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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month: November 2001

Postcards from another age

Post Card Heading

Nowadays, postcards are either landscapes and waterfronts, or public buildings. In the past, there was much more variety, and the more interesting ones in the Society's archives may be those of local businesses. Of the ones shown here, we may have stories and other photos in our files, and may show you more individually in the future. But for now, we hope you will just enjoy the cards themselves…


Wire Factory, Stamford
we wonder what the message means …

St. John Wood Working Co. and Getman & Judd Co.

Stollwerck's Factory

Yale & Towne Manufacturing Company


Graves & Strang Inc.

Bell Brothers Garage

 from the 1910 City Directory

Bell Brothers Garage, 1910 Ad

The Miller Store

photo of Mr. C.O. Miller short bio

more on the C.O. Miller Company

postcard, James Smith Cleaner and Dryer, front: frolicking children
postcard, James Smith Cleaner and Dryer, back: Spring Cleaning advertising
thereafter used as a bookmark?

…and then there are:

Fun at the Beach (Shippan Point)
From Our Postcard Collection: Bridges
Hotels in Stamford
Personal Postcards
Portrait Postcards, Early 20th Century
Picture Show (dating back to the first days of the website)

A Brief History of Postcards

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