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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Law & Order: The History of the Stamford Police Department 1830-1956
a 2004 Exhibit and more

Police Roster 1894-1917

Year Mayor Admin. beg. Police Commissioners Patrolmen Date appointed
1894 Charles H. Leeds 7-May Oliver G. Fessenden, Chairman James O'Neill 7-May
    James D. Smith William F. Nevins 14-May
    Joseph H. Knapp James Lunney 11-Jun
      Charles E. Button 11-Jun
      Charles O. DeHart 11-Jun
      William E. McMahon 11-Jun
      Edward O'Brien 11-Jun
      A. Lincoln Clarke 11-Jun
      Arnold Kurth 25-Jun
1895 Edwin L. Scofield 6-May Oliver G. Fessenden, Chairman Daniel Hickey 6-May
    James D. Smith James J. Heffernan 11-Nov
    E.F. Rowell, M.D. Charles O. Dehart resigns 15-Jul
1896 Edwin L. Scofield 4-May Edward E. Rowell, M.D., Chairman Thomas Foley 22-Jun
    James D. Smith James O'Neill leaves force
    Patrick Hanrahan    
1897 William Bohannan 3-May Israel P. Taft, Chairman no appointments  
    James D. Smith    
    Frank H. Hoyt    
1898 William Bohannan 2-May Edward E. Rowell, M.D., Chairman William H. Brennan 14-Feb
    Israel P. Taft Patrick W. Cuddy 14-Feb
    Henry F. Devens Cuddy refused appointment  
1899 Edward J. Tupper 10-Apr Henry F. Devens, Chairman Walter P. Williams 24-Apr
    Joseph G. Houghton Harry C. Smith 24-Apr
    William H. Holly William E. McMahon resigns 26-Jun
      Timothy J. Kenefic 1-Jul
1900 Homer S. Cummings 9-Apr Erianaldo Z. Sloat, Chairman no appointments  
    Joseph G. Houghton    
    Willam D. Smith, resigned 24-Apr    
    George H. Soule    
1901 Homer S. Cummings 8-Apr Erianaldo Z. Sloat, Chairman no appointments  
    Joseph G. Houghton    
    Waldo R. Ballou    
1902 Charles H. Leeds 11-Nov Herbert C. Reed, Chairman no appointments  
    Joseph G. Houghton    
    Waldo R. Ballou    
1903 Charles H. Leeds        
1904 Homer S. Cummings 15-Nov John C. Fox, Chairman William E. McMahon 21-Mar
    Joseph G. Houghton Hawley Oefinger, driver  
    Galen A. Carter Oefinger declines appointment  
1905 Homer S. Cummings     Joseph F. Daly 14-Aug
      Michael Greaney 14-Aug
      George Eagle 14-Aug
      Daly declines appointment  
      Martin C. Ryan 28-Aug
1906 Edward J. Tupper 13-Nov Oliver G. Fessenden,Chairman George W. Shields 26-Nov
    Stephen Smith, resigned 12/23/07    
    Galen A. Carter    
1907       William E. Gounoud 28-Jan
      George W. Billings 28-Jan
      John J. Gavigan 28-Jan
1908 Edward J. Tupper 10-Nov Walter G. Austin, Chairman Thomas F. Hyland
Special Police/driver
dies 15-Feb
    Daniel F. Hogan
    Thomas Bland    
1909 Edward J. Tupper     James J Heffernan appointed
Detective Sergeant
      John J. Gavigan resigns 13-Dec
      James Thewlis 27-Dec
      Charles F Hoffkins, driver resigns 22-Mar
1910       William E. Gounoud dismissed 28-Feb
      James Marron, Special Police dismissed 29-Aug
      Daniel A. Hanrahan 14-Feb
      John S. Kandetski 14-Feb
      Thomas F. Daily 28-Mar
1911 Charles E. Rowell, M.D. 3-Jan Harry N. Smith, Chairman Mrs. Seraphina Klahre,
Police Matron
    Edward O. Jansen
    Walter G. Austin    
1912 Charles E. Rowell     George H. McCarthy 13-Nov
      Frederick A. Ley 13-Nov
      Matthey Dyer 13-Nov
1913 Walter G. Austin 7-Jan Edward O. Jansen, Chairman Thomas Foley appointed
Detective Sergeant
    John B. Quinn
    Thomas Keegan Michael Greaney appointed
Desk Sergeant
      Richard J. Bolster, Supernumerary 25-Aug
      Bartholomew A. Fahey, Supernumerary 25-Aug
      James J. Finley, Supernumerary 25-Aug
      Frank S. Parker, Supernumerary 25-Aug
      Homer J Mallory, Supernumerary 25-Aug
      Robert L. Vanderheyden, Supernumerary 25-Aug
      Michael F. Moylan, Supnum. 25-Aug
      Richard J. Bolster promoted to Patrolman 8-Sep
      Frank S. Parker promoted to Patrolman 22-Sep
      George Eagle dismissed 8-Sep
1914       Supernumerary Appoinments  
      Michael J. Keenan 24-Feb
      James M. Burke 24-Feb
      Daniel Q. Troy 24-Feb
      John J. McMahon 24-Feb
      John B. Brennan 24-Feb
      Walter Faubel 11-Mar
      Hugh P. Grogan 11-Mar
      Harry P. Junger 29-Dec
      Theodore Grimm 29-Dec
      Peter Iffland 29-Dec
      Patrolmen Appoinments  
      Robert L. Vanderheyden 11-Mar
      John B. Brennan 11-Mar
      John J. McMahon 23-Mar
      James M. Burke 27-Apr
      Hugh P. Grogan 14-Dec
      James Lunney resigns 9-Feb
1915 John M. Brown 5-Jan Warren F Cressy, Chairman Patrolmen Appoinments  
    John J. Treat Daniel Q. Troy 30-Jun
    Edward O. Jansen Bartholomew A. Fahey 30-Jun
      Harry P. Junger 30-Jun
1916 John J. Treat 10-Jan Warren F Cressy, Chairman Supernumeraries Appoinments  
    Edward O. Jansen Joseph G. Leonard 10-Apr
    John Roberts Paul E. Gilbert 10-Apr
      Joseph E. Gallagher 10-Apr
      Joseph T. Lyden 10-Apr
      Joseph Kennedy 12-Apr
      Homer J. Mallory, Supnum. resigns 14-Feb
      Peter F. Iffland, Supnum. resigns 8-May
      Patrolman Appoinments  
      Dennis Reardon 27-Mar
1917 John J. Treat 1-Jan Edward O. Jansen, Chairman Patrolmen Appoinments  
    William F. Joyce James Finley 1-Mar
    Charles E. Prange Michael J. Keenan 1-Mar
      Walter Faubel 1-Mar

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