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Murals: Stamford scenes from yesteryear

Mural: George Washington, click here for next muralTownfolk greet George Washington

October 1789

Webb's Tavern once occupied the site at the western end of Bank Street. A bronze tablet now marks the location. It is known that George Washington, who had been inaugurated the Country's first President in April, 1789, stayed at Webb's Tavern in October of that same year.

Washington's arrival created great interest and excitement among the townfolk. They gathered about the Tavern to greet the great soldier and statesman. Almost all the people came to cheer with the exception of a few Tories. One of the outraged Tories is shown in the extreme left foreground of the mural. His face is turned away from the scene so he need not look upon the President.

Webb's Tavern was reputed to have the best food between New York and Boston on the Old Post Road.

The news of that day told of our still unsettled frontiers. More than fifteen hundred settlers had been killed by Indians in Ohio and Kentucky during the few preceding years. President Washington, greatly distressed, sent General Harmer, then General St. Clair, to subdue the Indians. They both failed in the mission and were succeeded by the victorious General Anthony Wayne.

This was also the year of the outbreak of the French Revolution. It was natural that the struggle of the French people for political freedom should excite great sympathy among the Americans, who had so recently undergone similar struggle.

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