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Picturesque Stamford, 1892

Physicians and Lawyers, Page 265

James H. Olmstead.

James H. Olmstead

JAMES H. OLMSTEAD is one of the oldest and most widely known of Stamford lawyers. He was born in Ridgefield and came to this town when a young man to study law in the office of the late Lieutenant-Governor Charles Hawley, with whom he remained for three years. He was admitted to the Fairfield County Bar in October, 1854, and at once entered actively upon the practice of his profession. In 1855 he was elected Judge of Probate, an office to which he was returned at every election until Wm. H. Holly was chosen in 1860. In 1870 Mr. Olmstead was elected a member of the State House of Representatives, and took a leading part in the debate upon the State capital in favor of the New Haven side of the controversy. He was renominated by the caucus of his party the next year, but declined to again become a candidate. In 1874 he was appointed State's Attorney, and was reappointed twice, holding the office, in all, six years. He served as member of the Board of Warden and Burgesses, and for several years as Town Counsel. He has for many years taken a prominent part in town and borough meetings, generally in advocacy of improvement and progress in the affairs of local government. He has been for many years prominent in the counsels and affairs of the Democratic party, and at one time was strongly pressed by his friends as the candidate of the party for Congressional honors. He is still in active professional life, and is fully occupied by a large general practice.

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