to Cost $80 a Citizen by ’76. The New York Times. December 13, 1974.
    • Nixon Bars Polluters From Government Contracts. The New York Times. September 11, 1973.
    • Picture – Students at Burdick Middle School install an air monitoring machine used in the science classes to learn about pollution and the environment. The Advocate. September 12, 1973.
  • Environmental Update on air Quality. Pub. No. 547. October 1974. Nondegradation: How Clean Must we Keep the Air? LWV Education Fund.
  • Brochure – Richard Hatcher Says: Pollution Is Not A ‘White Thing’. Conservation and Resource Development Dept. March 1973.
  • An Environmental Policy for Connecticut. Report of the Governor’s Committee on Environmental Policy. June 1970.
  • Connecticut Conservation Association. Environmental awareness – a fourth basic subject that must be taught in Connecticut’s schools. March – April 1974.
  • Memo from Bettejane Karnes, Energy Director to LL Presidents for Energy Chairpersons re Possible Legislation This Session to Relax Sulphur Standards. November 1974.
  • Report From the Hill No. 93-II-6. Air Quality. August/September 1974.
  • Memo from Lucy Wilson Benson, President; Ruth C. Clusen, Environmental Quality Chairman; Ruth L. Sims, Action Chairman to State and local League presidents re Action on all Fronts to Protect and Improve Clean Air Standards and Programs. February 5, 1974.
  • If Not You, Who? An Appeal to a Million Housewives Join the Fight Against Pollution. Society for Savings.
  • Financial Incentives for Pollution Controls by CT Dept. of Environmental Protection and The Greater Hartford Chamber of Commerce.
  • Current Focus. Clean Air Costs and Trade-Offs. LWV Education Fund. 1974.
  • Memo from Lucy Wilson Benson, President, Ruth Clusen, EQ chairman, Ruth Sims, Action Chairman to State and local Presidents re Continuing Action to Save NEPA and Clean air Standards from Destruction by New Presidential Proposals. March 15, 1974.

16. Group Living – Housing for Elderly (Information provided to Senator Truglia for research into creating what later became Warmser Congregate Housing in Stamford.)

  • Charles Weinfeld Residence for the Elderly – 135 Callan, Evanston.
  • Council for Jewish Elderly – Temporary Residence Program.
  • Weinfeld Group Living Residence – Fact Sheet.
  • Some Facts About the Council for Jewish Elderly. October 1, 1976.
  • Publication – To Help Serve The Need. The Council for Jewish Elderly. Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago.
  • New York Times Magazine Reprint – “It’s Like Your Own Home Here” – Weinfeld Group Living Residence. November 21, 1976.
  • Annual Report to the Members. January 1, 1976 – December 31, 1976. New Solutions to Old Problems. Council for Jewish Elderly. January 20, 1977.

17. Freedom of Information – Right to know Law

  • Clipping –Missing minutes makes decision null says Freedom of Information Commission.
  • Form Letter from Sandra B. Finder, State Legislative Action Chairman, LWV of Stamford re We the League of Women Voters of Stamford, urge you to consider some changes in what is commonly called the Right to Know Law. February 10, 1975.
  • Letter from Barbara Sacks to Sandy re I think that the rights of citizens to know what goes on have to be balanced against the need to take care that the public’s business is transacted effectively. February 27, 1975.
  • File No. 864 (Reprint of File No. 693). Substitute House Bill No. 5087 As Amended by House Amendment Schedule “A”. State of Connecticut. House of Representatives. Approved by the Legislative Commissioner. An Act Concerning Freedom of Information.
  • League Summary Sheet – An Act Concerning Freedom of Information. Sacks. June 29, 1975.
  • Letter from Ernest N. Abate, State of CT, House of Representatives to Mrs. Sandra Finder re there is a bill pending in the legislature which would make a violation of the Right to Know law a crime with a penalty and/or fine. February 3, 1975.
  • Letter from Ann Krasiecakas, Chairperson, Observer Group, LWV of Newtown to Sandra Finder, State Legislative Action Chairman, LWV of Stamford re enclosed is a copy of a court case in which executive privilege was upheld. April 24, 1975.
  • Existing Legislation on the “Right to Know” Laws.
  • Letter from William E. Strada, Jr., Deputy Majority Leader, State of CT, Senate to Sandra Finder, Legislative Action Chairman, LWV of Stamford re Thank you for your letter and information concerning the Right to Know law. March 18, 1975.
  • Proposed Senate Bill No. 188. An Act Concerning Imposition of a Civil Penalty for Violation of Right to Know Laws. 1975.
  • Reports and Studies on “Right to know” laws.
  • From the Office of Gloria Schaffer, Secretary of the State, Connecticut. “Right to Know” Law. (General Statutes of Connecticut).
  • Enforcement laws regarding the “Right to Know” laws in other states.

18. League of Women Voters Membership Lists 1977-1982

  • Stamford League of Women voters Membership Directory 1982.
  • League of Women Voters Stamford, CT Membership List, January 1977. Indicating City District and Year of Joining.
  • Board of Directors list 1981-1982.
  • Additions to 1979 Membership Directory.
  • List of New members since May 1979.
  • 1981-1982 Membership List.

19. Miscellaneous

  • Letter to the Editor – Good Government – Mrs. Eileen Berets President and Mrs. Sandy Finder, Vice President, Stamford LWV.
  • State Board Report – October 1979.
  • Coalition for Basic Human Rights, 1985-1986.
  • LWV of Stamford – Bulletin – Volume 9, Number 2. May 1989.
  • Action Alert to State and Local League Presidents from Ruth C. Clusen, President Judith B. Heimann, Representative Government Chairman; Ruth L. Sims, Action Chairman re House Committee Reform. August 1974.
  • Clipping – Barker & Mathews Rebut Connell Over Qualifications of Eugene Berube. September 7, 1974.
  • Local League Annual Report – Section II. April 1, 1974 – March 31, 1975.
  • Human Needs: Unfinished Business on the Nation’s Agenda. Current Focus. LWV Education Fund. 1981.
  • Preliminary Summary – Estimated Impact of Federal Budget Reductions on the State of Connecticut. Fiscal Year 1982 and Fiscal Year 1983 (Proposed).
  • Procedures for Consensus – State – LWV of CT. February 21, 1979.
  • Letter from Noreen Haygood, President, Stamford LWV to Sandy re At the executive committee meeting which was held yesterday, we designated the following LWV of Stamford members to be delegates to the Tri-State Convention. May 3, 1985.
  • Election Information, District 4, US Congress. LWV of Stamford. July 21, 1987.

20. Pitney Bowes

  • New Neighborhoods, Inc. Stamford, CT. 1981. 2 copies.
  • Remarks by Fred T. Allen – Chairman and Chief Executive office Pitney Bowes, Inc. New Neighborhoods, Inc. Press Conference, December 22, 1981. 2 copies.
  • New Neighborhoods, Inc. Press Release. New Neighborhoods, Inc. today announced plans to construct 12 townhouses for moderate income families on land contributed by Pitney Bowes. 2 copies.
  • Background Information – New Neighborhoods, Inc. 2 copies.
  • Map of Stamford’s South End. Elmcroft Townhouse Condominiums.
  • Background Information – Pitney Bowes in the South End. 2 copies.
  • Artist’s rendering of Elmcroft Townhouse Condominiums. 2 copies.

21. Redistricting

  • Report on Redistricting Stamford, CT. Location Systems Incorporated.
  • Summary of Events Involved in the 1981 Reapportionment Commission. Reapportionment Commission, City of Stamford. November 9, 1981.

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