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The Stamford Historical Society: Inventoried Collection

Whitman Bailey Drawings

Table of Content

Thanks to the work of our library volunteers, the Sketches by Whitman Bailey have been collated and scanned and are available for viewing at the computer in the Marcus Research Library. They are in a searchable database, sorted by town and street. Note: Some clippings are reprints labeled: "The Stamford Advocate, drawing on its files from pencil sketches by the late Artist-Historian Whitman Bailey, is republishing Mr. Bailey's sketches together with the historical beackground written by Mr. Bailey."

This file is still being edited

Table of Content, Box 1

1 Biographical Sketch of Whitman Bailey by Dorothy H. Mix
2 Biographical Sketch of Whitman Bailey by Dorothy H. Mix (Part 2)
3 Disclaimer
Atlantic Street to Parks
Includes a sections labeled Downtown
Box 2
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Atlantic Street 101 1926 -01-23 A Glimpse of Stamford Post Office
  102 1927-11-26 A Portion of Stamford's Civic Center as Seen From Park Row
  103 1925-03-21 An Artist's View of Town Hall And Vicinity
  104 1927-12-24 Artist's Iimpression of Christmas Eve on Atlantic Square
  105 1926-06-26 Artist's Sketch Looking Across Atlantic Square to Bank Street
  106 1931 Artist View Looking Down on Upper Atlantic Street
  107 1926-01-09 Artist's View of Atlantic Street Looking North From Atlantic Square
  108 1932-11-26 Artist's View on Atlantic Street From Park Row
  109 1934 Christmas Eve At Old Samuel Webb House a Century Ago
  110 1928-12-22 Christmas Windows Twinkle And We Forget Our Cares
  111 1944-02-19 Dr. Samuel Webb House Historic Landmark
  112 1935-03-12 Driveway of St. John's R.C. Church From Atlantic Street
  113 1936-12-26 Holiday Spirit on Upper Atlantic Street
  114 1931 Looking Down Atlantic Street Opposite Post Office
  115 1933-11-25 Looking East From Top of Trust Co. Building
  116 1940-06-22 Old Elder Homestead on Lower Atlantic Street
  117 1925-05-02 Sketch Drawn At Foot of Atlantic Street
  118 1926 Fidelity Title And Trust Company (Reprint, Tercentenary Edition of Stamford Advocate 1941)
  119 1925-02-28 Gurley Building – Corner Atlantic Street And Main Street
  120 1941 Stamford Civic Center, Town Hall And Atlantic Street
  121 194_ St. John's R.C. Church will be celebrating 100th Anniversary December 1975
  122 1925 "1925 Was A Good Year." Ad showing Citizens Saving Bank at Atlantic Street
  123 1927-02-05 Artist Bailey's View of Main And Bank Streets
  124 1927-04-30 Bank Street as Viewed by Artist Bailey
  125 1925-03-07 Busy Scene At Main And Bank Streets
  126 1932-12-24 Christmas Eve In Stamford, a Century And a Half Ago
  127 1925-11-28 Interesting Landmarks At Park Place And River Street
  128 1942-12-26 Washington – A Visitor to Stamford In 1775
  129 1924-03-08 Untitled – Park Place With Hotel Davenport And Elk's Club
  130 [circa 1850] [not by Whitman Bailey] Webb Tavern
Street/Location Number Date Image Caption

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Bedford Street 131 1926-05-15 Artist's Sketch Looking Down Bedford Street
  132 1925-10-17 Artist's Sketch of Masonic Temple on Bedford Street
  133 1932-05-14 Artist's View of Lower Bedford Street
  134 1942 Betsy Barnum House on Bedford Street
  135 1924 Old Hoyt Homestead on Bedford Street (Reprint, Advcate, no date)
  136 1941-06-07 Old Thaddeus Hoyt House, Bedford Street (Reprint, Advocate 1970-06-13)
  137 1934 Old Theodore I. Ferris House In Bedford Street
  138 1956-10-07 Stamford's Betsy Hoyt Barnum House Built In 1725 (Reprint, Advocate 1956-10-27)
  139 1942-06-05 Where Thaddeus Hoyt fought the Tories In 1776

