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Photo Archivist's Selection of the Month: February 2005

Presidents, Past Presidents, Would-be Presidents in Stamford

In Honor of Presidents' Day

1789: George Washington

Mural: George Washington at Webb Tavern, 1799
President Washington stayed at Webb Tavern in October 1789.
From our pages Murals: Stamford scenes from yesteryear.

Webb Tavern Images

1892: Grover Cleveland

At the Luther Street Fire Station. Grover Cleveland stands next to Chief George Bowman and Edward J. Tupper (in Derby hat).
Grover Cleveland at Luther Street Fire House, 1892 Grover Cleveland 1892, detail

1917: Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy  Roosevelt visits Jacie Cooper's Health Farm on High Ridge Road, 1917
Teddy Roosevelt visits a health farm on High Ridge Road to reduce his waistline.
To his left is Chief William Brennan in full dress uniform.

1936: Alf Landon

Alf landon campaigning in 1936

1940: Wendell Wilkie

Wendell Wilkie campaigning 1940
In Front of the Town Hall.
Left to right: Phil Maffai, Mayor Charles E. Moore, Wendell Wilkie.

President and Mrs. Nixon, October 12, 1970

Richard M. Nixon formally dedicated the newly completed building of the Italian Center on Newfield Avenue.
Pat Nixon, undated photo President Nixon, undated photo

The Presidents | The White House
Inaugural Addresses of the Presidents of the United States
Presidents of the United States and the US Presidency

Ladybird Johnson Opens Kiwanis Park, May 16, 1968

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