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Murals: Stamford scenes from yesteryear

the artist at workAbout the artist

Stanley J. Rowland

The six murals pictured in this brochure were painted by the artist, Stanley J. Rowland. They adorn the walls of the main banking office of The Fidelity Trust Company, Stamford, Conn.

Mr. Rowland was well known for his portraits and water colors, as well as his murals. Some of his best known murals decorate the walls of Yale University and Williams College. Others beautify many public buildings and private homes. Perhaps the most famous of all Mr. Rowland's murals is the Whaling Saga in Nantucket.

As a muralist, Mr. Rowland demonstrated more than artistic skill. He showed a great knowledge and a feeling for the historic in both the large sense and its minutest details. One feels that he penetrated into the very era and lives of our forbears in these historic murals of Stamford's past.

The natural talents given Mr. Rowland were more fully cultivated at the Rhode Island School of Design, the Art Students League, the Beaux Arts and various ateliers abroad. Oddly, Mr. Rowland majored in biology at Brown University. He served with the Roosevelt Unit at General Headquarters Hospital in Chaumont, France during the first World War. He was Assistant Curator in the Department of Arms and Armour at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City.

Mr. Rowland lived in Long Ridge Village, Stamford, with his wife, the former Harriet S. Bailey, and three sons, Stanley J. Rowland, Jr., Jere and David. His son Jere assisted in the painting of Panels 5 and 6. Mr. Rowland painted in a barn studio at the foot of his garden from nine to five, rain or shine. He devoted about twelve months to the research for and painting of the historical murals of Stamford which were started in 1949 and completed and installed in July 1950.

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Spring of 1642: Settlers observe the Sabbath
About 1655: Setting the boundaries
October 1789: Townfolk greet George Washington
About 1842: Canal to the sound
Christmas Day 1848: First train to Stamford
Atlantic Street 1905
Stanley J. Rowland: About the artist

Image © The Stamford Historical Society