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Belltown 140 1934-10-27 Historic Ferdinand Ward House, Strawberry Hill
  141 1950-05-27 St. John House In Belltown More Than Century Old [Oaklawn Ave.] (Reprint, Advcate, no date)

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Broad Street 142 1926-02-06 An Artist's Glimpse of Broad Street Looking East
  143 1931-04 Artist's View Looking Down on West Broad Street
  144 1940-12-28 Daskam House on Broad Street From Rear Yard
  145 1932-03-19 Interior of New Reference Room At Ferguson Library
  146 1942-03-28 Old Bishop House Recalls Early Broad Street Days
  147 1924-02-23 Part of Broad Street Where Proposed Widening Would Begin

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Canal Street 148 1926-05-29 Artist Bailey's Sketch of Recent Scene In Upper Canal
  149 1928-11-10 Artist's View of Familiar Scene Along Canal
  150 1928-05-12 Artist's View of Night Scene on Stamford's Canal
  151 1953-09-05 Canal Docks From Jefferson St. (Reprint, Advocate, 1971-07-10)
  152 1945 Canal Recalls Old Steamboat Days (Reprint, Advocate, 1968-11-03)
  153 1934-01-20 Looking Through Large Lumber Shed on Stamford Canal
  154 1932-02-20 Night Scene Looking Through Old Canal Dock
  155 1950-06-10 Old Docks Along Canal St.
  156 1938-12-10 Old Police Patrol House on Canal Street
  157 1947-03-08 Snowfall on a Coal Dock In Stamford (Reprint, Advocate, 1968-06-01)
  158 1937-11-06 Stamford Canal, Where Sea Captains Still Congregate
  159 1929-11-16 Stamford's Industrial World Arouses Artist's Interest
  160 1942-10-03 Upper Canal St. Vicinity Recalls Old Town Path
  161 1934 Waterfront Scene off Lower Canal Street
  162 1923 Untitled [Wharves At Head of the Canal – East Branch]

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Cascade Road 163 1929-07-13 Artist's View of Old Village School House, North Stamford
  164 1928-08-18 Artist's View of Saunder's Blacksmith Shop
  165 1931 Looking Towards Saunder's Store At North Stamford
  166 1932 North Stamford Church And School House From Cascade Road (file doesn't open)
  167 1961-12-04 North Stamford Village Center
  168 no date Cascade Road ( photostat of a photo)

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Clinton Avenue 169 1936-10-21 Historic Frederic Webb House In Winter
  170 1941-06-07 Old Webb House (1735) on Clinton Avenue (Reprint, Advcate, no date)
  171 1923-12-01 Old Webb House At Main Street And Clinton Avenue
  172 1932-05-09 Where Mary Webb Sold Easter Bonnets In 1860

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Cove/Cove Road – Folder #1 173 1939-05-27 An Old Homestead At Cove Village
  174 1936-03-03 Artist Bailey Sketches Well Known Scene At Cove Road
  175 1927 Artist's Sketch Looking up Cove Pond from ...
  176 1926-09-04 Artist's Sketch of Easterly Approach to Old Cove Village
  177 1929-11-02 Artist's View of Cove Village From Mill Gate House
  178 1931-05-16 Artist's View of Old Cove Mill Harbor
  179 no date Artist's View of Old Mansion House At the Cove (file doesn't open)
  180 1934-10-13 Cove Pond From the Noroton Shore
  181 1949-10-15 Cove Village an Important Part of Early Stamford (Reprint, Advocate, 1967-10-21)
  182 1935-09-12 Drawing of Cove Pond as Mayor Phillips Would Like to See it Improved With the Aid of Federal Funds
  183 1951-05-26 First Home of Learning to Serve Cove Pond Area's Children
  184 1955-04-09 The George Washington Tom's House At Cove Village
  185 1952-06-07 John Holly House on Cove Island – Built In 1792 (Reprint, Advocate, 1970-11-21)

