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The Stamford Historical Society Presents

Pride and Patriotism: Stamford’s Role in World War II
Online Edition

The Exhibit

A Walk Through the Exhibit

The exhibit tells the story of Stamford’s experience during World War II through the lives of individuals who participated abroad as well as in the war effort at home. The individual experiences give exhibit viewers a more personal, intimate experience and appreciation of how the war affected people’s lives directly. In the Red Gallery and part of the Hallway, summaries of oral interviews, loaned photographs, uniforms, weapons, and other artifacts tell the veterans’ stories, highlighted by battle summaries and related maps. Other related items, such as a A helmet colletion, round off the picture. A poster gallery in the Hallway from the society’s holdings give a snapshot of the U.S. Government’s efforts to attract and encourage public support for the money, material resources, labor, and day-to-day sacrifices needed for a successful war effort.Further down the Hallway and in the Halliday Gallery, loaned or society-owned items and objects trace the central role that local companies played in war efforts and reflect daily home-front life.

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The Red Gallery The Hallway The Halliday Gallery

KILROY WAS HERE drawn by Mort WalkerIntroduction
Stamford Service Rolls
Exhibit Photos
Opening Day