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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Pride and Patriotism: Stamford’s Role in World War II
Online Edition

Opening Day

Mort Walker, Horonary Chairman and Keynote Speaker

Executive Director Dr. Thomas Zoubek opening the proceedings

Executive Director Dr. Thomas Zoubek opens the proceedings.

Mort Walker speaking Mort Walker speaking

After talking about his expriences in WWII, Mr. Walker entertained an appreciative audience with his cartoons.

Mort Walker drawing

Mort Walker drawing text

Mort Walker drawing

the audience is enjoying itself

Mort Walker and Tom Zoubek Mort Walker and Cort Mehl
with Tom Zoubek with Cortland Mehl

Mort Walker talking with guests'

Photos Courtesy and © Laurie Guzda & Jennifer Peters

In the Red Gallery
In the Hallway

KILROY WAS HERE drawn by Mort WalkerIntroduction
Stamford Service Rolls
Exhibit Photos
Opening Day