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Murals: Stamford scenes from yesteryear

Mural: Atlantic Street 1905, click here to read about the artistAtlantic Street 1905

The Fidelity Trust Company's first home was at the Burlington Arcade where the Kiwanis Mini-Park is now located. It is shown at the far right of this mural. The Post Office was also located in the building.

The following year, Fidelity was to move to larger quarters at 54 Park Row, and in 1924 to its present site at 129 Atlantic Street.

The old town hall had burned in 1904 and the present town hall was built the next year. It is shown in the background of this mural.

The building of St. John's Roman Catholic Church shown in the background was begun about 1870 and in 1905 the spire had not yet been built. The fifth home of the Congregational Church with its graceful tall spire was standing until 1911.

Horse cars had given way to trolley cars operated by the Stamford Street Railroad Company. Automobiles were becoming popular and four-seated touring cars “with the fringe on top” and smart little roadsters with a rear door and corner rear seats were familiar sights along our main thoroughfares. The period between 1903 and 1910 was marked by feverish inventive competition among automobile manufacturers. The old “Columbia” hard wheel bicycle with its high rear wheel and small front wheel had given way to bicycles, single and tandem, with pneumatic tires.

In 1905 Stamford voted on the consolidation of the City and Town governments. The proposal was defeated by a margin of over 600 votes. And that was also the year when the Honorable Homer S. Cummings, then mayor, and who later became Attorney General of the United States, performed a vaudeville act on the occasion of the opening of the Family Theatre.

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Atlantic Street 1905
Stanley J. Rowland: About the artist

Image © The Stamford Historical Society