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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month: June 2005

Portrait Postcards, Early 20th Century

The Weed Family

Margaret Weed on her wedding day

back of postcard

'C.H.W.' April 17, 1916
Margaret Weed on her Wedding Day, December 25, 1917 “C.H.W.” April 17, 1916

Leon Sloat, Elmer Weed

Leon Sloat, Elmer Weed, G. Mays

names on back of card

Leon Sloat, Elmer Weed however, Elmer Weed seems to be on the left here

Elmer, Clarence and William Weed, 1917

Bridgeport - 'Farewell to the Boys' - off to Camp, 1917


Elmer, Clarence & William Weed
Bridgeport, November 25, 1917
Bridgeport – “Farewell to the Boys” – off to Camp, 1917
Margaret Savosi (?) Weed, Mrs. Elmer C. Weed Sr.

Elmer C. Weed, Jr., 1918
Elmer C. Weed Jr., 1918

Photos © Stamford Historical Society

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