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Cove/Cove Road – Folder #2 186 1941-09-27 Little Cove Village Once Had Square-rigged Ships
  187 1952-07-19 Jonas Weed House (1670) Near Stamford-Darien Lane (Reprint, Advocate, 1970-12-05)
  188 1952-08-16 Looking Towards "Pound Rocks" From Cove Island (Reprint, Advocate, 1970-11-28)
  189 1952-11-08 The Mary Louise Scofield House At Cove Island (Reprint, Advocate, 1970-10-02)
  190 1951-08-18 Old Banks House – One of Cove Village Originals (Reprint, Advocate, unknown date)
  191 1953-07-11 Old East Mill That Stood on Holly's Dam
  192 1950-06-24 The Oldest House In Cove Village
  193 1954-06-12 Old Hudson Home In Stamford's Cove Section
  194 1953-10-17 On Cove Island Bridge Towards Cove Village
  195 1955-05-17 Ridley House Built At the Foot of Cove Lane In 1759
  196 1937-05-22 Section of Upper Cove Pond, And Weed Avenue
  197 1948-05-01 Stamford Cove Village, a Quaint Section
  198 1945-06-30 Stamford's Cove Village
  199 1954-09-04 Toms House Contains Relics of Early Stamford
  200 1949 Where Old Houses Abound In Little Cove Village
  201 no date Where William Fitch Kept his Scow In 1798 (Advocate, October 15, 1955)
  202 1933-09-02 Along the Salt Stream At Cummings Park (file doesn't open)
  203 1938-07-23 A Shady Nook, Near East Lake, Cummings Park
  204 1928-01-07 Artist Bailey's View of Lindstrom's Boat Yard (East Channel)
  205 1927-04-16 Artist's Sketch Looking Across Jaegger's Creek
  206 1926-06-05 Artist's Sketch of Scene Outside Big Exposition Tent
  207 1932-08-20 Artist's View of Halloween Lower Basin
  208 1929-04-06 Artist's View of Pavilion At Cummings Park
  209 1934-07-07 Children's Museum At Cummings Park
  210 1947-07-12 East Lake, Cummings Park, Was Once A Marshland (Reprint, Advocate, 1967-11-25)
  211 1924-04-05 Halloween Park And Bathing Pavilion
  212 1937-12-04 Looking Towards Cummings Park From Jaegger's Creek Shore
  213 1928-07-21 Some Views of Cummings Park Drawn by Artist

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Den Road 214 1935-10-26 Looking East Along Old Den Road
  215 1940-10-26 Old Samuel Provost House on Den Road
  216 1946-09-21 Provost House on Den Road

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Downtown 217 1926-10-30 Artist's Sketch Looking Down Pacific Street
  218 1927-07-09 Artist's Sketch Looking Down South Street From Rice School
  219 1928-02-04 Artist's Sketch Looking West Across Portion of Freight Yard
  220 1928-03-17 Artist's Sketch of Stamford's Central Fire Station
  221 1929? Artist's Sketch of Armory on South Street
  222 1931-03-07 Artist's View Looking up Old Meadow Street
  223 1944-12-16 "Dublintown" was a Quaint Part of Stamford
  224 1925-11-28 Interesting Landmarks At Park Place And River Street
  225 1939-01-07 Interesting View of Burnes Blacksmith Shop
  226 1934-05-12 Looking East Along Cottage Street
  227 1934-03-31 Looking North on Old Stage Street
  228 1934-03-17 Looking South on Old Advocate Place
  229 1932-04-16 Looking up Luther Street Toward Old Fire House
  230 1947-06-21 Old Winthrop Place Once Known as Widow's Lane (Reprint, Advocate, unknown date)
  231 1926-11-13 Panoramic Sketch of Stamford Gas And Electric Works
  232 1941-03-29 River Street Corner Once section of Post Road
  233 1941-11-22 Section of Old Stage Yard Near Relay Place
  234 1943-06-26 Where Stamford Celebrated Lafayette's Visit
  235 1929-03-09 Where Stamford's Gas Works Border Lower Pacific Street

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Glenbrook 236 1927 The Arched Bridge At Burghley Park, Glenbrook (correct name Burleigh)
  237 1939-08-19 Estate And Home for Stamford Aged, Glenbrook
  238 1952-09-27 Hope Street Near Douglas Avenue, Glenbrook, Once Mere Path (Reprint, Advocate, unknown date)
  239 1934-11-24 The Lake At "Burghley Park", Glenbrook (correct name Burleigh)
  240 1933-08-19 Looking Down Glenbrook Road Near Daskam Park
  241 1936-11-14 Looking up Church Street, Glenbrook
  242 1951-11-10 Schlocker House – Reminder of Glenbrook Farm Era (Reprint, Advocate, unknown date)
  243 no date Sketch of The Leeds Homestead – Clarks Hill
  244 1936-06-06 View of Union Memorial Church, Glenbrook

