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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month: February 2006

E.Z. Sloat's Bakery

Grocery & Variety Stores

Originally, we wanted to do a Valentine's special. Alas, our collection let us down! So here are images of grocery stores and variety and neighborhood stores from 1892 through the early 1980s instead.

Later Stores

c. 1892

Kirk & Dixon's Groceries
Kirk & Dixon, see ad in the 1892 City Directory belowCity Directory, 1892

From Picturesque Stamford
The quotes below are all verbatim out of the book.

West Park Bakery
The proprietor of the West Park Bakery at 69 & 71 Main Street was Francis Ward (baker & ice cream). He lived in Stamford since 1875. In 1883 he began business in partnership with Richard Kane, who withdrew in 1888. “Mr. Ward is a practical man, with a long experience, and has built up a fine business.”
(His ad is in gold leaf on the spine of the city directory.)

E.Z. Sloat's Bakery

“E.Z. SLOAT came to Stamford in 1882 and established a bakery at No. 189 Pacific Street. He does a large wholesale business in bread, cakes and pastry. Mr. Zloat is a native of Carmel, N.Y., resided for several years in Brooklyn, and conducted a business in Mount Vernon, N.Y., similar to that in which he is now engaged.”

E.Z. Sloat

St. Elmo Cigar Store
St. Elmo Cigar Store, Quintard Block – Interior View
“THOMAS PRITCHARD entered into the cigar and tobacco business in April 1890 in the ‘St. Elmo’ Cigar Store, Quintard Block. The store has been used for many years in the same trade, and under Mr. Pritchard's proprietorship and careful management has attained wide popularity and a generous patronage.”

J.E. Loockwood's and T.J. Fairty's markets
J. E. Lockwood's Market, 8 Park Row T. J. Fairty's Market, 9 Park Row
“THOMAS J. FAIRTY, proprietor of the Center [sic] Market, Park Row, was born in New Canaan, his father, Thomas M. Fairty, who is still living, being a prominent and highly respected citizen of that village. Mr. Fairty came to Stamford in early 1882, he having purchased the retail business of Wm. A. Weed, who had just begun the Chicago dressed beef enterprise. Mr. Fairty's business career in Stamford has been uniformly successful, and is conducted in a manner to attract and please a numerous body of discriminating patrons. He still retains his residence in his native village of New Canaan, while giving constant and industrious attention to his business in Stamford.”

T.J. Fairty

W.C. Palmer's People's Market

“W. CHAUNCEY PALMER was born at Round Hill, Greenwich, January 2, 1842. His parents were descendents of the oldest settlers of the border country between New York and Connecticut. They removed to New York City when Chauncey was eight year of age, and in the schools of that city he received the greater part of his education. On reaching adult years, he engaged in the market business in the city, and acquired valuable experience in the trade, before coming here in 1874. Ever since the date last mentioned, his People's market has been in successful operation at No. 168 Main Street, and obtains liberal and growing patronage. In social life, Mr. Palmer is highly respected by a wide circle of friends an family connections. He holds the treasurership of Rippowam Lodge, I.O.O.F., and has long been a useful and active member of that body.”

W. Chauncey Palmer

Images © Stamford Historical Society

Later Stores

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