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
High Ridge Road 245 1937 An Old House of Worship (High Ridge Methodist)
  246 1925-04-11 Artist's View of High Ridge Country Club
  247 1941-05-10 High Ridge Methodist Church, To Note 100th Anniversary With Special Ceremonies During Week of June 1 - 8
  249 1931-09-05 Old Isaac Scofield House, North Stamford Avenue
  250 1949-04-02 Old Lewis Raymond House At High Ridge (Reprint, Advocate, 1968-01-27)
  251 1930-09-20 The Old Raymond House
  252 1943 Raymond House At High Ridge Retains Colonial Charm (Reprint, Advocate, 1967-01-14)

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Hubbard Hill 253 1928 Artist's Sketch of Hubbard House on Hubbard Hill
  254 1940-08-17 Old Caleb Knapp Store Stillwater Road
  255 1939-07-08 Old House on Stillwater Ave. Built In 1800
  256 1950-07-22 1848 Smoke House Still Stands on West Avenue

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Hunting Ridge 257 1952-07-05 Hunting Ridge Methodist Church Built In 1850 (Reprint, Advocate, 1970-12-12)
  258 1936-02-01 Looking South Down Hunting Ridge Road
  259 1952 Where Preacher Brewer Lived In Hunting Ridge (Reprint, Advocate, 1970-10-09)

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Long Ridge 260 1930-11-15 Artist's View At Blacksmith Hill, Long Ridge
  261 1932 Artist's View of Bear Cave on Long Ridge Road
  262 1938-06-11 In Village Center, Long Ridge
  263 1948-12-11 "Old Blacksmith Corner," Long Ridge (Reprint, Advocate, 1967-03-11 )
  264 1935-03-30 Old Charles Sherwood House At Long Ridge Village
  265 1933-05-13 Old George Lounsbury House At Long Ridge
  266 1946-01-12 Old Long Ridge Church Serves Episcopalians (Reprint, Advocate, 1968-11-16)

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Main Street 267 1925-06-13 Artist's View of Suburban Avenue And Main Street
  268 1931-04-14 Busy Scene Near Corner of Main And South Streets
  269 1924-10 Corner of Main And Stage Streets
  270 1923 Hinders Speed of Automobilists Much Road Construction Work. Artist's Sketch of Main Street.
  271 1928 Looking East Across West Park Place Towards Main Street
  272 1924-03-08 Park Place With Hotel Davenport And Elks Club
  273 1929-06-05 Sketch of Old Holly House
  274 1943-06-26 Where Stamford Celebrated Lafayette's Visit (Reprint, Advocate, 1966-12-24)

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Mill River 275 1929 Artist's View Down Rippowam River From Main St. Bridge
  276 1942-10-31 Mill River View recalls Washington's Visit, Early Politics
  277 1933-09-30 North Street And Rippowam River (file doesn't open)
  278 1944-07-29 Where Nicolas Theale Built First Mill River Bridge

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Park Row 279 1929-06-06 Park Row About 1870
  280 1936 Park Row From Stamford Chamber of Commerce
  281 1927-02-19 View of Park Row as Seen by Artist Bailey

Street/Location Number Date Image Caption
Parks 282 1925-12-26 Artist's View of Rippowam River And West Main Street Bridge
  283 1928-01-21 Artist's View of Skating Scene At Rippowam Park
  284 1925-11-14 Artist's View of Soldiers' Memorial At St. John's Park
  285 1929-07-27 Artist's View of Sylvan Scenes In Woodside Park
  286 1953-08-08 Foot of Old 'Theale's Hill' From Rippowam Park
  287 1932-10-15 Looking East Across Rippowam Park
  288 1931-02-07 The Old Mill Pond From West Main Street Bridge
  289 1938-09-03 Old Swimming Hole, "Sandy Bottom," At Woodside Park
  290 1925 Rippowam Park And Rippowam River

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